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Date: 2010.11.23. 22:57:36
What's the most misspelled word in English language?
Prejudice (Predjudice)
Consensus (Conscensus)
Definitely (Definately) <- marked as correct
Mine (Myne)

I find it difficult to believe that there is actually valid statistics to support this. I have not been able to find any prof for this statement, though I have found a few sites that claim it to be.
Date: 2010.11.23. 14:15:17
I just had this event today:

Type Date Event
Today, 11:00

No text, no information, nothing.
I just checked my premium, and it might be that which is causing the event, as my premium expires in two days.
Date: 2010.11.22. 17:46:03
Quote: neurotic - 2010.11.22. 09:29:07
Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury most commonly associated with?

* repetitive action of the hand(s)
* tennis play
* impaling wounds through the body (including shots)
* driving through the tunnels in darkness

This got rejected with "Your answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question", but it's first answer in google search for 'Carpal tunnel syndrome" that contains actual phrase "most commonly associated with repetitive hand motions namely heavy computer keyboard use"

Why would that be incorrect?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not caused by repetitive actions of the hands. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you will have higher risk of injuries from some repetitive actions of the hands. But certain repetitive actions of the hands can actually be used to lessen the pain.
Date: 2010.11.21. 23:24:59
Xanadu is a popular song by Olivia Newton John, but it's also a city, where is/was this city located?

Inner Mongolia, China
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Central Australia
Andes Mountains, Chile

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Your answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question.

Can someone please tell me why?

For a description of Xanadu, the summer capital of the Yuan Dynasty founded by Kublai Khan
Date: 2010.11.21. 16:38:23
I have a principal question. Lately I have had several questions regarding correct spelling. Today I got this question: Which word is NOT spelled according to the British English?

When lot's of players are not native English speakers, so knowing the supple differences between official British and US spelling is a bit to much to expect. So my question is whether these questions belong in the quiz at all?

Personally I think they don't.
Date: 2010.11.21. 00:29:50
Just a guess, but I think the problem is that you say "current". You can only be sure that current is current when you write the question, so try adding a year. Just my 5 Euro cent.
Date: 2010.11.20. 21:46:32
Quote: Viridel - 2010.11.20. 19:46:49
Quote: MartinBV - 2010.11.20. 13:30:24
Who was the Black Adder?
Hugh Laurie
Peter Sellers
Rowan Atkinson <- marked as correct
John Cleese

This one is still here!

No!!! Rowan Atkinson was not the Black Adder, he played the Blackadder. Blackadder is a real surname, in the BBC series of the same name to a fictional family/character.

You are still complaining about this!

I made you look like a tool last time you brought this up - so this would be one to drop.

Sure, sure. (wondering who's or what tool you made me look like), was that when you started calling me names?
Date: 2010.11.20. 18:30:51
what type of object is a crystal?
mineral *

Actually a crystal can be both a mineral (rock), a metal and ice (frozen liquid or gas) but most of those would be classed as minerals. Some rocks are also crystals, so rock is not a good possible answer.
Date: 2010.11.20. 14:47:51
Which NBA franchise has won the most titles?
Celtics <- marked as correct
This one needs a date, there are only one win between the Celtics' 17 and Lakers' 16 so it might change.

Which of the following is not a colour of the rainbow?
Cyan <- marked as correct
Actually the colours of the rainbow is a continuous spectrum of all colours from violet to red (white and black are not colours). Cyan is is light with wavelengths from 487 to 505 nm, and is part of the continuous spectrum of the rainbow.
Date: 2010.11.20. 13:32:04
I have no problem with the crystal clans being accessible to high level players only, but having "Highest acquired soul-difference increase" in this contest makes no sense, it should as a minimum be relative to level.
Date: 2010.11.20. 13:30:24
Who was the Black Adder?
Hugh Laurie
Peter Sellers
Rowan Atkinson <- marked as correct
John Cleese

This one is still here!

