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Date: 2010.06.22. 17:45:16
You have answered the question for this hunt correctly, so you get +10% soul-energy!

I won't complain, but I never got the chance to answer the quiz. Having 1 action point after completing a number of hunts, and just raising a level on one of the last hunts, I pressed hunt and was immediately sent to the "you have answered...." page.
Date: 2010.06.22. 17:37:40
When was Mary had a little lamb written?
April 1 1930
May 24 1830 <- Marked as correct
November 17 1680
August 3 1777

This date is the date of 1st publication
Date: 2010.06.22. 15:25:00
What was the bloodiest modern battle of the 20th century (most deaths)?

Unfortunately I didn't copy the possible answers, but acording to there are two possible answers to this, non of witch were among the options:
Operation Barbarossa 1941 World War II 1,400,000–5,000,000
Brusilov Offensive 1916 World War I 1,600,000

Edit: and depending on sources, how a battle is defined, and how the death tolls are calculated the answer will vary a lot.
Date: 2010.06.21. 21:21:11
Just had this question:

What are Titans?

The possible answers were all Fathers of ...
The correct answer was to be found in the Greek mythology, but it could as well have been found elsewhere, so this question should include this information. And a minor issue is that the question should be in past tense.
Date: 2010.06.21. 07:15:53
If only she ... my love! Which one is WRONG?
would return
will return
returned <- marked as correct
had returned

Not sure if this is wrong, but I have no clue as to why it should be either. As far as my knowledge of English grammar, all are valid. If there is some literary reference it has escaped me. Could someone please explain this one?

Who Played Barbarella ?
Jane Fonda <- marked as correct
Honor Blackman
Faye Dunaway
Bridget Fonda

This question needs a bit more detail. (I found a site that claimed a remake is under way.)

"Man is a social animal", are the famous words of ?
Aristotle <- marked as correct

This is both right and wrong, what Aristotle actually said was "man by nature is a political animal" but the word normally translated as political has a broader meaning than the English word political, so it could be translated as social.
Date: 2010.06.20. 16:26:20
Quote: Viridel - 2010.06.19. 22:43:47
Quote: MartinBV - 2010.06.19. 10:25:23
This is a simple mathematical question.
If x = 2kg + x/2 then 2x=?

x = 2gk + x/2 <=> 2x = 4kg + x <=> x=4kg

And thus two bricks weighs 8 kg.

And no, I didn't write the question. There is a less mathematical solution to the same problem, but I'll leave that to you.

Just because you know the answer doesn't make this right:

"A brick weighs 2kg and half a brick"

Listen BV - You complain when someone says Country instead of Nation. You flip shit when "there" is used instead of "that"... Yet you think THIS is proper English? If you're going to bitch and moan about every little thing, then don't come to the rescue of something that clearly has issues.

Quote: MartinBV - 2010.06.19. 10:55:19
How do you call the process of reducing dead human bodies to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments?

The question is bad English. So the question should be:
What do you call the process of reducing dead human bodies to their basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments?

Exactly my point. If you're going to justify something clearly messed up, then don't bitch about something as insignificant as the above.

Sorry if I have offended you, but that still doesn't make "A brick weighs 2kg and half a brick" bad English or a paradox, its a simple equation disguised as a riddle, Banned has admitted it, why don't you as well.

And no I do not "bitch and moan" about every little language issue, if I did I would be posting 2-3 times as many errors. And if you are going to complain about the errors I have posted, do me a favour and use real examples. Only one of the three "examples" you give is something I did post, and in that case I disagree with you. It might be understandable, but it's still not correct.
Date: 2010.06.19. 12:26:14
Quote: Banned - 2010.06.19. 11:00:37 offense but....

That's a load of manure.

Here, let me break this down:

A = 2kg
B = (2kg) divided by 2 (which would be ONE)
C = A + B

So, what is 2 plus 1?

Now, we have D
D = 2(C)

So what would D be kids?

6....not 8.

But, back to why I posted what I did before.

