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Date: 2010.07.14. 20:18:58
Jupiter is named for which of the following greek gods?

Uhm, which Jupiter are we talking about? The planet was named after the Roman god Jupiter, who in turn is the Roman equivalent of Zeus, but he wasn't "named for" any Greek god.

Where was Christopher Columbus born in?
Just a tiny little "in" to much in the question.

What object is not made up of land?
South Pole
North Pole
Neither are objects, two are geographical points and two are countries as well as islands. So basically a badly worded question.
Date: 2010.07.14. 19:26:16
What brightly colored amphibians secrete toxins from glands behind their heads?
Fugu Fish
Frill-necked Lizard
Fire-bellied Toad <- marked as correct, and the only amphibian among them.
Fiddler Crab

Based on the answers this question is really which is an amphibian, as only one of the 4 answers is an amphibian. And the answer to the question is, most brightly coloured frogs and toads do. In fact they don't have to be brightly coloured to do so.

what is the definition of the word crapulous?
something that is untrue
a person who talks nonsense
an old smelly person
a drunken person <- marked as correct

The correct definition is:
1: marked by intemperance especially in eating or drinking
2: sick from excessive indulgence in liquor
Date: 2010.07.13. 19:49:28
Who was condemned for saying that the sun is the center of the universe?
1st it was Copernicus was condemned and sentenced to Death for it.
2nd Galileo was condemned and sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life, for supporting it.
So actually two of the possible answers are correct, though one can be said to be "more" correct than the other.
Date: 2010.07.13. 17:35:45
Which of the following can be fry, alevin, parr or smolts?
Young Horses
Young Sheep
Young Trout
Young Salmon <- marked as correct

Both salmon and many trout species go through the 4 stages fry, alevin, parr or smolts

What country started the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts?
North Pole

Depending on the sources the modern day gift giving tradition at Christmas started in Turkey, Scandinavia (Norway), The Netherlands, Germany, or Italy, and pre dates the Christian Christmas.

At what magnitude, on the Richter scale, is the recent earthquake which took place in Haiti January 12, 2009?

Was there one in 2009 as well? the magnitude 7 one was January 12, 2010

Which of the following is not a computer input device?
Screen <- marked as correct

Ever heard of touch screens?

What does the term primordial sludge refer to?
origin of life <- marked as correct
distillates from oil drilling
chemical residue from pharmaceuticals
naturally occurring pools from the inner earth

Uhm not exactly, it refers to a mixture of organic molecules that one theory says is where life evolved.
Date: 2010.07.13. 05:21:06
What are the only two animals to have gills in the embrianic stage of life?
Frogs and Fish
Humans and Fish <- marked as correct
Fish & Snakes
Fish and Salamanders

1st its embryonic not embrianic.
2nd either human embryos do not have gills, or all mammals do. Actually the theory that postulates that human embryos have "gill like structures" postulates that bird and reptile embryos do as well. No biologist will claim that human embryos have gills.

So this question should never have been approved.
Date: 2010.07.12. 21:15:27
Quote: stekkos - 2010.07.09. 16:35:34
What is the force that causes two particles to pull towards each other?

Particles are affected by magnetic/ionic forces. Not gravity

Most particles have mass (some subatomic particles do not) and mass cause gravity, so the correct answer to this question is Gravity.

There are other forces that can cause particles to pull towards or push away from each other, these include electrical charge and magnetism, they can sometimes surpass gravity, but gravity is the one that in all cases causes two particles to pull towards each other.
Date: 2010.07.12. 20:55:46
Quote: stekkos - 2010.07.11. 06:25:39
Porbably because none of them is a democracy.

Indonesia and Singapore are Republics
Malaysia is constitutional Monarchy
Vietnam is Socialist Republic

Maybe you meant to say which is not a republic?

Sorry to disagree there, but Republics are for the most parts democracies, as are most constitutional monarchies, some socialist republics as well are, but Vietnam is not.
Republics have a president as head of state, how much power the president has varies. Ie. in the USA the president has a lot of power, while the German president is mostly ceremonial.
Monarchies has a monarch (king, queen, emperor, empress, sheik, etc.) as head of state, in most cases the monarch has mostly ceremonial power, while a few has more.

Democracies are ruled by an elected body, the method of election varies.
In some countries one-party or no-party systems have managed to stay democratic, but most such states tend to be democracies in name alone. (Only case I know of where it actually worked, was a short period in recent Nepali history, when the country was a constitutional monarchy, and no parties were allowed, but the congress was elected by the people, and every congressman/woman had to run for office without the benefit of a party. And even this case is debatable, as the king still had a lot of real power.)

