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Date: 2010.08.16. 06:19:46
Quote: Ronillar - 2010.08.15. 05:29:10
sorry for the vagueness of this, the ridiculousness of it caught me off guard. the question asked something along the lines of, "is there any actual income tax law anywhere in the united states?", and the given correct answer is "no, nowhere in the us, never has been."

i think that the 16th amendment, multiple constitutional provisions, wikipedia, and the fact that al capone was famously convicted on income tax evasion charges, all prove that this question is wrong.

Lol, yes there are income tax laws in the US, googled it just for fun, and found that there is also an urban legend saying there isn't. What this is built on I do not know, but the sites I have found refer to a movie, claiming to be a documentary, called "Freedom to Fascism"
Date: 2010.08.15. 13:10:08
Who is Harry Turtledove?
Rock Star
Novelist *

Novelists are artists, so this one actually have two correct answers.
Date: 2010.08.13. 21:39:37
Continue the row: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,...?
13, 21, 34,...
18, 34, 65,...
11, 14, 17,...
48, 384, 16704,...

There are several versions of this one in the database.

Which famous entertainer was presented an Electronic Frontier Foundation award for invention of frequency hopping?
the word "award" is not in the question, and without it, the question is wrong.
Date: 2010.08.13. 08:16:00
Which Scottish club shares their anthem with Liverpool?
Dundee United
Celtic *

Out of fairness to non Europeans, or people with no interest in football (or soccer for you Americans), the question should mention that it's about football clubs.

Who has not written a Warcraft novel?
Jeff Grubb
Christie Golden
Richard A. Knaak
Gabriel Mesta *

How is this not specialist knowledge? Besides Gabriel Mesta writes Starcraft novels, which are often listed alongside Warcraft novels.

Who had the first man made satellite in space first?

Just one for the funny grammar collection, there is one first to many It wasn't relaunched by anyone as it burned up on re-entry.
Date: 2010.08.12. 23:37:59
Quote: V3nG3nC3X - 2010.08.12. 20:42:48
You're gonna tell me you never heard of Freddy Krueger, I don't know why I am even suprized by your answer, I mean the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies are only 2nd to "Friday the 13th" movies as far as longest running horror/thrasher series in the history of movies. I guess that wouldn't mean anything to you either, Jason and his hockey mask are probably more of an unknown. Atleast I got I got some conformation on the inconsistancy of what makes certain knowledge special or not, I'll keep that in mind next time I have to answer a question like "What is the name of the famous cartoon Bunny?" What country and which cartoon do i need to look up to find the answer for that one? Seems simple enough but but I may not watch cartoons. And where were the grammer police for this one: "Who win the first Canadian gold medal in Vancouver 2010?"? Wel thank da hevens et wuz awl speuld wright.
Thanks for the positive backing props on my question Viridel!! Much appreciated.
Martin, I'll take your excuse with a grain of salt and hope my next question is up to your standards with proper quotation marks and can be readily answered without having to go to far back in the knowledge vault , but hope you will update or upgrade some of its data soon.

Freddy Who? sorry but no I have not heard of him, or if I have, it has been in some context that didn't cause it to register. (same goes for the movies.)

There is nothing in the question to point me to those movies, and I have not seen them, and as you just informed me that they are horror movies, I'm not likely to. And honestly any one of the 9 possible answers makes as much sense to me as the other.

If you had included the information about which film(s) the quote came from in the question, I might not have replied or would have replied differently.

I agree with you that a lot of the questions that did get accepted never should have been, and there should be some easy way of correcting stupid grammar. When reporting a bunch of grammar issues, I was informed that I should only report those that made hard to understand the question, or opened it up to misunderstanding.
Date: 2010.08.11. 22:15:55
Who achieved first crossing from West to East of the African continent?
David Livingstone *
Alexander von Humbolt
Walter Raleigh
Henry Stanley

Spelling mistake: Alexander von Humboldt (there should be a d between l and t)
Date: 2010.08.11. 21:47:52
who was/is the longest reigning monarch in UK?
King Henry VIII
Queen Victoria
King Richard I
Queen Elizabeth II
In five years this question might have the wrong answer.

