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Date: 2012.08.19. 01:39:33
If I have completed a temple of doom, can I use the temple wand to reset it rather than waiting for the next temple to start?

And, if I do, what happens to the rewards from the reset temple? It seems to indicate that they will be lost, therefore meaning that I should not reset the temple.
Date: 2012.08.08. 02:44:35
I get a display problem for the relics pop up window when hovering the mouse over the item. This is only a problem if the pop up window or part of it falls outside the grid for the relics.

That is, the right column of items seem fine as the pop up window stays within the grid/field for relics but the left 2 columns have a problem because the pop up window is partially being displayed outside the relic field.

Using IE.

The changes seem great overall.
Date: 2012.08.06. 00:49:34
In Temple of Doom "Use 5 mana potions you bough for ancients stones"

Bough should be bought
Date: 2012.07.09. 02:58:05
Do we have a start date for this event?
Date: 2012.07.03. 01:21:07
Sounds logical, thanks.
Date: 2012.07.03. 00:52:35
I went for a hunt to be able to spin the wheel. I captured a pet. According to the wheel I have not hunted or duelled for the day.

Obviously capturing a pet is not counted as a hunt (despite starting a hunt and using an AP), is this intended to be the case?
Date: 2012.06.19. 00:39:29
I think Miklos answerred that with point 2. <snip> Alchemist AA ability also gives chance to get an additional essence <snip>

So the AA ability increases your chances to 15% to find (an) essence(s) but also gives an x% chance that the number of essence(s) found is increased by 1.
Date: 2012.06.10. 09:20:57
Thank you
Date: 2012.06.09. 06:56:58
Use pet equipment 3 times.

I used a gradulatum and it didn't count, is this supposed to be the case and I need to use other equipment?
Date: 2012.05.26. 13:08:45
It is fantastic that miklos has responded but it sounds like the decision is already made.

Is it still worthwhile adding ideas or not?
Date: 2012.05.25. 00:44:08
Two players, both exactly the same build including all skills and ability are level (let's say) 70.

Player 1 stops advancing/playing for a period of time.

Player 2 continues to play as ranked number 1 and then stops advancing at level 90.

Player 1 begins advancing again, hunting exactly the same as player 2 did and developing skills/ability/equipment in exactly the same way until they are also level 90. Obviously player 1 was not ranked high during the advancing of level 70 to level 90.

Both characters are now level 90 and have exactly the same build process. They should both be exactly the same (minus the small random variance) but instead player 2 is a far stronger character. This is NOT RIGHT.

How about this, and I admit I haven't completely thought this through.

Any character x levels behind the rank # 1 (don't know what x is), gets and SE and XP increase based on the percentage difference in level. That is, if a character hunted and would have got 1000SE and 10 XP but is 10% behind the leader then they get 1100SE and 11XP instead. Effectively they are gaining ground on the leader(s) with every XP generating event without the penalty in SE.

Again, I say I don't like the proposed change. For a late starting character my benefit was that I can still develop as others did but will never be able to do so if the change ois implemented.

Didn't spell check, so apologies for any errors.
Date: 2012.05.19. 03:27:29
I agree with cruel.

It completely distorts the SE per XP ratio in favour of the top 50 rather than allowing others to catch up.

If their SE gain was also modified down then this effect will be removed but will bring the player back to a state of play that is less enjoyable. Back to square one.

As they say, it is lonely at the top which provides the 'catch up modifier' for the rest.

This change should be cancelled!!!
Date: 2012.05.17. 02:17:07
As Cruel said, you need to have filled the Soul Well before the quests had started to be eligible.

So yes, all 10 quests need to be completed before you become eligible.
Date: 2012.05.16. 01:00:42
A minor point but one task I have is to "vote 3 times in your clan", voting on the next clan quest does not count.

It probably should be reworded to clarify that only voting on the "my vote" page works.
Date: 2012.05.06. 11:47:35
Could it be someone has voted that didn't meet the criteria for the clan quest set?

That is, they weren't in at the start (not logged in recently, just joined clan etc) but are now active.

Or it could be the same bug as not counting for some quests!!!
Date: 2012.05.05. 01:23:22
My half year tome of wisdom expires 25 Oct.

I think I got the 'Almost half-year Tome of Wisdom'
Date: 2012.05.04. 11:22:38
Quote: Matdav - 2012.05.04. 09:24:01
The transcendal destruction skill is the reward of the 6x6 Temple, you have to be lvl. 51+ to get this reward.

Date: 2012.05.04. 00:50:40
I have completed the temple but can't see the Transcendal destruction skill anywhere. I am told it is at the bottom of the skills page in the adventure skills section, but it is not there.

The chest on the temple page says that I have received the rewards, which I have but not the skill. Although the rewards don't list the skill.

W3 Rzagos Lvl 49 (learning is maxed, don't know if that matters)
Date: 2012.04.24. 14:08:12
Kethios did say 'probably'
Date: 2012.03.09. 10:30:55
What is the spelling error here? I can't see it, but it was rejected for a spelling error.

What is the name of Basil Fawlty's wife?

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