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Date: 2010.09.23. 17:12:02
If we at, like the song says,"the dawing of Aquarius", what would that make our present era or cylestrial cycle be in?
I had to reread this question several times to figure out what it meant, I have had questions rejected over minor spelling mistakes, so I wonder how this got passed.

How many wise men gave presents to baby Jesus?
3 *
Nope, the Bible doesn't say, and no other source exists.
Date: 2010.09.22. 21:35:47
Quote: stekkos - 2010.09.15. 16:03:52
The character of "Duncan Idaho" is from what grat SF novel?

Actually he appears in more than one novel! It's a whole series.
Date: 2010.09.22. 21:05:50
Which language is not an isolate language?
Germanic *
Actually only Korean is a true isolate, Greek and Albanian are relaive isolates, meaning they belong to language group but not to any established branch.

People with this haircolor usually have the lowest number of scalp hairs per square inch.
Blond *
Wrong!! Blondes have the highest number of scalp hairs per square inch, redheads the lowest!
Date: 2010.09.20. 16:57:58
The technique of slap bass guitar creation is credited to?

Could someone please translate that to English? I found that "Larry Graham" (marked as the correct answer) and "Louis Johnson" invented the technique of slapping bass guitar strings while playing, what this has to do with guitar creation is beyond me.
Date: 2010.09.19. 19:12:49
What video game, developed by Toru Iwatani, inspired a 1982 Top 40 song by Akron radio jingle composers Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia?
Donkey Kong
Pac-Man *
Space Invaders
Isn't this a bit to specialised to be general knowledge, btw. google failed to provide the answer.

What Movie won the best Movie for 2009?
District 9
The Blind Side
The Hurt Locker *
This was the Oscar for the best picture, might be an idea to say witch award, the MTV award went to Twilight.

Nobuo Uematsu is...
a professional chess player
a famous military general
the president of Japan
a famous composer *
Never heard of him, so can't be that famous. Google revealed him to be a video game composer. The point here is that far to many question deal with less known people, places, things, and label them famous.
Date: 2010.09.19. 10:17:32
How many eyes has a spider?
8 <- Marked as correct
Spiders have as many as 8 eyes, but some spiders have only 6 eyes and several spiders have fewer or even none. So 6 should not be a possible answer, or the question should be rephrased. Besides it's the spider that has eyes, not eyes that have spiders (bad grammar).

In "The Hobbit", what is the name of Bilbo's sword ?
Bone Biter
Sting *
Blue Fang
Though I had no trouble answering this one, (I have read the book more than once,) this question is specialist knowledge, at least until googelability becomes a factor in quiz evaluation.
Date: 2010.09.18. 12:32:01
13. What are the three primary colors?
Lol, someone copied this one from some other on-line quiz

Since 1985 the British Army's standard assault rifle has been the SA80. What was the name of its predecessor?
How is this not a specialist knowledge question?

How many factions are there in World of Warcraft?
2 *
None, all are friends.
Is detailed knowledge about other games not considered specialist knowledge? 1st I had to find out what constituted a faction in WoW, then find some source that would tell me how many there are. In all I don't think this question belongs in the database.
Date: 2010.09.17. 23:50:00
Quote: ImLittleJon - 2010.09.16. 22:02:04
Which of these is not a cultivar of the species Brassica oleracea?


Your quiz question is valued as „Bad question”!
Explanation: According to evaluators only a special group of people might know the answer.

So the "special group" would be people who eat vegetables? Or at least gardeners. Seriously, the fact that kale, broccoli, and cabbage are all the same plant is really pretty general knowledge. I wouldn't expect anyone would know the species name, but I put that in there to make it easier to google for the people who don't grow or eat vegetables.

This is just one more example of why we NEED to factor in the googlability of a question into the evaluation process. If you happen to draw an evaluator who is completely ignorant on the subject that you are asking about, they have no way to evaluate whether the question is general knowledge or not. So perfectly good questions get rejected, and the users get unhappy. And unhappy users are not good for the game.

Just a hint: try using a more common name than "Brassica oleracea" I think that if you had used "cabbage" it might have gone through.
Date: 2010.09.16. 21:03:21
Which movie did not Keira Knightley play in?
The Life of David Gale *
Love actually
King Arthur
This one is grammatically wrong, witch makes it easy to misread it, besides finding one she is not in, among the 41 she did play in, is what I'd call specialist knowledge.

Which of these is a song by AC/DC?
Back in Black
All of the above *
Hells Bells
For those about to rock
"All of the above" is only one song!!! and the two below are also songs by AC/DC, my point is, it's a bad set of answers.

What is the longest book in the Bible?
Psalms <- the correct answer
Acts <- marked as correct
All sources I have found list Psalms as the longest book, based on the fact that there are 150 chapters, 2,461 verses, 43,743 words, in the Psalms. I haven't been able to find the numbers for Acts, but it's not listed among the top 10.
Date: 2010.09.16. 17:11:47
Which is Canada's only officially bilingual province?
New Brunswick
Quebec <- Marked as correct

This is wrong: New Brunswick is the only official bilingual province in Canada and Quebec is officially unilingual (French only).
Date: 2010.09.16. 08:16:56
Complete this expression... Blind as a _________ ?
Bat *
Two of the possible answers makes it a common phrase: Blind as a bat and Blind as a mole are both common phrases, so only one of them should be possible answers.