In 27 BC, who became the first emperor of Rome, at which time the Senate gave him a new name meaning "consecrated"?
Tarquin Superbus
Julius Caesar

His name was "Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus" he was borne "Gaius Octavius Thurinus" but adopted by Gaius Julius Caesar.
Date: 2010.08.11. 19:21:46
I got a question about the story-line of Doomlord, something about what the Diamond horde were the correct answer was assassins, but where do I find that information? I searched all the legend pages open to me 0-18, and the forum, but nowhere did I encounter the word assassin.

The rules page says "Diamond Horde is an assembly of elitist members. They developed the art of soul-energy stealing to perfection, but they often make the error of underestimating their opponents." but that doesn't say much about assassins.
Date: 2010.08.11. 19:10:06
What Is the highest grossing film of all time?
Avatar <- marked as correct
The Dark Knight
Gone with the wind

At least until it is beaten, as happens once a year or so, so this question need a date, or better it should be reworded to "Which of the following films grossed the most." or something similar.

Which US state was once owned by SPAIN?
Florida <- marked as correct

According to the Wikipedia Louisiana was also once Spanish.
Date: 2010.08.11. 18:38:20
Quote: V3nG3nC3X - 2010.08.11. 14:02:53
1..2..Freddy's coming for you. 3..4 better lock your door. 5 6....?

play with pick-up sticks
Rhiana's got a brand new mix
grab your crucifix
you'll get pimped like tricks

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators only a special group of people might know the answer.

1..2..Freddy's comin' for you. 3..4 better lock your door. 5 6......?

your blood on his blades he licks
Freddy's bloody bag of tricks
board your doors with bricks
grab your crucifix

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Spelling mistakes in question or answers.

You guys are killin' me, WTF, I have to answer questions about sports players I never heard of and answer questions about movie quotes That i know have never played in the states but i ask a GD "Nightmare On Elm Street" question and I'm gonna get a knock for asking a special groups question?!?!? This is a poem that's atleast been played in 5 of the 7 movies?! C'mon, and spelling mistakes, i have to push through grammer errors when reading some of these questions and some clown want to bag on me for an apostrophy, where is the consistancy in this?? Please explain

Nightmare on which street? never heard of it, so how on earth am I to guess which movie to run down to blockbuster and rent?
That's as bad as asking about what form the fireworks in LotR takes. You can't expect to get a question approved that you have to watch a movie to answer. And definately not when you don't even mention it. But I agree with you that some of the sports questions are a bit to specialized.
Date: 2010.08.10. 05:32:24
Quote: stekkos - 2010.08.09. 16:21:38
What is the name of the dwarf planet that comes after Haumea?
None of the above

The usual none of the above reason...

Plus can anyone explain this question to me?

Lol, I could derive 5 different meanings to the question:
Which is the next in size taken from smaller to larger?
Which is the next in size taken from larger to smaller?
Which is the next in distance from the sun taken from the sun?
Which is the next furthest from the sun?
Which was the next one discovered?

And I'm sure someone could add a few more. As to what Dwarf planets are, it's a class of celestial objects that fall in-between minor planets (asteroids) and true planets, Pluto was "degraded" to a Dwarf Planet, while Ceres was "promoted" from minor planet to Dwarf planet. But we currently have 5 known Dwarf planets in the solar system, and most likely several more.
Date: 2010.08.09. 21:24:47
Quote: dark22 - 2010.08.09. 17:53:37
What form did fire form after merry and pippin lite it in LOTR. (will edit with exact question when I run into it again).

As this is first time I run into this question I'll assume that it is fairly new. I watched lord of the ring at least 2 times (every movie from series), and I really don't even have slightest idea on what part of the movie this is related to, not to mention what form did the fire form.
Few pages back on one of the quizz forum section stekkos made a good point about asking this kind of questions using ( lol) LOTR type of question to explain. In short if you have to watch the movie again and search for the answer of the movie related question , it is bad question, and then I get this question?
I don't mind googling every other historical on geog question, but I d like a fair shot on answering at least movie question about movie I saw twice without using google.

Well in the book, Merry and Pipin didn't light any fireworks, that was Gandalf, in the film they do however light a lot of it, one of the rockets takes the form of a dragon.