So in short 3 of the 4 are democracies, while the last, Vietnam, is not. The Vietnamese government will undoubtedly claim to be democratic, while not many foreign governments or non governmental organisations will agree.
Date: 2010.07.12. 20:01:56
What is a dog musher?
A person who races dogs <- marked as correct
A person who grooms dogs
A person who photographs dogs
A person who cooks dogs

Actually it's a person driving any dog pulled sled on snow (including skies) this includes dog sled racing, but also delivering mail and milk, hunting, trapping, pulling freight and much more.
Date: 2010.07.12. 18:36:52
Quote: vajenka - 2010.07.12. 12:39:11
How is the inventor of coke called?

I think the question is ambiguous. Do you mean Coca Cola or cocaine?

No no, by cell phone .... no wait if it's Coca Cola, John Stith Pemberton died in 1888, so you can't call him any more.

P.s. sorry couldn't resist. On a more serious note, yes the question does need to specify what type of coke.
Date: 2010.07.12. 07:27:10
What is the most usual feline beast of South America?

I think "common" is the word here, or "wide spread", not "usual", and actually, based on what I have found on the web, I believe it's the household cat (wild and domestic).

A device used in space ships
A weapon
An analytical method
A toy

This should either be "What is mass spectrometry?" or "What is a mass spectrometer?" 3 of the answers are "devices" while one is a method.

Who was the founder and emperor of the Mongol Empire?
Shouldn't this be ... and first emperor ...?
Date: 2010.07.11. 22:51:04
Quote: Viridel - 2010.07.11. 21:29:07
Who wrote "The Big Time" ?
Fritz Leiber
Roger Zelazny
Orson Wells
Christopher West

Even Google doesn't know this.

Well wikipedia does: (found it with google, was the 3rd hit listed)
Date: 2010.07.11. 19:34:52
What is the name of Kabir Bedi's character in the James Bond movie?

This has been up before, but there are more than one James Bond movie.

What kind of dragon did Harry Potter defeat in the Triwizard Tournament?
Chinese Fireball
Welsh Green
Hungarian Horntail *
Swedish Short-Snout

Erm, isn't this a bit of a specialist question, even someone who read all the Harry Potter books, had to look that one up!

Who directed all the Indiana Jones Movies?
George Lucas
Harrison Ford
Steven Spielberg
Clive Barker

This needs a date, as some new movie might conceivably be made with a different director.

Heinz claims to have how many "varieties"?

At the minimum this one needs a date. To be honest I never saw that quote on a Heinz bottle..... is that only because I don't eat Heinz ketchup.
Date: 2010.07.07. 23:08:39
Quote: vajenka - 2010.07.07. 12:08:25
Who was Mathias Rex? I search all over the google, but I found only hotels named after him (Mathias Rex Szentendre), some dogs champions (dogs - CHAMPION CLASS ex1, cac, r.cacib DOBER KOPP MATHIAS REX), komisar REX... Is this really "general knowledge" question?

Quote: stekkos - 2010.07.07. 12:53:12
I believe the player meant Matthias Corvinus, but since i do not know the answer he marked as correct i cannot be sure. Did he say it was a king?

Yes he did mean Matthias Corvinus, and Rex simply means King, so the question translated to English is "Who was King Matthias?" and only one of the possible answers is a king, so I guess this questions should have been what does the Latin word Rex mean?
Date: 2010.07.06. 22:08:38
Quote: Viridel - 2010.07.05. 22:26:32
Quote: MartinBV - 2010.07.05. 21:08:56
I didn't know this either, (wikipedia is a nice thing) so I agree that changing the question as suggested is a good idea.

I don't get what the difference is between a factual question about the numerical rules of a game/sport and a question about the relative numerical heights of the "tallest" or "smallest". It's not like a date where an educated guess is a good route... With the rules of a game or sport you either know it or don't know it - so a greater range shouldn't help anything except to dummify the quiz (why have four answers when some of them are obviously wrong).

I didn't know this either, (wikipedia is a nice thing) so I agree that changing the question as suggested is a good idea.

If the answers were 1, 3, 6, 10 - would you not have had to look it up? Or do you want possibilities of 1, 3, 10, 30? If you don't know, you either guess blind or look it up - I just don't see how a range matters in a case like this. Dates, yes. But not stuff like this.

