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Date: 2021.01.01. 11:43:29
Thank you very much for the information.

Happy new year!
Date: 2020.12.29. 02:04:48
I just noticed that we now have the worlds svet an univers. What are those worlds?
Date: 2020.09.21. 11:35:45
I had a character in Emerald Legion 1 or 2 years ago, didn't see anything strange there. Just an extremely well organized clan when it comes to clan strategy (very similar to Diamond Purs).
Date: 2020.03.11. 12:56:13
This is just a conjecture.

Each clan championship group has 4 competing clans, if there are, let's say, 10 clans there would be 2 groups with 4 clans and 1 group with 2 clans. Since there would be an incomplete group the game algorithm would chose additional active clans to complete the group even if it doesn't have enough level 20+ active players.

Once again this is just a conjecture
Date: 2019.07.13. 00:20:29
All good on my side to.

Sometimes clearing your browser cookies and cache makes wonder for browser based games… not always but its worth a shot
Date: 2019.04.12. 18:40:59
In that case the energy bricks should be removed from chests for players that are in clans with the tree of Knowledge. It's not good when 1/3 of the chests give a reward that is completely useless...
Date: 2019.04.12. 11:03:59
I keep getting energy bricks from the Easter chests but, at the end of the day, I get no building energy since my clan already has the level 25 pyramid of glory. So what happen to the bricks I earned? Are they automatically added to my clan's tree of Knowledge?
Date: 2019.02.16. 18:21:49
For those of you trying to complete the infamous "archive draw in five of your duels" quest, fear not as the hukster have found it in their heart the strength to show mercy. That's right after much pondering they decided to put on display a couple of maces of peace, look for them in veteran's (level 100) weapon section of the soul hukster.

Mace of peace
Type: weapon
Level: 100
Damage: 1-6
Strength: -500
Thaumaturgy: -500
Price: 33500 Soul-energy, 60 ancient stones
Date: 2018.12.23. 12:12:10
You need to develop the blue mytokronite minion skill só that the level 300 (250+50)fethish ability takes effect... If your minion's blue skill is already at level 50 then it is a bug, the support team will help you if you send a ticket.
Date: 2018.10.30. 21:28:06
And here is the last epic creature we killed:

"Lanilya, the earth dragon is perished! The lethal blow was made by Fos. 26850 soul-energy went from the creature into the soul-well."

It seems like some members of the clan diamondpurs have special abilities... from shape-shifting, to top level infiltration very nice indeed.
Thanks Sbart.
Quote: Miklos - 2018.09.07. 13:12:15
Dear Players,

. In the Gigantic Temple, you get 10x reward in the small pouches, and an even greater pile of treasure in the final chest. Upon completing the first Gigantic Temple, you will also earn a unique relic which allows +1 combat minions. Afterwards, you will be able to earn additional medals which carry you above the previous maximum.

The Doomlord Team

So it should be at least equal to 10 separated temples... But since you get an additional combat minion when you finish the first super temple it is worth checking
Date: 2018.09.26. 10:05:10
It just started, good luck.
Congradulations on the 10th birthday, hope we can continue together for another 10 years. Keep up the good work.

By the way if to commemorate you would like to add one chapter or ten to the legend we wouldn't say no (wink)
Date: 2018.07.28. 16:17:11
As long as you have one of those greater focus crystals (in your inventory or attached to a ring/necklace) you can't get another one from the dimension gate. If you delete the greater focus crystals from your level 140 items and then fight in the dimension gate you will find them again... May take a few tries, depending on lady luck (wink)
Date: 2018.07.23. 18:54:06
Every time you finish the pit of Damnation you receive a pit medal. For every 10 medals you get an additional level to the pit. The relic Wand of Damnation (relic section after the familiars) also adds a level to the pit.
Date: 2018.07.09. 15:37:12
The best I found was an observation made by Cruel01.,202.20

The last 3 posts
Date: 2018.07.09. 12:39:35
In case of equal primary score the clan with the highest secondary score wins. So in the example the diamond purs should receive the 4 points.
Date: 2018.05.04. 10:54:25
Joule units are used to measure what?

This question has two correct answers.

The SI unit for energy is joule.
Heat is difined as the energy being transfered from a warm body to a cold body due to a gradient of temperature so it's unit in the SI system is also joule.
Date: 2018.02.28. 12:24:24
Thank you Sbart.

Unfortunately the potion isn't working...
If i drink it from the inventory and then do a pit battle the effect doesn't apply, if i do a regular duel after the effect of the potion apply.
If i check the option to drink the potion in the pit, the potion disappears from the inventory, there is no effect in the pit battle and there is no effect in the regular duel... Odd

Maybe it is time to right one of those little support tickets.
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