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Date: 2012.12.19. 08:42:18
According to our evaluation policy we do not accept questions, when one of the answers is the equivalent of "there is no such thing".

Unfortunately when a question is rejected, the explanation message is automatic or there is no explanation at all. I'm sorry for the ambiguity of the explanation in this case. Your third answer is nicely formed, but we still count it as wrong from the aspect of evaluation.
Date: 2012.12.19. 08:16:35
Thanks, Dancer.

The Lion: Yes, the question I found is "How many U.S. states border the Gulf of Mexico?"
Date: 2012.12.18. 11:22:13
Quote: Dancer - 2012.12.16. 13:39:17
Whom did Achilles grief over after he took her life during his truce with Priam?

Would you be so kind to explain the problem here, because I can't see?
Date: 2012.12.17. 11:59:46
Thank you, I corrected them.
Date: 2012.12.08. 11:14:05
Thanks Dancer, I corrected the grammatical errors listed above. (I hope I didn't made new erros.)
Date: 2012.11.15. 10:17:27
Yes, you will get back all bonuses.
Date: 2012.11.14. 08:48:29
If your question is rejected with the reasons of "spelling error" or "already in the database", you automatically get another possibility to write a new question or correct the old one.
Date: 2012.11.14. 08:44:14
Have you answered the question?
Because until it is answered it won't change.
Date: 2012.11.14. 08:38:58
Quote: USMCBEAR - 2012.11.14. 03:48:53
The question asking which of the books in the Harry Potter series is incorrect. Because they have "harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" as the first book and it should be "Sorcerer's Stone" instead.

Actually both title variations are correct.

It's a really interesting problem. I wasn't sure if you are right, so I checked it. On half of the books and movie posters I saw Philosopher on the other half Sorcerer. So I checked it again, this time on the Rowling homepage, and found that originally, in England it was published as Philosopher's Stone, but in the US as Sorcerer's Stone. It was the same with movies.

I wonder how did they solved this in the movie conversations, but I heard only the dubbed, Hungarian version of this film.
Date: 2012.10.30. 09:31:48
Quote: Miasma - 2012.10.29. 04:11:04
My Temple of Doom has mysteriously reset both my 'Check Toplist' and 'Consecutive logon' I logon every day and always check my position in the toplist
Can you please check this and rectify as I am near completion of this temple
Satansfist w3

Quote: Trackur - 2012.10.29. 11:57:36
Is that what happened? mine reset too and I thought I had forgot to check. I think the reset caused an issue with mine too.

Please send these kind of problems to the customer service, because the colleagues there can help you.
Date: 2012.10.19. 13:13:10
What is a Travertine?
A. a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. <--------- correct answer, appears as an option. But the given answer is 'a cooking pot'.

The answer is changed to correct now.

Who was the first Major League Baseball player to have his number retired by all teams?

Answer Lou Gehrig is not correct, he was the first to retire

„By all teams” is removed from the question, so it is correct now, I think.

Miasma: Your question is modified, too.
Date: 2012.10.11. 14:01:54
We have a brand new tool to correct spelling errors in the game. (Up to now only the programmer could modify most of the texts.)
Now at last I solved most of the problems listed above, however there was some errors I couldn’t locate, so they may be still in the system.

I hope the conversion problems are solved, too.

Thank you for your help and patience.
Date: 2012.10.09. 11:02:22
Bad questions are corrected.
Date: 2012.10.05. 10:01:20
Thank you for the help.
Date: 2012.09.25. 08:52:11
It is working under "flash player". Is it installed on your computer?
Date: 2012.09.25. 08:47:43
New problems are corrected now.
Date: 2012.09.17. 10:29:54
The above mentioned problems are corrected now.

(At B-29 I corrected the answer, not the question.)
Date: 2012.09.11. 10:53:05
The problem is solved, so you can participate in the Quiz Olympics now.
Date: 2012.09.11. 10:49:42
Sorry for the inconvenience, the problem is solved, so you can participate now.
Date: 2012.08.23. 22:38:18
Thank you for the help.

And certainly for the help of each other players here.
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