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Date: 2010.06.21. 10:08:16
I would like to ask for help with a quest "loot 1500SE in a duel you initiate". My characters name is Teddy, i am level 23, world 2. Please send a PM if you are willing to help.
Date: 2010.04.05. 23:53:05
The XP gained will be increasing, at level 8 you will get 5 xp for attacking the same level. At level 20 about 11 XP. Just wait until you are comfortable to attack someone at level 7 when you are level 5 and it should do the trick. You are couple levels from finishing this quest.
Date: 2010.03.14. 19:18:35
Just a quick question:
I wanted to post a question about Adolf Hither but somehow "Hitler" is recognized as a forbidden word. Can anyone please tell my why? Someones surname should not be forbidden and classified as an offensive term.
Date: 2010.03.06. 19:41:52
Hi, I am looking for someone to help me finish my quest. Directly to let me kill his/her pet.
So if you are level between 12 and 17 and you will allow me to attack you few times and kill your pet that would be splendid.
For the person who will help me I can offer protection and help and life guarantee that I will never attack him/her and any of his/her friends.

If you would like to help me please send a message in the game to Teddy.
Date: 2010.02.27. 22:28:07
I would recommend Carpacio. 17 members, all active, all at levels between 10 and 19. Expanded forum, leader that takes care of everything. Every member is building requested ammounts. Only minus that you have to be level 10 to join.
Date: 2010.02.25. 06:39:18
How can I meet the dragon?
Date: 2010.02.19. 23:29:42
It seems that my clan has the same problem with the war:

Carpacio vs Got the Blues 10:0
but in detailed statistics we are winning 18:0 ant this ammount is not updating at all.
Wonder is it a bug that could work against our clan. I would like to ask admins to take a loot at the existing problem.
Date: 2010.01.29. 02:50:52
What is exactly a blizzard?

The marked as correct answer is:
Heavy blowing snowfall, strong wind and low temperature.

However according to wikpedia a blizzard is: a severe storm condition characterized by low temperatures, strong winds, with low visibility. However, contrary to popular belief, snow is not one of the characteristics required to define something as a blizzard.

So the right answer should be strong wind and low temperature which i marked.
Date: 2010.01.22. 19:40:20
Hi Everybody,

Carpacio clan is looking foward to greet new members, everybody is welcome!! Please ask Teddy for an invitation.
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