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So it did happen. I noticed I had too few sun crystals ( I had kept some from previous year, when I joined the game ) , but thought it was just my poor memory...
Date: 2015.07.23. 16:57:35
Now that the last Horde Wars has ended : are they going to be any further ways to get Horde Trophies? Basically to know whether to "keep them till I gather enough in the future for a relic/ fetish" , or (in case there won't ever) to cash them for something else like some relic coupons...

Thanks in advance ,
Date: 2015.05.02. 11:50:49
Well, when you balance out the gained benefit from the "expenses", it still pays out a bigger guild... whether you have to get 6m or 12m. If the player was to "fully pay" this ammount purely on his/her SE , we could argue is quite a high step, but considering you get free building bricks for things like hunting or dueling, and as you level towards L50 (and get full brick building exchange) it is not that bad.

For granted, that if you were to get the bonuses from certain buildings it would be best for players, but again, wouldn't that be too overpowered? I mean... seriously getting +135 attack, def and 15 IQ when you have "donated" (free bricks) just a portion of the soul-well? As it is now, it's hard to get any new players, and if the top guilds are going to get this, we could just mostly delete 90% of the current guilds for they will never get any new blood while any top ones still got slots free (which may never happen)...

And yes, I know than from the newbie point of view may seem harsh, especially since at that point they are clueless of the huge value of all those buildings that bigger guilds have already built... If there was no energy brick given while "outside of the guild wall", then I could fully agree that getting many million SE could leave new blood for joining any old guild, for they would either neglect their skills/abilities (except luck) or delay the full membership for ages...

The game is already an endurance race, not a spring type, so if they can not wait a few more months to get full membership, they will probably drop the game sooner or later whem they see "things slowling down a bit"...

At some point, this soul well thing could be too high, (as it is probably for the top 1-2), so maybe capping the soul well entrance fee could be arranged, to some fixed ammount, 10M or 15M (or whatever), which is an easier to implement solution that chopping down which buildings the new blood has acess to and which does not.

Yet again , this would benefit the top guilds, leaving less competition or balance all together...
Date: 2015.04.22. 12:39:19
Hi everyone,

The less diferent paths that are available the more "clones" everyone would become. You might just think it's all good, but personally I find it zzz ...

Adding something that allows you to use all your minions, or more than 1 for the matter, makes all the choice for minions pointless, and becomes one more step into "clone-wars".

Imho, some relics already "eat up" the diferent bonuses from some hordes, and any sense they might have had... making everyone have all the bonuses does not make the game any better, just every character alike....

just my 2 cents,
Date: 2015.01.08. 18:07:37
So, as far as i have read , all abilities got the specialization bonus, including the ultraspec bonuses, and bonuses from relics to further cut the cost. Constitution even has the AA (if owned) healthy lifestyle for further up to -10%. How about mage tower bonus from clan buildings? (the AA equivalent to magic instead of constitution)
Date: 2014.12.26. 19:56:29
But I take there is either some random factor or it's just the missing equipment for them? If they were more or less full clones of myself, the win-lose ratio vs them would be around 50%...
Date: 2014.12.26. 14:08:59
Do pve generated foes (for events like map or clan wars) clone your skills?
When I reached toughness 30, all combats from there on, got "same number of rounds" for both me and the "generated enemy", therefore I take they also had toughness 30-59. I thought it was coincidence, maybe something Level wise triggered.

But now that I have trained my pet with 1 enrage, I can see all of my pve enemies' pets also have it (since it can not be absorved, it's easy to tell it's level).

Is that so for all skills? If so, looks like I'll gimp myself for some pvp but be a mistress for pve (by skipping some skills)
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