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Date: 2010.02.14. 22:21:43
Quote: Lord Jomes - 2010.02.14. 01:25:21
Irinia, you've lost me. I haven't come across this question yet, but if it asks for the element that most of a human body's mass is comprised of, then the answer is absolutely Oxygen (by a huge margin). The question is technical, but its also easy to look up, and is an interesting fact (at least to me).

Oxygen is a major part of organic chemistry and is found in most of the organic compounds that a human is made of. I don't understand what you were saying about dual meanings, forms of oxygen, and their pertinence to the question. I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't understand. In my opinion, the question seems straightforward and correct.

Somehow, I haven't gotten this one yet either. And the answer also depends on the wording of the question. Oxygen make up the majority by both mass and volume, but Hydrogen makes up the majority by moles.

As for the dual meaning thing, Oxygen can refer to the atoms by themselves, bonded in compounds, or as O2. Oxygen is diatomic, meaning it bonds together in groups of 2 atoms when left by itself. When someone says 'oxygen gas' O2 is always implied. And unless you are talking about compounds specifically, just oxygen often implies O2. When talking about composition of something (like a body), it usually means total. Whether it's O2 gas or in compounds.

Sorry if I sound like I'm trying to make people feel stupid, I'm not. Not this time at least... Basically, I'm saying it doesn't matter about oxygen having multiple forms when it comes to this question. You're right, the question does seem straight forward, unless you've studied chemistry in detail.
Date: 2010.02.14. 22:00:17
Uh, this is regarding a glitch of sorts, and I'm not quite sure where to put it...

Lately I've been encountering something that's rather irritating. I'll be answering the questions for hunting and I'll put in the answer I now is right for sure and it says Wrong Answer: The correct answer is ... and the given answer won't be one of the choices. Like I answered the question "Albumin is a substance found in__________" with the answer eggs (know that's right beyond a doubt.) and it said "Wrong Answer! The Correct answer is: 'Canada'". Which isn't even one of the option...

I'm not sure if it's just skipping questions or what. Any help is appreciated. Or redirect me to an appropriate section.
Date: 2010.01.01. 03:04:10
With what did most people write before the invention of the pen?
A stick
A piece of bone
A special stone
A feather

I'm pretty sure all of these were used at one point in time. In fact, a feather is pretty much the only one that can't really be used without dipping it in some type of ink or dye. Well, depends on the stick I suppose. I suppose it's kind of easy to figure out what the player was looking for...
Date: 2009.12.24. 21:32:51
Which of these animals has white fur?
Polar Bear

The answer it says is right is wrong. Their hairs are clear and tube-like, they aren't white. Oh, and many lions do have white hair, it just isn't the most dominant color on their bodies.
Date: 2009.12.06. 15:59:35
How many years are there inbetween each leap year?

A couple things. 'Inbetween' should be 'in between'. And, with that wording, it would actually be 3, not 4. Either the answer should be changed to 3, or the wording should be changed to something like:
A leap year happens every __ years.
Date: 2009.11.27. 18:41:36
What does each whole unit on the Richter scale represent?
An inch of precipitation
A 30-fold increase in wind velocity of a tornado
A 10-fold increase in damage done by an earthquake
A 30-fold increase in an earthquake's magnitude

It's actually a 10-fold increase or decrease in the ground's shaking amplitude.
Date: 2009.11.21. 01:48:18
What name is the term "Oxidation" more commonly known as?

It says rust, but that's not quite right. The term 'rust' is commonly used to refer to iron oxide. If it said 'rusting', fine, but it doesn't. Rust is a physical thing, oxidation is a process. So, obviously, they aren't the same thing.
Date: 2009.11.11. 17:50:47
What sport does not involve animals?


The answer is obvious, but, technically, diving does involve animals. Humans are animals. Mammals specifically.
Date: 2009.11.08. 21:12:09
How high is the highest peak in Europe?

Now, this depends on what part of the world you consider to be Europe. Part of the Caucasus range is in Europe, which makes Mt. Elbrus, not Mt. Blanc, the highest peak. The Caucasus Mountains are the result of the collision of the Arabian and Eurasian plates. Mt. Elbrus specifically, though, is within the political boundaries of Europe.
So, that should probably be changed.

What happens to a bee after it stings someone?

This one was just mentioned recently, but for a slightly different reason.

Most (at least somewhat) experienced people know that bees die when they sting something. But this doesn't always apply. Certain species of bees do not die after stinging, and even within the same species, not all bees die after stinging. It's primarily just workers that die when they lose their stingers. The queen, for example, can lose her stinger any number of times and will just grow a new one each time.
Date: 2009.10.24. 22:24:13
Which country is below United States?

