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Date: 2010.02.24. 18:36:19
I started this new topic because there is no " suggestion topic " in the Suggestion tread , and I hope it will be used by veteran and new players that don"t have the rights to open a topic .

Also I want to be one of the firsts to put here an idea :

1) Maybe we can implement some kind of Reward ( like 1 SE ) for each time one of our quiz are use . This way I think lots of players will want to put some question in game and we will have more new quiz"s to answers .

2) The second idea ( i am on a row ) : like on the forum maybe we can put a evaluation note ( like from 1 to 5 ) for each quiz and when you answer you can also judge them .

This way the most intresting questions can win prizes and medals !

I am a noob in this game but i enjoy the question part of the game very much and I hope this way we can improve this aspect .
Date: 2010.02.23. 22:11:04
This is a topic about our Pets !

I mean who was your first pet ? When did you first found it ? or Who is the best pet around ? or the most cute one ?
If you have 2 two pets Do they argue ?

And from the veteran players maybe they can tell us some stats about their pets like the level and their power ( this is your chance to brag about them ... ).

I will go first : I found a pet kind of fast ( lucky me ..) in about a day after a learn the trapping skill . And my pet is .... an Aggressive imp !!!
I love the little guy altho he only has : Absorption: 1 at level 1 I hope at bigger levels he can have more power ...

How about you ?
Date: 2010.02.23. 21:30:53
Chocolate butter pecan for me
Date: 2010.02.23. 21:27:18
From the forum rules :

" To be able to start a new topic, you need a minimum number of 50 posts, and also an average score of 6 or better."

Altho I think this is a bad idea because it makes hard for new players to post -- they need to spam the forum if they want to make a new tread .

For a first idea I would like a more free to use forum .
Date: 2010.02.23. 12:24:14
This one is similar with the first one because it did remainded me of it :

A bear hunting competition where the Army , Marine and Police compete to find a bear first .

The army started searching the area but only found rabbits a fox ,

The Marine found a duck and nothing else

But in a lonely corner of the forest 5 police officers where beating up a rabbit and telling him : " Now you confess you are a bear ... "
Date: 2010.02.23. 11:08:40
You can find pets in game during hunting "There will be a chance that you do not slaughter your prey while hunting but capture it. " only if you have the trapping skill .

"Each skill level will increase this chance. At level 1 chance is 0,5%, and level 10 it's 5%, at 20 it's 7%, at 30 it's 8%. The maximum level of the skill is 30."

I have a level III in trapping and just found my first bet but i ques I am lucky ...
Date: 2010.02.23. 09:15:09
Can you Miklos post more about the game and about the makers ?

Like how did they think about the game , future game ideas or plans and so on ...

Ps : can you please remove the last post about pets and magic absorption or move them to the right topic .
Date: 2010.02.23. 09:07:18
Thanks Caveat ! Its a great site well made and with a cool look !
Date: 2010.02.23. 08:58:51
Romania !
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