I said I didn't know that there were a darts game named cricket. I only voiced my opinion that changing the question to "How many darts are thrown during a players turn in most dart games?" as you proposed. As for the spacing of the answers I have no opinion, I know the answer to the other two darts games is 3.
Date: 2010.07.06. 16:47:42
Who wrote the Dragonlance series?
Robert Jordan
R. A. Salvatore
Raymond E. Feist
Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman

"The main storyline of the original Dragonlance series has been written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, with multiple books written by several further authors, covering different years in between and sometimes during the main events."
The question should be: "Who created the Dragonlance universe?" or "Who wrote the original Dragonlance series?"

What is the most reproduced tree by man?

Reproduced? When man reproduces a tree, he makes an image or a replication of a tree. Who knows what tree kids reproduce in their drawings and paintings. I simply do not believe there is any statistical material available to answer that question. If we are talking the most commonly cultivated tree, I have been unable to find any statistics to support the claim that pine is the correct answer.

How long is a score?
20 years
50 years
5 years
100 years

A score is 20, so could be 20 seconds, 20 meters, 20 weeks, 20 feet, 20 years, 20 millennia, or any other multiple of 20.

What legendary children's poet wrote ""The Giving Tree"?
Not an error, just a request to people writing questions: words like famous, legendary, great etc. are used way to much, and in many cases they are at best unnecessary, and in some cases they create confusion.
Date: 2010.07.05. 21:08:56
Quote: stekkos - 2010.07.05. 19:24:25
Quote: Viridel - 2010.07.05. 18:47:13
Quote: stekkos - 2010.07.05. 09:07:35
A complete set of darts (for cricket, 501,or 301) are how many?

Please use a bit more space betwwen the answers, most people without cricket knowleadge will have too hard time finding it otherwise

Ignore the Cricket part, you're interpreting it incorrectly. "How many darts are thrown during a players turn in most dart games?" Better version of the same question. Putting more space between answers makes no sense.

Ok let me get this straight: Its not about cricket????

Well it is, but the dart game named cricket, not the ball game,
There are many darts games, one of them is named cricket.

I didn't know this either, (wikipedia is a nice thing) so I agree that changing the question as suggested is a good idea.
Date: 2010.07.05. 20:47:06
Which one is a famous parfume mark?
Dolce & Gabbana <- marked as correct
Omega <- also the name of a perfume

Dolce & Gabbana is much more than perfume it's an Italian luxury fashion house.
Omega is a world famous brand that apart from watches among other things also have a perfume under its brand.

Edit: Btw Miyako is the name of a perfume as well
Date: 2010.07.04. 23:41:25
Quote: vajenka - 2010.07.04. 18:34:44
And the point of all that is that male lions with dark manes have a higher level of testosterone, which makes dark maned lions more dominant and sexually aggressive. (The mane of a lion grows darker as the lion grows older- and and consequently he has a higher level of testosterone)

Read again interpretation from wikipedia, all interpretation shows on higher level of testosterone ...

Which would make two of the answers correct, the one about testosterone and the one about age.
Date: 2010.07.04. 14:21:23
Which drive letter is no longer used in computers?

Very few modern computers use the A:\ drive any more. But the drive lettering is OS/UI specific not computer specific. On some linux based systems no drive letters are used at all.

Which is not made from crude oil?
rubber <- marked as correct

Actually all 4 can be made from crude oil. And 3 (and possibly all 4) of them can be made from other substances as well.

Rubber can be made from plant sap or crude oil, but as the current price of crude oil is rising latex based or natural rubber is gaining a higher share of the market.
Glue was made long before crude oil was known to the glue makers.
Plastic can be made both from crude oil, corn husks, bamboo, and other plants. Try looking up bioplastic.
Petrol: In a few years commercial viable means of producing bio-petrol might be available, bio-diesel is available now.
Date: 2010.07.04. 13:13:28
Which country follows the United States and China in total number of Internet users?
United Kingdom

As the difference between number 3 and 4 on the list is not all that large this one needs a date, it may well change in the near future

# * Country * Population, 2009 Est * Users Latest Data * % Population (Penetration) * Growth 2000-2009
3 * Japan * 127,078,679 * 95,979,000 * 75,5 % * 103.9 %
4 * India * 1,156,897,766 * 81,000,000 * 7.0 % * 1,520.0 %

Who does Napoleon refer to in the novel 'animal farm', written by George Orwell?
Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotski
Karl Marx
Jozef Stalin

Isn't this one a bit on the specialist side, I never read the book, I had to google it, so I don't know if it's apparent to the average reader.

Where are Panama hats made?

Most likely some are made in all of those countries, but they originate in Ecuador, and Ecuador is the main producer.