Uh... I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think there's a country underneath the U.S.

It should say 'south of', not 'below'. Not that big of a deal, but, whatever...
Date: 2009.10.10. 22:53:37
What will you find if you travel to the center of the Earth?
Molten magma
Empty space
A huge magnet
The lost continent of Atlantis

It says molten magma is correct, but that's wrong. Truthfully, the Earth's core is under so much pressure that it's solid. Oh, and it actually does work kind of like a magnet, spinning rapidly enough to create a large electro-magnetic field.
Date: 2009.10.09. 17:58:42
What is the sixth commandment ?
Thou shall not kill
Honor your father and your mother
Do not have any other gods before me
Thou shall not steal

Uh, pretty sure this should qualify as information only a certain group would know.

And even then, different denominations have the commandments in different orders. The accepted answer is correct for certain Protestant groups, but I'm pretty sure #6 is something else in Catholicism. And besides, religion really shouldn't be a viable topic for quiz questions.
Date: 2009.09.11. 23:16:56
What is the square root of (1000 x 1000)?

1,000,000 (or 1.000.000)

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!

According to evaluators the question is an arithmetic problem.

It's NOT ARITHMETIC! It is common sense. If they're saying that some people don't know what square root is, well, if they are old enough to play this game, they should know what it is. And if they are saying it's too simple, you'd be surprised. I've actually ask nearly 60 people (randomly, of course. Various ages, types and gender.), and roughly half of them either get it wrong, or have to think for at least five minutes.

How exactly do you become an evaluator? Because it is starting to seem that they need to make a filter for evaluators in addition to questions.
Date: 2009.09.10. 01:46:35
Nowadays the terminals of the Trans-siberian Railway are in the cities of?

More than one of the answers were correct! And besides, who the bloody hell knows this? Oh, and 'siberian' should be capitalized.
Date: 2009.09.10. 00:47:14
I'm sure this one was right when it was written, but:

Which publisher has the rights for the famous mutant team, the X-Men?
DC Comics
IDW Comics
Marvel Comics
Avatar Comics

It doesn't really need to be changed, but I just thought I'd point out that the correct answer, Marvel Comics, was (somewhat recently) bought by Disney. So, yeah.
Date: 2009.09.09. 23:58:37
In that case, the question should be changed to either:

Which Philippine president is known as the Icon of Democracy?


What is the name of the Philippine president (who is) known as the Icon of Democracy.

The comma really is the main problem.

As for "What is the name of the US president, who was murdered...". Again, unnecessary comma, but also more than one president has been murdered. So, bad example.

I don't mean to sound smug, so I'm sorry if I do.
Date: 2009.09.09. 23:11:34
Which of the following does not belong with the rest?


It was evaluated as a 'bad, incorrect question'. No other reason given.

Are people really too damn stupid to understand this? You learn this stuff in god damned SECOND GRADE! Well, I learned it at the beginning of first, but, whatever. Maybe earlier, actually.
Date: 2009.09.08. 19:50:25

What is the name of the Philippine president, also known as the Icon of Democracy?

According to a Google-found CIA report, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the Philippine president, but the question said that was wrong. I don't if the question is outdated, or if the CIA just got its facts wrong. It wouldn't be the first time the CIA was wrong, lol.


Which is not a data storage device?

It said a file drive is not a storage device (actually, it kinda is), but one of the options is a floppy drive. A floppy 'drive' is not a data storage device. A floppy 'disk' is, the drive is for reading and writing data on a floppy disk, it doesn't store anything.
Date: 2009.09.04. 13:33:38
I'm pretty sure I know where the evaluator was coming from but, well just look.

The question was:

What is Square Enix?

A video game publishing company famous for the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts serieses.

A complex mathematical equation used for determining the next digit in Pi.

A popular television program.

A large gang in Sweden.

Pretty sure they mean to say 'serieses' is spelled wrong (even Firefox doesn't count it as correct), but according to Google, it is a word meaning more than one series. I'll probably just re-submit it after taking out one of the video games and changing it to series. Though, I'd really like both games to be mentioned...
Date: 2009.09.01. 08:26:41
Why is it that when I tried to attack a lv 5 (I'm currently lv 6), it said I could not because they were a 'much lower level than me'? Yet, a few minutes ago, I was attacked by a lv 8 with much higher stats than myself (even though I still won). I'm just curious if there's a cut off or what.
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