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Date: 2012.08.21. 21:25:44
Most of the above-mentioned problems are corrected.

Quote: Dancer - 2012.08.15. 23:04:59
Did I read that questions along the "what is the second largest?" vein are not allowed?
If so then this one needs addressing......................The Corryvreckan, the third largest whirlpool in the world, is found where?

This question is asking about the whereabouts of a big thing, "the third largest" is only an educational extra in this context.

Quote: Dancer - 2012.08.19. 19:58:34
This one just doesn't read properly.................What, having been done six times before, has not occurred since December 1972 by any member of the human race?"

Could any native speakers help to correct this question properly? (The answers are already corrected.)
Date: 2012.08.13. 20:54:04
I corrected most of the problems.
However a hiker-mauling Teddy-bear could be only the star of a horror movie, so it's an easy tick.
Date: 2012.08.06. 18:27:32
Quote: Dolp13 - 2012.08.03. 13:57:08
Who has the most gold medals- question needs to be changed to Phelps.

It had been already corrected 4 years ago.
However now we also had to correct the „Who has the most olympic medals?” question, because Larissa Latynina’s 48-years-old record is over.

Quote: Dancer - 2012.08.05. 13:29:41
Love this one............
Question.- The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics was held in what country?
I suspect there is a clue in the question

You are right, the question means: „Where is Vancouver?” However it’s more educational this way, because by reading it anyone can learn that the 2010 Winter Olympic Games were held in Vancouver.
Date: 2012.01.03. 12:40:38
On my first workday in 2012 I corrected most of the quiz question problems of the last weeks.

I wish you a Happy and Successful New Year!
Date: 2011.11.11. 10:31:47
The above mentioned questions are corrected.
Date: 2011.10.28. 18:16:10
Unfortunately our friend Stekkos isn't playing anymore, so now I corrected the questions again.
Date: 2011.06.11. 16:16:04
The programmer says the reward problem is solved. The amounts have been stacked until now and this morning everyone should get his or her reward in the recommendation section with the following text:
"You get X soul-energy as a reward for categorizing."
I hope it's really working now.
Date: 2011.06.10. 10:14:34
If you get a reward for categorization you should see it in the recommendation section. The score for quiz categorization can be seen on your character sheet (under correct quiz answers).

We will check if there is a problem with the reward text or sending out the reward.
Date: 2011.06.09. 14:14:12
There are some categories broken up so small that single questions fit multiple tiny categories.

What is the traditional color of a Chinese bride's wedding dress?
A major difference between the societies of the United States and Japan is the presence in the United States of a higher degree of ?

This is part of the game. Sometimes it is not easy to find the category the other players will think of.
However the first one should go to „fashion, clothing” category (thank you for finding it was lost in translation). The other may go to Earth in general – I can't find better choice.

How many people have to categorize each question?
Only 10 of the same choice. This way there are no ties.

Does each world have their own database, or are they all together?
They are all together.

Once enough people have categorized a given question, what happens to the next person who categorizes that question?
When there are enough votes, the question is closed, no more changes. However if someone finds the „good” category until the end of day he or she still get s the reward. If a question is closed, after a day you cannot classify it anymore.

Also, it seems to me that Modern History and 20th and 21st century (both under History) are redundant. If Modern means anything between Middle Ages and 20th century, it should be clarified.
There is a small blue question mark above the categorization tool. You can find some comments and helpful hints there about the eras and some other categories.

Are the categories actually going to be used of anything?

When the categorization is ready, you can play quiz with the questions in the database – according to categories.

Also could maybe use Psychology as a sub-category for some of these questions?
There is no such category, I would use biology/medical science, even if it is not exact.

For a question like this:
Master of Puppets is an album/song title for which band?
Guns N' Roses
Meat Loaf

Do I categorize it as a question about musical artists?

Also, I'm having trouble categorizing questions about nations in specific eg.
Serbia's national drink is
The colour of the german flag is
Could we add a sub-category 'Nations' under the geography/astronomy/geology category?

Sorry, there are no more sub categories. However the first should go into „Food and drinks”, the second (because of no better choice) to „Geography/Europe”.

