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Date: 2011.06.06. 18:43:09
I just did a quick search on the web on John Paul Johnes, and found a few interesting "facts" the man asked about in this quiz. He was boren John Paul, and later adopted the name Jones. He started his carea as a sailor in the british merchant navy, but later he joined the Continental Navy of the American Revolution, it was during that time the British called him a pirate. When his command was given to the French as a replacement for a lost French ship he joined the Russian Navy.
Date: 2011.06.05. 15:29:46
Which of the following gadgets must you use to make ice cream?
washing machine
refrigerator <- marked as correct
dish washer
mixer - blender

That will be some runny ice cream unless your refrigerator has a built-in freezer.
Date: 2011.06.05. 12:41:22
Ran into this dublicate again today:

Tomatoes are native to which continent: South America <- I vote to keep this
From which continent were tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) originated? America <- and remove this one
Date: 2011.06.05. 08:07:21
Quote: Miklos - 2011.05.30. 14:05:02
.... If you categorize a question correctly, you receive soul-energy as reward. ... The reward is added every night, under Recommendations. ....

My World 4 char Martin has this under his stats: Quiz categorization: 12, so I assume I must have gotten 12 of the many questions I categorized "right" but all it says under Recommendation is "0 player was registered on the base of your recommendation."
So when will we receive the SE reward?

Edit: I have also had many questions that would fit into multiple categories, or into one main, but non of the subcategories.
Date: 2011.06.01. 20:28:40
Quote: stekkos - 2011.06.01. 17:37:52
nemesis of Agnaesh

Level: 3
You get +20% attack and IQ vs the followers of Agnaesh (but no more than +15 attack and IQ). If you had a previous nemesis and buy a new one, the previous one will get destroyed! At the end of the event, the nemesis will disappear.

So why did i find this text and copied here so many weeks after the event?
I noticed it on Draconus character on W1
They are still available from the soul hukster under relics. no idea if he bought it during or after the event, but it does not really make sence to buy it after the event, does it?
Date: 2011.05.31. 22:56:44
Wee ned an additional submit button.

Just under the category list, there is a button that takes you to the quiz page, which apart from being redundant, is in the logical spot for the submit button.
Date: 2011.05.31. 06:00:24
Just had this one, and yes I know the aswer but still think it belongs in the specialist group category: (at least untill googelability is a factor, which some say it is, while some say it isn't)

Who fetched the One Ring from Sauron?
Isildur <- marked as correct
Bilbo Baggins
Date: 2011.05.29. 08:42:48
There is a bug in the ToP this is what the text says:

If more than one clan own the highest tower at the same time, the one with the shorter ownership period will get the bonuses (and the penalties, too).

Now my W2 clan just got the bonus/penalty though another clan built their ToP after we did. We should have had it tomorow not today!!
Date: 2011.05.28. 10:06:46
Seems the Crystal Clan on W1 has gone on strike, they have not declared war on anyone since the hukster war.
Date: 2011.05.27. 19:56:24
What is the name of the trophy given to the winners of the Super Bowl?
George S. Halas Trophy
Vince Lombardi Trophy
Lamar Hunt Trophy
Heisman Trophy

In National Football League's championship game, the Super Bowl, What award is given to the winning team?
The Stanley Cup
The Vince Lombardi Trophy
The Golden Glove Trophy
The Grey Cup

See any similarity?

And this is just the lates double I have spotted.

A bit frustrating when I get 3-4 already in the database evaluations for each successfull question I submit. And I keep a record of all questions I have recieved while playing, presisely to avoid posting doubles.
Date: 2011.05.27. 07:39:11
Quote: quint - 2011.05.27. 06:36:51
So what's with the quiz olympics on W4 now? No results, no medals...

Was about to ask the same question.

P.s. After completing the Quiz Olympics I got this nice message: "Your result at the last Quiz Olympics: 50 correct answers in 719 seconds."
Date: 2011.05.25. 21:07:39
Quote: FriendlyCheese - 2011.05.25. 15:32:52
What is a skate blade gliding on that generates so much speed?

The friction creates water vapour, which lifts the skate up
A microscopic layer of air
Ice, the thicker, the better
A microscopic layer of water

who says so? what if you are skating in Death Valley? Do skates fail there?

Is there any idefields in Death Valley to skate on? if not, then yes they will fail. But it's not the microscopic layer of water that generates the speed, the layer of water reduces the friction.
Date: 2011.05.25. 19:44:05
Besides what makes it deadly is both a large amount of injected venom per bite and the fact that it will frequently deliver multiple bites. So even if the "correct answer" is corrected there will be two correct answers.
Date: 2011.05.23. 21:38:44
What is a bustard?
A statue of a person from the waist up, usually with no arms
A man of unknown parentage
An Australian bird <- marked as correct
A North American carrion bird

Well the Australian Bustard is an Australian bird, but there 4 species of bustards 3 of which does not live in Australia, and even the Australian Bustard can be found outside of Australia.
Date: 2011.05.23. 21:07:46
Who is the founder of psychohistory?
Hari Seldon *
Vincent Price
George Washington
Carl Marx

No Hari Seldon is a fictional character created by Isaac Asimov, for his fictional disiplin of psychohistory, which is not the same thing as psychohistory. So the "answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question."
Date: 2011.05.23. 20:43:15
Have you tried sending an e-mail on
Date: 2011.05.23. 20:29:09
Or just have someone available that can react if needed.
Date: 2011.05.23. 16:25:33
I just got an official reply, they will not do anything about W2 as only a few were affected, but will rerun the quiz olympics on W4.

That is in my oppinion better than nothing, but not good enough.
Date: 2011.05.23. 05:32:06
They have been awarded for W1 and W2 as well.

So I have 2x Adatbázis hiba! and one medal to show for this one. I don't mind losing but I do mind trying to enter but not being able to for technical reasons!!!

And one of my guild mates got a medal for 0 answers and 900 seconds on world 4.
Date: 2011.05.22. 15:04:01
Adatbázis hiba!

Need I say more?