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Date: 2021.10.15. 17:04:02
yes but with the same logic a lvl 300 dragging a lvl200 because he attack him with subplasma will get a huge amount either higher lvl when attacking much lower lvls must get a penalty on duel point or rducing they stats for that duel,for example a lvl 200 when attacking a lvl 100 to get a penalty of 100 on all of his stats for that duel or let the subplasma work for alll
Date: 2021.09.17. 15:04:42
so higher lvls can attack much lower lvls and drag them to the torture chamber unless they have the scarab but lower lvls when attack and win higher lvls they cannot drag them to the torture chambers even if they dont have the scarab.So how this is fair?A lvl 200 to attack a lvl40 and drag him and a lvl61 to attack a lvl74 and cannot drag him to the torure chamber?
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