And I see this one is still in the database, though it is incorrect:
There are 2 types of elephants in the world. Which ones?
African and American
African and European
African and Asian * <- wrong
Asian and European
Three species of elephant are living today: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant (also known as the Indian elephant).
Date: 2010.09.12. 18:40:03
What is the collective noun for owls?
Parliament *

There are at least two versions of this question in the database.

And as to my African comment, it was a joke, and as stekkos said "End of story"
Date: 2010.09.11. 13:09:32
If we expand it a bit further back, some would also claim that we are all are Africans
Date: 2010.09.11. 00:04:58
Quote: tafty - 2010.09.10. 21:58:05
Quote: stekkos - 2010.09.10. 12:14:22
Russians are Europeans. Russia includes other races that are not European but Russians are a slavic race like Bulgarians, Romanians, etc. So they most defineately are part of the European races

europeans refers to them being from europe
russia is in asia not europe
and then i guess if you want to think of it that way then the first people in alaska would be africains
since as best the scienctists can guess we all came from there
either way it is a wrong answer to the question

Russia East of the Ural is in Asia, the rest is in Europe, 74% of the population of Russia live in Europe. Besides as stekkos pointed out Russians as an ethnic group originate in the European part.
Date: 2010.09.10. 20:32:31
How many States and Territories make up Australia?
6 States & 1 Territory
6 States & 2 Territories *
5 States & 1 territory
5 states & 2 Territories
From the sources I have found on the internet there are 6 states and at least 3 territories. In addition to those 3 there are some External territories, that in some sources are counted separately, and in some not.

Which music artist claims the most sales (all time)?
The Beatles *
Celine Dion
Elvis Presley
Though this isn't likely to change any-time soon, it does need a date. Besides the wikipedia lists claimed sales for both The Beetles and Elvis Presley ranging from 600 million to 1billion, the certified sales numbers however are aproximately 242 million and 190 million respectively.
Date: 2010.09.08. 20:02:27
How many pounds equal a ton (usa ) ?
2000 pounds <- short ton*
2240 pounds <- long ton*
1000 pounds
2204.6 pounds <- metric ton

Actually 3 of these are correct, as the word ton covers several units of weight.

What is a pig ?
Animal *

A pig is a food animal in my part of the world.

Which country has the least population?
Indonesia *

This one needs a date as the population growth rate is much higher in Indonesia than in The USA, so the answer might change, will take some years though.
Date: 2010.09.08. 07:27:47
Quote: Phalanxii - 2010.09.07. 22:59:33
Quote: Phalanxii - 2010.08.27. 23:30:22

What is the most accurate definition of the term "Reich"?
German Dominion
German Monarchy
German People
German State <-- right

Ambiguous much? I use for my German translations and I would've said empire before checking it anyway. State is a strange word to use and relates more to governments than empires. To me, dominion is closer to Reich than state, but essentially they mean the same thing. The gray area makes this ambiguous so either change State to Empire and Dominion to Area or something. Preferably, just delete it as there's too little difference between the answers.

I just got the same question again...

Actually the word Reich can translate to either state (as in nation state), dominion, kingdom, or empire, and probably a few other things. The term "Die Reich" as used in German refers to the whole of the Germany, not merely to single "Lender" (states). So I agree this question should be deleted.
Date: 2010.09.07. 05:44:19
What was Dennis Hopper's first movie?
I Died a Thousand Times
Rebel Without a Cause *
Gunfight at the OK Corral
I had no trouble finding a Dennis Hopper filmography, so answering it isn't that hard, but those 4 are his 4 first official films, so unless you are a Dennis Hopper specialist answering this without the help of some list. So I'd say the question is a good one, but the 3 wrong answers are not.

What power do the dementors have over people?
They make them go crazy
They drain them of all happiness *
They cause them to harm one another
They can make them do their bidding
Apart from being imprecise (Dementors also suck the soul out of their victims) this question requires you to have watched the Harry Potter films or read the books, so this is very much specialist knowledge.
This question should be removed or at the minimum rephrased to include the fact that dementors are a creature of the Harry Potter books/films. (I have read the books and seen the films, and have no problem answering the question)
Date: 2010.09.05. 23:29:05
Quote: Phalanxii - 2010.09.05. 17:40:52
T.B.A starns for?
To be announced <-- right
To be arranged
Something else
Trinidad something airlines

Delete. Astonished this got through...

Yes, everyone knows it stands for Tennessee Bar Association... no wait Tennessee Beekeepers Association... no Tertiary Butyl Alcohol...

P.s. sorry couldn't resist
Date: 2010.09.05. 22:27:08
Which of this ships does NOT appear in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?
Queen Anne's Revenge
HMS Dauntless
The Flying Dutchman
The Black Pearl
How is this NOT specialist knowledge?