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Date: 2017.11.23. 13:49:37
No, Oceania is only a geopolitical region, the continent is still called Australia.
Date: 2016.07.05. 22:14:13
To close the "only big clans can enter" argument I can uncover some (but not too much) information about the building.
We plan some prerequisites, but not too high - the total beginner clans really can't compete at once but a working clan like yours Valorian can surely build the minion arena.
Date: 2016.05.20. 13:53:35
Minion arena will be a new clan building. It is needed if you want to make your minions fight against another player's minions.

After building the minion arena, the members of a clan can assign combat minions. At first you can have 3 minions to fight in the arena. The assigned minions must have the "combat" ability (see later). The team can change, but you always have to assign at least 1 fighting minion.

After assigning the combat team, you can launch a "minion duel". In a minion duel you can attack any player who also command fighting minions. You can choose any target irrespective of the level of the character. Minion duel is a contest among the minions, not the Doomlords. Similar to usual combat, minions will cast a spell, then meet in melee attacks. HP and damage will depend on the abilities and items of the minions. If all members of a minion team become unconscious, they lose. If both teams stay in combat for a given number of rounds, the caused damage decides. Minions will be healed to full HP at the end of each battle.

Minion duels will cost duel points, but one minion can participate in no more than 10 duels a day - after that it is too exhausted to fight. The character will get "diranium" as a reward for battles - this can be used to develop the abilities of the minions. The amount of the obtainable diranium depends on the strength of the defeated team (its win/lose rate). You receive some diranium for your efforts even if you lose. Furthermore the fighting minions get combat experience points and their master receives XP and soul-energy depending on his/her energy harness skill. Combat experience will increase the combat level of the minions and they can use more powerful items. These items will be available at the soul-huckster.

We also plan to announce minion championships: the minions will battle against each other similar to the normal championship, but there will be only one category. Participants will get diranium depending on their place, the first three will also receive a medal.

To learn the „minion combat” ability brown mytokronit is needed. You can get brown mytokronits if you have the mytokronit squeezing AA ability and you receive essence when squeezing a pet.

After a while you can increase the number of minions in a team, if you fulfill the necessary conditions.

Minion abilities. At the beginning the abilities of the minions are 20. They can be increased by the help of diranium, as much as the combat ability of the minion. Development costs the same amount of diranium as the actual value of the ability, for example from 20 to 21 costs 20 diraniums. Minions have similar abilities to characters and the abilities have similar role in battle. Minion abilities above 20 increase the abilities of their master! So if you have a minion with 23 on each abilities, you will also get +3 an all of your abilities (it will shown as minion bonus).

Miklos considered the following aspects when designed the minion duel:
- A new action, independent of other events.
- It shouldn't increase the necessary game time (that's why it costs duel point).
- Don't want to give considerable advantage for those of much higher ability total, level etc.
- It should mean long-range development and goal.
- It should give players significant tactical possibilites.
- It shouldn't displace other in-game activities (that's why the maximum of 10 duels a day).
- It should make the characters more power (that's why it gives ability increase).
- It shouldn't give power without XP for spider characters (that's why the Doomlord receives SE/XP).

We can start the development in June and expectedly it will take about 2 months (if other round of duties will not delay it).

We are looking forward to your comments on this development plan.
Date: 2016.04.04. 23:32:52
The price of fetish shard was modified from 120 to 100 colored eggs at the Easter rewards.
If you bought it earlier for the higher price, please inform our customer service (use the Help button).
For easier administration, please write us the date of buying the fetish shard if you can and after checking the data files, we shall reimburse the difference - 20 colored eggs.
Date: 2015.11.23. 11:30:56
According to one of the greatest authorities of the issue, the well-known Egyptian archeologist, Zahi Hawass after making some examinations on the mummy. (He was the only one who could do them, because no other scientist received the necessary permissions - by the way he was Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs at the time.)

Anyway you are right, there are other opinions, however none of those can be found among the answers, so it's not so hard to find out.
Date: 2015.11.23. 08:44:09
Thank you for the help, Janyemm, we try to fix this bug, soon.
Date: 2015.11.23. 08:30:56
Please do not forget to claim the presents before writing to the support for the missing reward. You can find the claim button at the ancient stones page or you can use the link at the events.

And please do not look for items (like missing chests) after you used them up.
Date: 2015.09.21. 08:41:28
We added a new buton to the Minions page: assign feeder.

This works as follows:
You can set one minion active - that one will help in battles and receives experience points for combat.
You can assign another minion as feeder - that one will get the experience points for feeding.
Date: 2015.09.16. 08:35:22
Dear Players!

Unfortunately the GIFT PACKS FOR STONES SPENT feature wasn't reseted since the last such event, so some players can't claim their prize now. We shall fix the problem soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
You can buy extra items only after 10:00 CET.
Date: 2015.03.09. 09:26:11
Thank you for your help Manunkind.
Date: 2015.02.16. 08:25:11
Dear Players,

Due to unforeseen problems the championship was running before the announced date. We shall cancel the illegal results and announce it again soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Date: 2015.02.15. 17:30:51
Dear Players,

We have some problem with the last blood championship. We'll fix the problem soon, however we shall postpone the next championship for a few days, so anyone can enter it.
Date: 2014.12.13. 19:06:08
We are considering the opinions and in the future we do not want to run horde wars and clan championship at the same time.
Date: 2014.09.27. 00:24:08
Thank you, I fixed the errors found here and in the other topic as well.
From now on, you can also buy harvest baskets at the soul-huckster. This way it may be easier to collect the greater rewards. The daily limit is 20 baskets/character.
Date: 2014.01.28. 08:30:30
Thank you, I fixed the above mentioned problems, plus 12 more with the it's-->its mistake.
Date: 2014.01.15. 16:27:25
We usually do not accept questions when someone asks for the result of a not extraordinarily well-known event in one specific year. Yes, you can google it, but I think even those who are interested in this field would not answer the same question for example about year 2006 (without using a search engine). Or we should accept the same question about International/European/Asian etc. car of the year awards.

I think all of these are quite lexical.
Date: 2013.11.15. 19:26:41
Quote: Paladian - 2013.11.14. 15:50:38
The quiz system seems to be stuck for me...

Today I always get the same quiz question (How many square centimeters are in 100 meters?).

There was a bug which caused it, but the programmer already fixed it. Hopefully it works correctly now.
Date: 2013.11.15. 19:23:08
Quote: Johannes Buckbeak - 2013.11.14. 22:45:10
Quote: Retardo - 2013.11.13. 06:01:35
I had question like this:

One of these is a major petroleum company:
b)(some, I don't remember)
d)(some, I don't remember)
Right answer:
c) Motorolla <- dispelled, correct would be Motorola, with only one L

Never mind the spelling - Motorola is/was a mobile phone and telecoms company. Surely that wasn't marked right?

The question was „One of the following companies is not a major petroleum service company, which?”
Well, the correct name would be Motorola, however it is not a petroleum company with double 'l' either.
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