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Date: 2012.05.20. 10:40:10
Hi Miklos

i got to the bottom of my DL problems with thanks to Langds for his help

i had a trojan virus called myincreditoolbar

it seemed to be targetting this site worse than any other for some reason, but im pretty sure it was causing all my problems, it was getting worse and worse last week or two,

I logged into here using IE and it even added a new menu option into DL menu, it was same text as dl menu same look as dl menu and when u mouse over it popped up adverts. it was placed just above the my charchter button.

firefox was blocking that somehow and i thinkt hast why its been freezing alot

sorry for allt he probs but if anyone else has similar problems its the trojan virus incredimail or increditoolbar or mystart search
Date: 2012.05.11. 22:45:54
I bought the 250 TP from auction to complete the 900 or so tp needed for TOD quest but it never added the tp to that score so i still need 250 tp and ive paid 75 ducats for nothing?

on a side note my button problem was fixed with clear of cache but i still have connection probs alot ( i dont have conection problmes anywhere else on net) and it seems that when im doing something and cant connect it corrupts the cache file = buttons not working

at moment i want my 75 ducats back f they dont help me with TOD
Date: 2012.05.06. 06:07:07
lol cant hunt

buttons dont work

whats the point
Date: 2012.05.06. 00:15:53
Now i cant even activate pylon the buttons dont fcuking work

\really getting tired of these problems i am now at stage i just cant be bothered with game anymore
Date: 2012.05.05. 11:15:41
its a pain in a$$

i just cant start to do anything hunt duel etc im falling way behind on the evnt which is not fair
Date: 2012.05.04. 23:19:57
my connection probs are back again so alltho it wasnt perfect it was better than it used to be, whatever u guys done last week messed it up again now its worse than original problem

im losing alot of se trying to hunt then losing dl connection coming back finnaly and seeing how badly i cowed out, not getting on to boost charisma and coming back to find the pets low morale, doing quiz get half way thru lose connection and then get a sh1t load of wrong answers

i cant do anything in game that relies on a stable connection pretty much

its really impossible to play like this

fix this problem pls


i have changed my ISP providor so now i have had the same problem on 2 seperate isp companies, so the problem is on dl end not my end
Date: 2012.04.16. 07:00:11
i have 9 blue medals and 3 red medals and it says my total to abil is +11 shouldnt it be +12?
Date: 2012.04.16. 06:57:17
my medal on w3 hasnt counted in my stats

i have 9 blue and 3 red but it says total add to abil is +11
Date: 2012.03.27. 20:20:18
ahh yea that could be the problem english isnt his native lang so he doesnt asnwer quiz cheers
Date: 2012.03.27. 09:11:10
So far your team found a total of 766 map pieces.
So far you found 0 map pieces.
So far you collected 387 event points

got a member of my clan with a map issue problem

how can he have found nothing?

hes done plenty of hunts and duels and has alot of event points.

Server 3
user name Kutbi

pls explain
Date: 2012.03.20. 02:01:44
Quote: D00ml0rd - 2012.03.20. 02:01:17
skyrim rocks

is someone there?

Date: 2012.03.20. 02:01:17
skyrim rocks

Date: 2012.03.19. 22:50:53
Fairs fair

i have to applaud Miklos who has been helping me daily with my dns problem, no complaints anymore it seems to be running like the good old days now and much appreciated getting regular updates re prob from miklos

Date: 2012.03.16. 10:52:30
ahhh ok thanks Sbart
Date: 2012.03.16. 10:49:57
yea whats up with that not even the red warning came up

those that won today should keep there medals and u should run another one at the proper date in 2 days time
Date: 2012.03.14. 22:23:18
the energy santum requires tg and ram at L25 but after they only go up to level 20 when they have been rebuilt so if u finished these 2 buildinmgs the new one is not available

Energy sanctum
You get +1% SE for each level in adventure battles. You get +1 on your dice rolls for each 10 levels in adventures.
Prerequisite: Training Grounds 25, Ramparts 25

Finished Buildings

Ramparts 20.

Training Grounds 20.
Date: 2012.03.05. 03:53:20
still struggling and still crappy admin doing nothing

give me my money back


if u cant fix a problem like this then there is no point me playing anymore

forget about fixing the server just give me every penny ive spent here and ill go away
Date: 2012.02.11. 08:15:46
its not me lol, its my account and / or some DNS issues to where im based in NZ.

i know a player from oz who has had similar probs as me,

ive also asked a clan mate to log into my account when its got t1ts up on me int he middle of quizes or soemthing and he has same login issues and hes based in europe nut not on his account just when hes tried to access mine

it sucks

i have no issues with any other sites i go to its just DL i have probs with
Date: 2012.02.10. 20:44:45
and there we go

trying to log in to acc

The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
Date: 2012.02.10. 20:12:31
the problems started when DL had that major outage a little while ago, since then ive had constant time out problems, page errors dns lookup problems and databse errors.

it happens on all pages randomly, sometimes i cant log in, sometimes i cant answer quiz cos i just get a connecting routine for 10 minutes etc etc

i sent copy of the page could not be loaded to admin and all i got told was its server overload, sorry dns lookup issues and dtabse errors have nothing to do with server load times.