So when will we receive the SE reward?
There are more than 25 thousand questions in the database, so be patient. If you are lucky, you can get some reward every day, but if unlucky, you must wait quite a lot before getting anything, but then you may get a bigger amount.
Date: 2011.05.10. 10:16:46
Spain came through a civil war just before the world war 2. Although sympathized with the Axis, the country officially never entered into the war and stayed neutral.
However this neutral thing did not keep Franco from sending "volunteers" to fight the Soviets. On the other hand there were several thousand volunteers fighting against the nazis in France, too.
Date: 2011.05.09. 12:33:23
Yes, I'm still reading this topic and I correct mistakes or delete bad questions if I feel it reasonable.
Date: 2010.12.02. 11:02:46
I corrected/deleted most of the questions here.

Ferociter: Unfortunately this is the double click problem again. Korea was the answer for the next question.
Date: 2010.11.16. 09:24:54
Thank you for your help; questions here are mostly corrected or deleted.

Quote: LeWatcher - 2010.11.12. 21:55:54
I just got the question "Who sells sea shells by the seashore?"

2 ambiguous possible answers. Suzie or Sally could be used to answer this (which are two possible choices in the quiz). I have heard it both ways.

The question has Sally listed as correct (I answered Suzie as that's what I always thought it was).

Google search "Susie sells seashells by the seashore" 3,130,000 results

Google search "Sally sells seashells by the seashore" 2,830 results

From these answers I (and most of the players) feel Sally better, however I read it in my daughter’s English book as „She sells seashells by the seashore.” It’s an even better tongue twister like that.
So you are right, there were more than one possible answers.
Date: 2010.11.06. 11:07:26
I don't feel it too special. I'm Hungarian, but I read about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. By the way, that is one of the oldest story of the Arthurian legends.
Date: 2010.11.02. 20:55:42
Aeon Xandana: Corrected.

Which film did not feature German actor Bruno Ganz?
Really? This is a good question?

Not really, especially, because he is Swiss.
Date: 2010.10.27. 17:05:30
The questions are corrected/deleted again.

To the lead pencil: the core is made of graphite not lead, so I corrected the answer.
Date: 2010.10.19. 23:07:53
The film that won the Best Picture Oscar in 1992 was?
Scent of a Woman. <-- right

CORRECTED. BEWARE: if you find it again, the answer will be correct now.

In Siberia a mammoth was found frozen in a glacier with a very interesting thing about it. What?
It had a half eaten fox in it's stomach
It had fresh grass in it's mouth <--
It had a collar on
It's eyes still responded to light

I couldn't find the answer to that for sure, it was a bit of a guess, so it might go down as specialist knowledge?

You are right, it’s a bit special, however I think it’s interesting, guessable and if you try to find the answer (I did) quite educational.

The other questions are also corrected/removed.
Date: 2010.10.14. 18:08:17
Quote: etinixa - 2010.10.13. 20:49:53
Just posting this for kicks, its a real question if only the quiz writer didn't get it backwards: Clark Kent uses the alias of Superman, not the other way around.

What alias does the Superman use?

Bruce Wayne
* Clark Kent
Steve Rogers
Peter Parker

Actually Clark Kent and Superman are two aliases of Kal-El.
Date: 2010.10.11. 11:05:48
Quote: Phalanxii - 2010.10.09. 14:09:46
I think your statistic of 2/3 of all questions have a 50% or lower answer rate may be skewed by the fact that many players don't attempt the questions. You should have another statistic stating how many questions that were attempted have a 50% or lower answer rate. Though I might be wrong and that's what you've done, I can't be sure.

You are wrong. If someone doesn't answer a question it counts as neither good nor bad answer. So it doesn't affect the percentage rate.
Date: 2010.10.08. 11:23:05
I will not go into a debate about these questions.
However I can tell you some of my experiences.

1. Most players never read the forum, so they cannot see the answers here.

2. About 2/3 of the questions get about 50% good answers or less.

3. There are already a number of exceptions in the database we will never remove, even if you do not agree. For example the capital cities.
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