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Date: 2010.07.12. 00:06:25
What is the name of the street where Harry Potter's Uncle and Aunt live?
Privet Drive
Shrub Lane
Frowerbed Row
Hedge Drive

I think it's too special knowledge.
Date: 2010.07.09. 18:40:44
In what year did the British Colonies of Canada set the White House ablaze?

I think that the answers are too close.
Date: 2010.07.02. 11:20:51
Who is the main character in " I am Legend " ?
George Clooney
Will Smith
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise

Well, none of them. They're all real persons, not characters.
It would be better like this: "Who starred the main character in Francis Lawrence's "I Am Legend" (2007)?"
Date: 2010.07.01. 23:14:10
What is the name of Kabir Bedi's character in the James Bond movie?

Isn't it too special knowledge?
Date: 2010.06.25. 07:28:45
Once upon a time there was a question:

What is the southest city in the South america ?

First of all, what does it mean "southest"? Is there a word like this in English? I know what author meant writing it, but he/she should do it better.
Secondly, spelling error - not america but America.
Date: 2010.06.21. 19:11:08
Quote: Viridel - 2010.06.21. 18:34:19

a) Yes, it is Football / Futbal. But with around half the players (apparently) coming from North America, can we agree that Soccer is a more universal term?

Half the players coming from North America? I don't know what you mean.
Date: 2010.06.21. 19:06:59
OMG, a second ago I was asked about these Nazi leaders uniting jewish in camps. Someone wrote before about this question. I see that posting informations about quiz errors is nonsense.
Date: 2010.06.21. 19:04:55
I had so many times an information that my question is already a part of a database. What a surprise - I just got this one:

How long does it takes for light from Sun to reach Earth ?
12.33 min
5.33 min
8.33 min

A little time ago I had to answer almost the same question - something like 'Approximately how long does it take the sun light to rech Earth?' (with different answers). How is it possible that evaluators accepted 2 questions that asked the same thing?
Date: 2010.06.21. 11:23:20
In what year was George Washington born?

Don't you think that the answers are too close?
Date: 2010.06.21. 11:04:33
Quote: stekkos - 2010.06.20. 21:22:54
Well i didnt know that about motoGP, still when i search the answer it gives the winners in all 3 categories. Better use the 500cc to avoid complains.

You're right about using 500cc, then noone should be mistaken for sure.
Date: 2010.06.21. 00:51:21
First of all, not soccer but football - I think USA is the only country where football (not american football) is called soccer.
And secondly, I still don't think it's ambigous because in every sport seniors' category is the one that is most important. That's why we say "world/european/american championship" instead of "senior world/european/american championship". We say U21 World Championship to distinguish it from the "real" World Championship. It's not as important as the first one because not everyone can participate in.
Date: 2010.06.20. 17:00:09
MotoGP is called only the highest category. The others are just called 125cc or 250cc.
Date: 2010.06.20. 16:57:01
Italy have won only 4 titles, Stekkos.

1934, 1938, 1982, 2006.

Brazil? 5 titles.

1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Date: 2010.06.20. 16:54:42
This is my question:

Which country have won the most football world champion titles ever?


Message from evaluators:

Your answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question.

How could they be ambigous or wrong? There is only one correct answer and I'm sure that the most of football fans will know it.
Date: 2010.06.20. 13:00:27
There should be "main character".
Date: 2010.06.20. 12:59:58
That's what I'm talking about. Making remakes, sequels or other stuff is very popular now.

And another error:
I was asked about a min character in J.D.Sallinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" and the correct one was Hayden Caulfield. OMG, it's so f***ing wrong. His name was Holden. I want to ask our evaluators if they check the question (answers) in other categories than spelling or existing in database. You should start checking if they are correct itself. They don't have to be evaluated in a second. You can do it by days or even weeks, but do it well.
Date: 2010.06.20. 11:25:04
Aaaaah, and something about the brick question.
The correct answer is of course 8 kg. Maybe the question is not perfect English but I think that noone should have any problems with figuring out how to count it.
Date: 2010.06.20. 11:05:07
I've just had this one:

The magician's apprentice in the movie "Fantasia" was?
George Clooney
Mickey Mouse
Brad Pitt

Well, eliminating 3 answers, I realized that it was Mickey Mouse.
The thing is that we don't know which "Fantasia" movie the author is writing about. There are at least 2 movies with the same title and they are:
- "Fantasia" (1940) by James Algar, Samuel Armstrong and others - Walt Disney studio animation,
- "Fantasia" (1993) I don't know the director - anime romance.
There is also "Fantasia 2000", another Disney's studio animation.

It should be one of the rules about the movies questions - not only the title, author should add a release year or at least director's name (I always put both in my questions and there is no chance of any mistake)
Date: 2010.06.16. 23:51:53
OMG, what an error.

The question was about a city that was a capital city of ancient Egypt. I didn't even have to check it by google to know that it's Memphis. The thing is that correct answer was Alexandria. It is correct (it was the capital city until 641 AD), but Memphis was the first capital city of the united ancient Egypt. And it was also one of the choices, so the question had two correct answers.
Date: 2010.06.16. 17:06:21
Look at this question:

Normal number of chromosomes laboratory mice have?

It's such a bad English.
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