If a loaf of bread weighs 1lb and half a loaf of bread...
then a loaf of bread actually weighs 1.5 then half a loaf of bread actually weighs .75 lb so...
then a loaf of bread actually weighs 2.25 lbs and half a loaf of bread weighs 1.125
then a loaf of bread actually weighs 3.375 lbs and half a loaf of bread weighs 1.6875 lbs....

can we see a pattern here folks?

An item cannot weigh itself PLUS half of the weight of itself.

Because THEN the weight of itself would constantly change...and, so would half of it's own weight as well.

A paradox.

Sorry but no: If half a loaf of bread weighs 1 lb + half a loaf, one loaf weighs 2 lb.
and if 1 brick weighs 2 kg and half a brick, then one brick weighs 4 kg.

It is not a paradox, both are a simple X=A + X/2 type of equation.

It is actually a common way of weighing items when using a tip scale. I have seen it done many times, lets say you want to weigh a huge quantity of grain, and all your weights combined weighs 5 kg, but the barrel you use to weigh grain in can handle over twice as much. You then weighs off 5kg of grain in some container, and place this among your weighs, so now one measure of grain is 10kg, or 5 kg and half a measure.

If you don't believe me, try it out.
Date: 2010.06.19. 12:08:14
Where did the leader of the Nazis united the jewish society to execute them?
The leader's mansion
Main Street
Concentration Camps

This question is bad English. "united" is not the right word, "gather" would be usable, and Jewish should be spelled wit a capital "J"

What company just bought the Marvel Comic company?
Dark Horse comics
Ted Turner

Almost 10 months ago! Need I say more.
Date: 2010.06.19. 10:55:19
Which animal is the biggest terrestrial animal?

Only a minor problem with this, what is "biggest"? is it "tallest" the giraffe or "heaviest" the elephant, so maybe giraffe should be replaced by an animal that's not taller than an elephant.

How do you call the process of reducing dead human bodies to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments?

The question is bad English. So the question should be:
What do you call the process of reducing dead human bodies to their basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments?

What guided the wise men to Jesus?
A meteor
A comet
A rainbow
A star

The biblical answer is a star, but what the star was it is the source of much debate both among Christian scholars and historians. One popular theory is that it was a comet, so I think this should not be among the possible answers.
Date: 2010.06.19. 10:25:23
Quote: Banned - 2010.06.19. 06:26:10
Quote: Viridel - 2010.06.19. 03:02:58

A brick weighs 2kg and half a brick, how much do 2 bricks weigh?


I know you didn't write this Viridel.... but, was that an exact CnP quote?

Because I can see why you, and perhaps hundreds of others; would be confused.

How can something weigh a predetermined weight (represented here as 2kg)
plus half of it's own weight?

That's what many would call a.... paradoxical improbability!

or....better yet, CANNOT BE DONE.

This is a simple mathematical question.
If x = 2kg + x/2 then 2x=?

x = 2gk + x/2 <=> 2x = 4kg + x <=> x=4kg

And thus two bricks weighs 8 kg.

And no, I didn't write the question. There is a less mathematical solution to the same problem, but I'll leave that to you.
Date: 2010.06.19. 10:12:50
Quote: Valkyrie - 2010.06.18. 13:27:06
If all of these solids have the same surface , which has the largest volume?

Isn't this somewhat difficult to calculate ( I know the procedure, just think it's a bit too much for the quiz)

The trouble with this question is that the possible answers are shapes not solids. Having said that, it should be elementary knowledge, as "The smallest possible surface for a given volume is a sphere." I learned that sentence in 8th or 9th grade.
Date: 2010.06.17. 17:24:23
Quote: Myszone - 2010.05.27. 16:41:04
Sorry for another post, but because of some technical wiki issues the site I created gor deletes I got pretty angry, and I am going to create a doomlord wiki somewhere else. I'll inform you when it will be more-or less done

Sounds good, I have been using Google Translate to try to decode the hungarian wiki, and honestly all I have managed to get out of it has been various formulas, and a few half explanations.

What is the status of this project, and is it possible to contribute to it.
Date: 2010.06.16. 07:26:40
Switzerland. What color is the flag?
red and yellow
red and white
blue and white
blue and yellow

Good question, but badly phrased, should be "What are the colors of the Swiss flag?"

