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Dátum: 2024.04.03. 09:21:45
All good on my side too. I'm on W1... I wonder if it it's a world related bug,
Dátum: 2024.01.30. 19:26:21
Thanks for the hard work patching things up. The lightning fast game is well worth the inconvenience.
Dátum: 2023.12.07. 22:57:28
No. I was just pointing out the ruby clan that usually participates to n clan championship. Send a message to the members first
Dátum: 2023.12.07. 07:40:29
Try Ruby World
Dátum: 2023.12.06. 16:52:58
Idézet: enzio - 2023.12.06. 11:08:08

lets say that i do collect that data as you say.what would be the point?either it will be said that the report is faked or again start the insults.so what would be exactly the point of keeping that data?

I should have explained this a bit better.
So basically ( at least for me) Doomlord is one of the most math heavy games I have ever player. In the spectrum of player skill vs character skill it is heavily inclined towards character skill, and building a character is nothing more than a math problem. I take this math approach to every aspect of the game... Data gathering ( Knowledge gathering) is a simple extension of my approach to the game.

You asked what should you do with the data, if you should post it on the forum, or send it to manunkind, that is a possibility and it is really up to you to do it or not... But what I was hinting was to gather the data of the subplasma attacks as a way to predict attack patterns. Awnser the questions " Are there periods of time when there are no attacks?" , " When are this attacks more common?", " To what horde does the attacker bellong to" ( Yes sometimes changing horde is the best shield)... You know stuff like this, with that information define your best strategy to deal with the situation.
Dátum: 2023.12.06. 08:24:27
Just a free advice ( and since it is free it's probably not a great one ). The subplasma reports are back and everyone can see if they were attacked with subplasma or not. Manunkind says he mostly uses subplasma attacks during the ruler of the planet event ( my personal experience confirms that, he would only visit me during the event. He was the one that pointed out the existence of subplasma to me... because my confused mind was like " how the hell is he doing that?", so I asked him and he explained). At the moment there is no ruler of the planet, so why not take his word on it and try to enjoy the game? Try it, even if you are not premium... worst case scenario you get attacked with subplasma and can go back underground again ( which is no different from the current situation)... Realistic scenario you will be ignored and can enjoy the game as you wish ( it's not really very efficient in terms of soul energy to experience ratio to attack low level doomlords)

PS: Even if you get attacked, you can always collect data on the attacks.
Dátum: 2023.12.04. 20:39:24
Thank you very much for handling the situation in such an elegant way Miklos.

About the "lesser scarab of death", seems like a good idea to me.
Dátum: 2023.12.03. 22:09:46
Idézet: POSEIDON22 - 2023.12.03. 20:39:39
so manukind you literrally want us to believe that there are not enought players to fill your torture chamber??

Well there aren't many Galetki around my level. If I use the 30 duel points setting I have 5, if I use the 15 duel points setting I have 9. At Manunkind's level it should be a little less.

PS: Not talking about active players, those numbers are literally all the players that appear in the duel page
Dátum: 2023.12.01. 23:04:56
This one just hit me... If you open the character's page of someone in your normal duel range there are two swords next to the character's picture one for normal attacks and one for subplasma attacks, if you chose the subplasma attack does the target get a notification? As anyone tested this?
Dátum: 2023.11.30. 23:13:25
Don't worry John, you didn't miss the talk about bans, no one talked about banning other players.

Now the getting players banned is a tactic I've seen used in other games, namely in Elder Scrolls Online. The strategy is simple and usually involves PvP activities. Someone gets upset because they are defeated in combat, they start sending annoying direct messages to the person that defeated them... Said person doesn't do what they should ( ignoring them, blocking them) things escalate, the discussion gets heated and there goes the insult... The defeated person screenshots the right part of the conversation, sends it to support and bam! A ban! Happened to one of my friends.

Not saying this sort of thing happens here... But we can never be sure, after all we only know what goes on in our mind... And sometimes not even there.

* Nods to John in a friendly manner, pets the small dog that accompanies him and slowly makes his way towards the door*
Dátum: 2023.11.27. 19:32:22
Expertly explained, that's exactly what we are saying!

Thank you for summarizing it.
Dátum: 2023.11.27. 15:04:08
The " you can't get more soul energy from a won duel than you have on your character" applies to the soul energy you win at the end of the duel ( doesn't care about soul energy drain from items) and it's absolute.

If the target doesn't have soul energy you get the fix amount of 15 soul energy per XP point ( creative affinity at level 50 increases this to 30 points, energy harness increases it even further but I don't know the value)... If have less than the fixed amount of soul energy you will only get a reward equal to what you are carrying ( if you have zero, you get zero)... you can easily try it by doing one duel with zero soul energy on your character.