But I do agree that this question should not have been included in the database, as it is specialist knowledge (yes I'm a LotR nerd, I could tell you quite a few other useless facts from the movies and the books)
Date: 2010.08.09. 18:24:57
Which of the following fiction hero is not human?
White Fang <- marked as correct
Wolf Larsen
Count Dracula

Are vampires human? most would say no, so I think Dracula should be replaced by some other character.
Date: 2010.08.09. 18:00:57
Quote: Immortality - 2010.08.09. 17:37:56
Could u help me out. I was said this following has spelling mistakes
What is the name of the dwarf planet that comes after Haumea?

None of the above

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Spelling mistakes in question or answers.

But according to the wikipedia it does not. I have taken the question and answer from there.

"None of the above" is not accepted as a possible answer.
Date: 2010.08.09. 07:01:36
Quote: manunkind - 2010.08.08. 22:45:00
actually, while the K is for Kathleen, Kathleen is not her actual middle name.

Thanks for the correction, I was mislead by her official website.
Date: 2010.08.08. 20:57:45
Quote: manunkind - 2010.08.08. 18:58:20
What is the full name of J. K. Rowling?

Joe Kenneth Rowling
Jeffrey Karl Rowling
Jessica Kathleen Rowling
Joanne Rowling

this question was rejected as being uninteresting, but then two days later, i recieved the same question already in the database ("what does the j. k. in j. k. rowling stand for").

Well her full name is Joanne Kathleen Murray (née Rowling)
Date: 2010.08.08. 20:42:00
Which of these countries is not in Asia?
Egypt *

Well actually Egypt does lie partly in Asia, The Sinai Dessert is not in Africa.

Who is the highest paid sports person for 2010?
David Beckham
Tiger Woods *
Kimi Raikkonen
Kobe Bryant

Uhm 2010 isn't over yet, so this might prove premature, not that I say it will turn out to be wrong.

How many rounds does a team have win to get to the NCAA Basketball championship game?
5 *

From 2011 there is an extra round where 8 teams compete for 4 places, or that's how I understand the description on wikipedia. So next year the answer will be 5-6 rounds.

Where is the line between national sporting events with international interest and purely national events with no interest to players from other countries?
This is a national event for the US, so not many people outside the US is likely to know what it is. Luckily wikipedia has an entry on it. But as far as I know this tournament has no connection to any International sporting event, but it is one of the most prominent sporting events in the US, so to me this is a perfect example of a question that should or should not have been admitted to the database, based on where that lies.
Date: 2010.08.08. 18:11:06
Michael Phelps (USA) is regarded as the most successful Olympian of all time. Who is Britain's most successful Olympian of all time?
Matthew Pinsent
Steve Redgrave
Sebastian Coe
Steve Smith

Britain has two with 6 medals each, one of whom has more gold medals than the other, so finding the right one is not that hard, but after the next Olympics, who says the answer will be the same? So this one needs a year.

Another issue is the definition of the most successful Olympian of all time, in some sports there are few medals available while in other there are several. I don't know the answer to this and have no opinion as to what the definition should be.
Date: 2010.08.08. 17:27:15
Quote: PerrinAybarra - 2010.08.08. 00:21:35
just had this question AGAIN... it should be erased as the question is formulated WRONG. so the answer will often be wrong because of it since you need to GUESS what the correct question is.

A brick weighs 2kg and half a brick, how much do 2 bricks weigh?

again.. what is the phrase "and a half brick" supposed to mean? 1 brick + half a brick? the question should read "2 kg AS a half brick" or "Half a brick weighs 2kg."

This question has come up here a few times, the question is a simple mathematical equation disguised as a riddle. There is indeed nothing wrong with the formulation of the question. Translated into a formula, the question is:
if X = 2kg + X/2 how much is 2X?
Date: 2010.08.04. 00:05:21
Quote: D00ml0rd - 2010.08.03. 01:04:07
whats the GMT in central europe (CET) ?
+1 <----------------

Answer is
+1 standard
+2 summer

No, GMT is GMT wherever you are! GMT is Greenwich Mean Time and is per definition the standard time for the median that passes through the Greenwich observatory south of London.