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Date: 2011.03.10. 17:43:46
Just got an
elemental ring
Level: 35
IQ: +2
Magic: +2
Magic absorption: +7
+6 elementary fusion

But when equipping it my elementary fusion is still 0, it does not say anywhere in the description that it does not work if your base skill is 0.
Date: 2011.03.09. 18:57:33
Just started 8 hunts but after the 2nd question I just got a the "answer is correct" but no new question, I just assumed I had answered the other 6 questions beforehand, something I often do, and went to check on the forum. After some time I switched back to the hunt window, finding the next question in line waiting for me. I missed answering 3 questions due to this, so I do not know when the questions started to reappear.
Date: 2011.03.08. 19:05:38
Which piece of equipment is not used by archaeologists at underwater sites?
sieve <- marked as correct

I simply do not believe that no underwater archaeologist has used a sieve to sift through sediments for small items. Admittedly that will most likely occur well away from the actual "dig" as he/she would not want the sediment clouding the water more than absolutely necessary. But I would regard such a location as being part of the site.

P.s. Searching via google did not produce any result to support the claim that sieves are not used.
Date: 2011.03.06. 12:19:30
Before being domesticated, what kind of plant was tobacco?
herb <- was used by the American Indian tribes for spiritual purposes
weed <- marked as correct
flowering <- tobacco is a flowering plant

"An herb is a plant that is valued for flavor, scent, medicinal or other qualities. Herbs are used in cooking, as medicines, and for spiritual purposes."

"A weed in a general sense is a plant that is considered by the user of the term to be a nuisance." "Generally, a weed is a plant in an undesired place." Weed might also mean cannabis but that's irrelevant to this question.

So the answer marked as correct might or might not be correct, while two of the "wrong" answers are correct.
Date: 2011.03.05. 23:03:28

Guess it's more valuable used for buying a ducat or a few SE
Date: 2011.03.05. 19:54:55
I have found a "soul focus" +1 spectral manipulation. My question is, if I insert it into a ring or necklace, will this increase it past maximum? (With mind boost I have 100 spectral manipulation)
Date: 2011.03.05. 16:34:04
Who was the first hockey goalie to put on a mask to play in the NHL?
Jacques Plante <- marked as correct.
Georges V├ęzina
Patrick Roy
Bert Gardinier

According to the wikipedia the correct answer is Clint Benedict.
"The first goaltender to wear a mask in the National Hockey League was Clint Benedict in 1930 who wore a crude form made of leather.[1] In November 1959, Jacques Plante, wore a self-made fiberglass mask after taking a New York Rangers shot to the face."
Date: 2011.03.05. 13:56:25
Who was the NBA player to score 99 points in a game ?
Joe Franks
Tom Walsh
Wilt Chamberlin <- marked as correct.
Lucky Stevens

According to the sources I have fount it was 100 points in a game on March 2, 1962, but he might also have scored 99, if the last goal was a 1-point score.
Date: 2011.03.02. 19:46:50
The king cobra is the deadliest snake and can kill a human in 2 minutes. What makes it so deadly?
Its venom contains the most toxic substance in the world
It bites again and again till its victim is dead <- this answer could also be regarded as correct.
It is mainly fear that kills its victim
Its bite contains a greater quantity of venom <- marked as correct

Quote from the wikipedia: "The king cobra may deliver multiple bites in a single attack, or bite and hold on."
Date: 2011.03.01. 13:53:16
Which bear is least likely to maul a hiker?
Date: 2011.02.28. 22:01:58
Quote: Hoyhoy - 2011.02.20. 20:18:44
Quote: ChaoticGemini - 2011.02.19. 14:01:10
Who holds the world record in athletics on 400m?

400m in what and when?

i think the only question here should be for male/female. athletics is track and field to most of the world. when is irrelivant because WR refers to fastest time ever

And world records are never broken? and "to most" is the same as unambiguous? But yea Male/female is also relevant, but I guess that's covered by the "what".
Date: 2011.02.28. 08:01:29
About radioactive decay: It is a lot more complicated than that. It is true that most radioactive decay goes towards iron, as iron is the most stable element, some iron isotopes can however decay towards other elements. When going into nuclear physics it becomes a lot more complicated, as fusion and fission have produced all the known elements. However reactions away from iron tends to absorbs energy while reactions towards iron tends to releases energy.

About the breathing issue, some people can hold their breath for considerable longer than 5 minutes with no ill effect, this might also be the reason for the rejection.
Date: 2011.02.26. 10:57:05
What is the color of something new in this game?
Yellow <- marked as correct

Last I got a message of something new it was my "Pets" button lighting up in red, the new pet was listed in white as all my other pets, trained or not. Sometimes my "Previous Battles" in there the unread battle reports are yellow, whether they are new or old.
On my World 1 Character my newest item is gold and white on a purple background!
So this question is incorrect or ambiguous. What it's actually asking is the colour of unread battle reports.

Forgot one that needs to be a bit more specific:

Who was the goddess of witches in ancient times?
Hecate <- marked as correct, but this is not universal, so "ancient times" should be replaced with "Greco-Roman mythology"
Date: 2011.02.22. 16:33:09
The sun rises in the ...?
East <- marked as correct, and yes it is, but so is South East, at least during the winter on the northern hemisphere.

Only one of these possible answers is actually incorrect: the further from the equator you go the more Northerly and Southerly the sun can rise. In fact unless you live on the equator, the sun only rises in the exact East twice a year, at equinox. But since no one actually live permanently at the South Pole I'll accept that North is not correct either.

And another one:
Which is not a musical group?
Meatballz <- marked as correct but "The Meatballz" is a band
Red Hot Chili Peppers

For almost half the year the sun rises south of East and the other half it rises North of East. And for many people SE is as correct as E.
Date: 2011.02.20. 23:05:11
Quote: ChaoticGemini - 2011.02.10. 06:07:42
The Color of Cherry is...?

I like the black more than the red
And both tastes better than the green ones
Date: 2011.02.20. 23:03:06
Which one of these actually exist?
Santa Claus
Mylohyoid muscle
Scooby Doo
Easter Bunny

I bet there are dogs named Scooby Doo, rabbits named Easter Bunny, and most likely someone named Santa Claus somewhere in the world
Date: 2011.02.20. 12:05:50
I must say I'm going to miss the event when it's over, on my W1 char I make the same amount of SE for the XP and my pets gain XP. (And I'm sure some of players I used to hunt are happy for a respite)

Now I have a question, has anyone figured out if the queens lose hit-points like epic monsters or is it relative to the attackers level?
Date: 2011.02.18. 22:20:05
Quote: Highlander - 2011.02.14. 12:30:41

I used a potion and message i got was !!HSZ!! (iszik_ppital) and nothing happend , yeah my potion was gone!

was some rare potion , DP potion??! dont know anymore.. what happend??

I get the same message, and my duel points are increased by 3. Have used several, and have gotten the 3 DP each time.

Did you check that you did not have 100 duel points when you used it, and whether or not the number increased?
Date: 2011.02.18. 16:08:47
I had 0 action and duel point's left when I decided to use my last hit-points on the current entity, after the last attack I got this message:
Your HPs dropped below 15% (-1 Action Point). You bandage yourself (+### hit points).

My action and duel points were still 0, and countdown to next point continued as before. And I did get get the hit points increase from my heal wounds skill.
Date: 2011.02.15. 19:56:15
Quote: TheLion - 2011.02.15. 18:04:32
Had a question about Nappleon Bonaparte

Who the hell is that?!?!?!

Really, that question got through?
Oh you don't know him? He was Napoleon's brother