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Date: 2017.05.22. 12:42:46
Hi all, if pit of damnation has 10 levels, whats d last level for pit of doom? 20?

ps. pls disregard, i just saw its 25 levels... ^_^
Date: 2017.05.10. 15:30:10
thank u miklos ^_^ You can learn a new skill: mytokronit knowledge
just upgraded our academy to 20 hae learning skill of 70 and this skill shows up... so i guess detect mytokronit shows up on higher level of academy...

@sbart, before i only have academy 18 and my learning skill is 67.... when i hit the help button, miklos mentioned that i might need to up my academy and learning skill 1st... (finally i can start)

so many thanx to those who helped me here ^_^
Date: 2017.05.10. 01:24:00
i just need astral station so i get green mytokronit on mana construction, i got the extractor for the yellow mytokronits, i'll just royal decree the orange and red on temple of doom if i encounter 1... wasted 190 ancient stones already even bought 5 astral stones and speeding up my minion i got the 7 colored mytokronits on its minion page... still detect mytokronit doesnt show on my skill page...
Date: 2017.05.10. 01:16:32
if i could upload a picture here, theres no detect mytokronit on my skill page and im level 121, im sapphire clan... the prerequisite is only lvl 65? and is it something to do that im just a returning player from a few days ago? from early 2015
Date: 2017.05.09. 16:25:27
this is annoying, i wonder why it doesnt show up in my animal-related skill im level 121, all 3 accounts are at least lvl 80... i dont see a specific "detect mytokronit" on skills and AA page... i guess i have to royal decree whenever i see one on my temple of doom now...
Date: 2017.05.09. 15:56:06
trapping, pet training, charisma, leadership, heal wounds, soul-energy squeezing, intelligent pet, hard skin, horde making
Date: 2017.05.09. 15:54:29
im level 121, the skills that shows on my skill page under animal-related skills are:
trapping 30 Requires 15548 soul-energy to improve.
Use the +10 pet training essence (you have 9) pet training 80+2 Requires 18798 soul-energy to improve.
Use the +20 charisma essence (you have 7) charisma 40+7 Requires 16198 soul-energy to improve.
leadership 55+15 Requires 17173 soul-energy to improve.
Use the +10 heal wounds essence (you have 5) heal wounds 82+92 Requires 18928 soul-energy to improve.
soul-energy squeezing 61
Use the +5 intelligent pet essence (you have 6) intelligent pet 10 Requires 14248 soul-energy to improve.
Use the +10 hard skin essence (you have 13) hard skin 30 Requires 15548 soul-energy to improve.
horde making 60 Requires 17498 soul-energy to improve.
Date: 2017.05.08. 07:24:06
I bought the orange mytokronit detector and trained 5 pets, but i didnt get any orange mytokronit... is the detect mytokronit skill is an actual skill or AA thing? or just the relic should do?
Date: 2017.05.07. 06:25:06
thanx a lot, ive known about the fetishes but not the ones that came out from late 2015 to present... (from special events too) seems like theres a lot to catch up as well ^_^
Date: 2017.05.06. 06:57:59
im back after 2 yrs, great to see that this game is still running... pit of damnation is fun, but i dnt get what those mytokronits? r for...
Date: 2015.02.21. 10:49:08
Wuts a feetish shard? wut does it do?
Date: 2013.11.29. 14:16:38
ah, i didnt know that we get new items each week....
Date: 2013.11.29. 11:09:46
i got 350 wins and all i got so far is a half-year auction tix... the drop rate is pretty low this time huh?
Date: 2013.11.18. 09:41:17
thanx for processing it... i always assume that a ticket is to be answered after 1 working day, so when my W2 character aint getting answers for 3 straight days i find it that its pretty weird or the help button itself is broken as well...
Date: 2013.10.20. 21:33:11
and yeah like trackur said... its way better than the map event, i like this event... ^_^
Date: 2013.10.20. 21:30:42
just a question about the horde trophies, does the adventure codex stacks with each other ie treasure chests or u can only have 1 of those in ur inventory?
Date: 2013.08.06. 17:21:11
i think these are bugs on world 1:
legend says: Hiányzó 84. fejezet!
hunter's loot on hunt page doesnt have description
i have 31/13 pets
i thought its weird that i have 32 golden ducats this morning and ryt now i have 27 ducats... how the hell did i spend those ducats away when i just sold 2 DG ring and necklace for 2ea???

so yea, its quite screwed here on world 1
Date: 2013.08.05. 21:19:37
its working now, then i have 31/13 pets and the legend tab says Hiányzó 83. fejezet!... this happens at server 1 only as far as i know...and when ur about to use hunter's loot theres no description at all... are these all bugs??
Date: 2013.08.05. 12:16:20
Adatbázis hiba!.. pls help on this one, cuz i cant play the game or switch to my other characters on world 2 or 3...
WTH is this: Adatbázis hiba!

after i used a hunter's loot this is the message that comes up and i cant play the game...
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