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Dátum: 2023.07.05. 15:08:35
what exactly is that fix?i want to know ifitis worth leaving the catacomves or stay in until the next event
Dátum: 2023.06.25. 14:20:05
i agree also that it will be more fair for all when you attacks with subplasma not to be able to drag the opponent to the torture chamber.this why high lvls can do their task as they say,although i still dont understand how is it possible not to be able to find opponents within a range of 50 or 100 below them,and the low lvl player can actually play without paying the high levels so that they keep hitting them.but from what i read too many suggestions have been made about the subplasma but nothing happened.so basically when someone hide on the catacombes in order to gather enough AS so it can start playing again it is not so sure that he will come back to the game so even more players leave the game or stay inactive in the catacombes
Dátum: 2023.05.19. 16:15:56
maukind as you can see the panlty dont work.even the one that exist dont do nothing.the clan advantages are too high to be eliminated or reduced enough for a championship to be fair.see the basic abilities bonus 150 attack and def,15 iq those are a huge problem on their own.i will not mention the minion bonuses from the magic hut and the underworld pit.for me those can stay.but the attack and def and iq bonuses should be exluded from the championship so even new players from new ckans can actually have a chance to win a championship.and also the free abilities is wrong.basically ou reward the parked players from high clan with free abilities and punish the new players from smaller or new clans.for me the best solution fro a fair championship and eliminate or reduce at least the spiders is either the reward to be an medium amount of SE and the abilities from clan bonuses,attack def and iq, to be excluded or what thor suggested after winning an amount of chamionship on the same catecory not to be able to participate unless you advance to the next category
Dátum: 2023.05.05. 14:36:48
the problem is the torture chamber and not the the subplasma .it is the only game that the high lvl players are rewarded for hitting much lower lvls or new players.there should be a limit on the players lvl that you can drag on the torture chamber.let say you can drag players until 30 lvl below your lvl on the torture chamber.this way the support fom your clan would have a meaning cause as it is now with a lvl200 plus hitting a lvl20 or lower the lvl20 cannot do anything.best solution would be the torture chamber to be removes but this will never happen second best solution to put a limit on the players lv you can drag into the chamber.until this or something like this happens you will keep having the lvl200 hitting the lvl20 and drive them away from the game.
Dátum: 2023.01.09. 21:01:22
ok i got it.so how many bad lucks points i need to have all my spins giving me red rewards?cause from what i saw this happened on the same day on 2 players so this can actually happens.i mean all your spines to give you red rewards
Dátum: 2023.01.06. 16:02:30
this is not a complaint but rather a question but i couldnt find the correct topic.how can someone win on every turn the red colored rewards?i mean you need to increase your luck extreme high?is any other stat that effect that?is there a relic or some settings that allow you to do that?i am only asking cause today i see 2 players one making 5 spins and always get the red color reward and the other making 4 and again always get the red color reward.
Dátum: 2021.09.21. 16:54:53
thank you
Dátum: 2021.09.20. 21:35:24
what do i have to do to collect treasure points?
Dátum: 2021.08.30. 09:43:40
ok but still it is a little unfair the low levels to have to pay a huge amount of SE to join a clan while high lvls players,which earn a huge amount and can fill the soulwell easily,to be able to switch clans anytime without have to pay anything.I think it should the same for all.it sounds more fair at least to me
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