How many provinces of Australia does the Murray River run through?

The Murray River forms the border between New South Wales and Victoria, ending in Lake Alexandrina, South Australia, so the correct answer should be 3 (or 0 as it doesn't actually flows through any of those three states)
Date: 2010.06.15. 16:20:39
National animal of India?

This isn't phrased as a question, but it's a good one.
Date: 2010.06.15. 15:58:08
Quote: Viridel - 2010.06.13. 02:16:55
Quote: Grey Rhino - 2010.06.13. 00:01:25
Quote: stekkos - 2010.06.12. 12:15:03
Or Valkyrie could say, in the way GrayRihno wrote his complain, in some countries it is a point, in some it is a comma. The question is good. Please remove this comment from the forum and reprimand individual responsible for posting it

If it is a comma in some countries but is a decimal point in other countries then you now have an ambiguous question and it cannot therefore be a good question. So I return to my first point, have it reemoved from the database along with this question:

If you toss a coin 9 times and every time it turns up heads, what is the chance of it turning up tails the tenth time?

Same reason applies - I live in the UK and have been educated in the UK. Applying a comma where a decimal point should be used gives an entirely different meaning to your answer, hence you are creating ambiguity.

I do agree with this, to some degree. The period should be the standard, as the comma does have different meanings in different regions. I don't think a period has any application in countries that use the comma instead - so if you standardize on the period it helps the majority of players while having no negative effect on others.

Don't need to kick the questions, just a quick edit will do.

Both systems causes confusion.
In most non English speaking countries the decimal separator is the comma, while the period is used as the thousands separator (separates groups of 3 digits).

The correct international standard however is to use either comma or period as decimal separator and a space but neither comma nor period may be used as a separator of groups of 3 digits.

So my suggestion is to disallow the use of comma and period as a thousands separator.
Date: 2010.06.15. 14:23:07
What is the code for "O" in the International Morse Code?

Not a complaint just a note.
Depending on the screen font it can be difficult to distinguish between O and 0.

Who ruled the seas before Poseidon?

This question should include according to which mythology.

How many litres of blood does a human have?

The question should be a bit more specific. The answer is valid for an average adult male who weighs 70 kg. .... Personally I don't know many average human males

Which country created the modern popular image of Santa Claus?

Didn't know the USA as a country was involved in such things The question is a good one, just badly phrased.
Date: 2010.06.14. 17:38:56
Which US State produces the majority of the crude oil produced in the United States?

Texas is the largest single oil producing state in the US, but it does not produce the majority of the crude oil produced in the United States. Actually less than 25% of the US oil production is produced in Texas.

Who is the main character in the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time?
Jake Gyllenhaal
Christian Bale
Tom Cruise
Tobey Maguire

The main character is Dastan, played by Jake Gyllenhaal
Date: 2010.06.14. 06:41:57
which car company makes the dart?
Dodge <- Marked as correct

The question should be: Which car company made the Dart? but this is a minor issue.
However as Dodge is a division of Chrysler, Chrysler should not be among the possible answers. Furthermore the Dart was also produced by the Spanish company Barreiros, now also a Chrysler division.

Edit: corrected typo.
Date: 2010.06.13. 16:49:29
What do you get, as a bonus ability, when you build buildings from the soul well?

The correct answer here would be Non! You don't get any bonus for building from the soul-well, only by building from your own SE.

How many living species of Elephants are their today?

1st The question should be How many living species of Elephants are there today?
2nd This question is no longer entirely correct, or might soon not be.

Some scientists suggest that there are actually up to 5 species of African elephants alive today, making the total 6, while the WWF still only lists two the African and the Indian.
Date: 2010.06.13. 16:32:49
Quote: Viridel - 2010.06.03. 04:35:30
Who didn't appear in the Winnetou books?
Old Firehand
Old Shatterhand
Old Death
Old Rangerman

I thought these "who was NOT" questions were NOT being accepted anymore...

And besides, how are we to answer this question without reading the books? My search on the web only produced two of the names in conjunction with the books. Searching a bit more might produce the answer.