If the target has soul energy on him you can steal part of it in duels in two ways:

1- By having equipments/spells wit the drain soul energy effect. Each time you hit the opponent you drain a percentage of the damage done as soul energy. ( If you have 15%drain soul and hit him for 100 damage, you'll get 15 SE). There are items and AA skills that protect against drain soul

2- by winning the duel you'll get part of the unprotected (transcendal projection skill protects part of the soul energy)... Not sure of the percentage you get here, read it in the wiki it's 10%, creative affinity increases this as do some items... So for example if you were carrying your 100000 SE and lost a duel your oponente would get 20000 ( assuming 50 creative affinity), but if was only carrying 1000 he would only get 1000

Note 1 - subplasma victories always give a fixed amount of soul energy

Note 2- Clan championship, pit, gods event and the search event battles always give you full reward even if you don't carry soul energy... And they are way more efficient ways to earn soul energy than dueling people that don't have soul energy
Dátum: 2023.11.23. 23:12:36
That is correct if you have a scarab and are targeted of a subplasma attack it will protect you from the torture chamber.
Dátum: 2023.11.23. 22:49:26
The effect that is written in scarab of death only takes effect on normal duels... If the attack is made with subplasma the scarab effect is different, it simply prevents the target from being dragged to the torture chamber ( and since they aren't dragged, the subplasma attacker won't lose soul energy)
As you said if you attack someone that has the scarab and drag them to torture chamber while you aren't carrying soul energy, you won't lose anything... The effect still triggers and it will steal all your energy, that is zero... So you are safe ... Just a small problem, if you don't have soul energy on your character you won't win soul energy on a victorious duel , so no point attacking ( you get XP and 0 SE, not fun). So basically dueling in those conditions will hurt your character.

This is why I say it will kill PvP in lower levels... After level 60 there is a AA skill that makes the scarab way less efficient ( only 10% of the effect) so it isn't so bad

Ps: by the way I don't consider a problem the scarab bing available for all, I was simply pointing out it could have unforseen consequences.
Dátum: 2023.11.23. 21:31:32
The high levels stoping to attack lower levels won't kill pvp at all... Now a low level attacking someone around their level, winning the battle but losing a lot of soul energy to the scarab ( if the clan has the torture chamber), that may kill PvP
Dátum: 2023.11.23. 18:46:13
Well, can't talk from Manunkind, only for myself.
My torture chamber is consistently empty, may have one or two people in from time to time, but most of the time it's empty, despite that Fos is turning out alright.
There is something much more powerful when building a character then torture chamber, duels and all that- Efficient soul energy spending.
In short get those ability cost reductions to 95% as soon as possible... It's the difference between using 33M SE to buy 101 points of constitution(at 95% reduction) or buy 16 points of constitution (at 69% reduction).

I'm not gonna tell you how to play your game, to each his own, but if I was in your shoes ( and let's be fair I've been in your shoes some years ago) I wouldn't worry so much about other people's game... I would simply focus on improving my character, getting my hands in as many relic coupons and emerald boxes as possible ( emerald boxes are game changers!), improve any skill that improves soul energy gains, improve skills that reduce skill/ability cost, use those hard earned ancient stones in things that give permanent bonuses ( like emerald boxes, really loved them), get your hands in relics that increase AA points gain (level 60+)... I would recommend this for one reason alone, that was exactly what I did, and it turned out all right
Dátum: 2023.11.23. 11:11:00
Like I said, there are advantages and disadvantages ... Just hope the low levels won't be too annoyed when they win duels against opponent in their duel range .
On my part it won't affect me... I hardly duel at all.
Dátum: 2023.11.21. 22:36:34
For higher levels the addition of scarab of death to everyone will have little effect, the reason for this is that nearly everyone in our duel range already has the relic, it will only stop the torture chamber invitation with subplasma attacks... and quite frankly the lose of that soul energy is negligible.

Now on the lower levels ( until level 60) it would be a massacre, every time you get attacked and dragged to a torture chamber you would get soul energy equal to 500x the level of the attacker, without any sort of reduction. This would in fact kill the PvP part of the game on those levels, and sort of kill the "absorve as much soul energy as you can" theme of the game( if one is interested in the Legend storytelling), making players afraid to carry soul energy when duelling, because they would simply lose it to the relic . After level 60, the addition of AA abilities would mitigate this effect, but still.

Is it wort it, maybe yes, maybe no! There are pros and cons in both situations. One thing i can tell you getting that relic on my early days was a real sense of achievement, had to trade resources to get the ducats, had to restrain myself from spending them, had to wait for the right opportunity, it taunted me several times, but nearly one year after starting the game i finally got it... And it was sweet... Kind of get this feeling with every hard to get relic
Dátum: 2023.11.20. 17:42:58
Well, I can't talk for anyone except for me... but it has happen to me on several occasions with embarrassing results, like attacking the toughest Crystal clan member instead of the weakest when i have -50% penalty to my abilities, or attacking the wrong minion team in the minion arena. This sort of things happen when you are playing on your cell phone... Hell, even on computer it has happened when i use " right click- > open new page" while attacking several people, just to get one or two messages saying that the person can't be attacked because they were attacked in the last 5 minutes. It's strange but this sort of things happen from time to time, after all we are all humans and humans make mistakes
Dátum: 2023.11.17. 16:15:50
Did some tests with a friend some time ago, the torture chamber gives you a little less than 1% of the target's soul energy gain for the day.
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