No!!! Rowan Atkinson was not the Black Adder, he played the Blackadder. Blackadder is a real surname, in the BBC series of the same name to a fictional family/character.
Date: 2010.11.19. 00:11:25
Quote: Phalanxii - 2010.11.17. 15:47:29
8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world lie in or on the border of which country?
Nepal <-- right

It's referring to the Himalayas, which is on the border of both Nepal and China so there are multiple answers I think.
There is only one answer. The Himalayas are far longer than Nepal, they stretch from Pakistan to east of Bhutan. When it comes to number of top 10 highest peaks China comes in second with 5.

Of the 10 highest peaks 3 lies within Nepal, 4 lie on the border between Nepal and China, 1 on the border between Nepal and India, one on the border between China and Pakistan, and the last lies inside Pakistan.
Date: 2010.11.18. 22:48:35
Which national team never wins FIFA World Cup?
Netherlands <- marked as correct

So the Netherlands will have no reason to play? As we cannot know anything about the future this question should not have been accepted, and if the obvious error is corrected, it needs a date.
Date: 2010.11.18. 22:28:14
The only description I see is the same as the skill name!!
map finding:

It can be trained for xx soul-energy.
Date: 2010.11.18. 06:08:20
Quote: Markus II - 2010.11.17. 23:51:13
Where and when was organized The First Exhibition of Lithuanian Art?

1939 in Litexpo Palace,
1907 in VileiĊĦis Palace, Vilnius
1923 in Kaunas Art School, Kaunas
1916 in Lithuanian History museum, Klaipeda

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Spelling mistakes in question or answers.

there is the mistake ?

There's a grammatical error in the question.
Where and when was the First Exhibition of Lithuanian Art organized?
And I doubt that is very interesting, what's more interesting and probably what you actually wanted to ask:
Where and when was the First Exhibition of Lithuanian Art held?
Date: 2010.11.18. 06:03:32
Quote: stekkos - 2010.11.16. 06:03:03
To explain a bit better what Dark is saying, your question is asking which letter in NATO is a month. Then in your answers you are using 2 letters not in the word NATO (D and M). Now i know why, you did not mean the actual word NATO but in fact the way military personell use words for each alphabet letter. (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta.... etc). Since most players will not understand that though, they would think you are asking which letter in the actual word NATO is a month, which will lead to a lot of complains

Lol, didn't catch that either, as I's called the "Phonetic alphabet" never heard it referred to as the "NATO alphabet" and it's used by all international shipping and aviation, and also by HAM operators.
Date: 2010.11.17. 22:34:20
I'm a dueller and thus try to get as much SE as I can for the XP I get, my question is:
Which is the best skill for a dueller: "energy harvest" or "disadvanced development"

From what I can see, if I get get 100 "spectral manipulation" and 50 "disadvanced development" that would be better SE/XP then 150 "energy harvest" But at the moment I do not hunt, unless I need to to complete a quest, so I'm also wondering if it's worth changing that at all, from an SE/XP perspective.
Date: 2010.11.16. 18:09:34
How is dry ice made?
By freezing oxygen gas to a soiid form
By compressing carbon dioxide gas to a solid form <- marked as correct
By importing glacial ice from the poles
By drying frozen water

The only thing correct about this answer is that dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. Compressing carbon dioxide to solid form at room temperature require extreme pressure, and the resulting solid will revert back to a gas as soon as the pressure is removed, so this would not be viable method of producing dry ice.
A common method of making dry ice is by rapid decompression of compressed carbon dioxide, this causes the temperature of the carbon dioxide to drop to where it freezes.
Date: 2010.11.16. 16:11:24
What is an angel's mental gender, according to scriptures?
Androgyne <- marked as correct

From what I have been able to find, and from what I know of the Danish translation of the Bible angels are mostly referred to as male, but not always. Some claim that Jesus said angels has no gender, but all really did was infer that they do not get married.
Date: 2010.11.10. 16:37:08
Who is the main antagonist in Terry Pratchetts' "Carpe Jugulum"?
Vampires <- marked as correct
Uhm, shouldn't that be "What are..." and besides I think this is a specialist knowledge question.

What language is commonly spoken in Mexico?
Spanish. <- marked as correct
Well English is also a commonly spoken language in Mexico, which makes this question ambiguous, not an official language though, which is probably what was meant by the question.