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Dátum: 2023.07.12. 20:18:20
i have to say that i agree with earth.although i will wait for a few days to see if the developers understood the mistake and try to fix it.otherwise i will also delete my account and propose the same thing to the rest of my clan.the game is simply keep rewarding high lvl bullies and punish the low lvls.i honestly had enough.if anyone want to chat or join me on another game you can find me at torn.or if you have a better game to propose wish at least it is more fair to all the lvls and not only to the high lvl bullies
Dátum: 2023.05.23. 18:28:27
actually manukind it is not frustrating for players that trying to advance it is unfair for players that actual play the game and might be in smaller clans to lost championships and free abilities from parked players from big clans.this must be the only game that actually rewards the players that dont play the game and punish the ones that actually play the game
Dátum: 2023.05.07. 19:16:11
i have to agree with joker increasing the normal attack range will one give more benefit to the low lvls from the high clans to hit higher players from new clans and win because of the huge bonuses of the clan and drag them in the torture chamber.besides why you need someone to put you a limit on the subplasma when you can use the subplasma to hit only the range you mention?it is your choice to abuse the subplasma to hit lvl20.the increased cost is the best solution cause this will actually cost when you hit a player that is 100 lvl lower than you or more.if a lvl200 attack a lvl20 and the attack cost him subplasma and 18 duel points it will be foolish to attack since with 18 duels points can actually hit 18 players close to his lvl or the crystal clan or the clanchampionship and get more SE.i still believe that the increased cost on duel points or even a combination of increased cost of duel point and increased subplasma need will definately if not eliminate the attacks of lvl200 to lvl20 or at least dramatically reduced it.
Dátum: 2023.05.06. 20:20:37
what you suggest has no point manukind.you will not nerf the abuse of the subplasma attacks by double what would normally be your attack range unless if by doing this take out of the game the subplasma completly.if you suggesting to delete completly the subplasma i agree with you.if not nothing will change except that you will be hitting more lower lvls without subplasma.what will stop you to keep hitting lvl20 with your suggestion?
Dátum: 2023.05.05. 19:49:55
first of all lets get something straight zeus and the other guys are not my clansmates i think you are confused on that.as for the pvp there is a difference between pvp and pking.lineage,tanoth,battleknight,gladiator and many other are also pvp but what you do is only happening in this game and this because the very high lvls are rewarded with the torture chamber when hitting very low lvls.FYI PKING stands for player killing and it is completly different from PVP.my definition of all the time is not different than yours hitting someone 3 days in a row is the same hitting him 4 times with a day difference.especially when you do that on every event when actually low lvl and new players trying to win the rewards of the event.as for you saying that multiplying the subplasma cost would not be an effective deterrent only shows that you are determined to hit much lower lvls not for a task or any other reason but just because you like it.although you are right.the other solution is multiplying the cost of the attack point will be more effective.unless you are telling me that you would spend 80 attack points just to hit a lvl that is 100 lvls below you.As for others hitting me i had my fights with other players some around my lvl some higher than me that attack with subplasma but not with 200lvs difference.this was done to me only by you and one other player from your clan.but the thing is that as u see everyone that complainig are mostly for you ,so basically that for me makes it a tactic that you and some of your clansmate follow.but i couldnt care less i am only log in to help my clan with manaconstruction building since i brought most of them on the game although i regret it since the game is completly unbalanced and you have the pking to be rewarded instead of reducing.i only come to the forum to see if any changes might come to make me back on the game or i might join in one event if i find it interested but for me as things are now this is an unbalanced game with abusing high lvl players.this is why the game keep getting downvoted on the the gamers forum.and this is sad cause it has some very good elements and events.
Dátum: 2023.05.05. 11:12:08
i think you misunderstood what i wrote manukind.i didnt say to remove or prevent subplasma but to reduce the abuse of its use.as for loose or not SE lets clear something.i might not loose se as you say but i am actually paying you thorough the torture chamber.isnt this the reason you attack low lvl players?they have no chance to fight back or defend theyselfs even with the support of their clan so you attack sit back and let them play and pay you.but if you think that you a lvl 257 is ok t hit lvl20 or below then i cannot do nothing about it.i am not here to teach you about ethics or how to respect the others.but dont wonder why you have trouble finding players for your task or anything else since playing like this nly lead players leaving the game.do you realize how many players are actually active on the server?and how many new players are actually stay on the game when they see that players that are 200lvl above them hitting them all the time?
Dátum: 2023.05.04. 20:22:20
manukind you are wrong.first of all you are been forced to go premium when someone that is 200 lvl above you hitting you all the time.secondly when this happens you dont spend money on the game.you actually have 2 solutions if you dont want to pay,and trust when you start a game and you see that some players that are 200lv above hitting you and there is no protection from the game for the new players you will not spend money.so basically you have 2 solutions.first you can quit the game something that many new players do since even when i was playing i didnt see so many active players and always the same names on the championshiop and on the medals.so maybe are 50 players more or less active now.and trust more new players that are coming or get invited to the game are leaving.the second way is what jacksparrow proposed and actually most of my clansmate do it for now.simply you go to the catacomves and wait until you gather enough AS from the shards of loyalty so that you can play for one month as premium.but this takes a lot of time and nore like less than the half that do that will stop bothering and try another game.personally i prefer torn much better at least the thing that is happening here it doesnt happen there.so there is no win for the moderators from the premium and only none or few new players are coming but even the new ones that coming most of them are leaving.cause let face the truth when you start a game and you getting attacked all the time from someone that is 200 lvl above you will not stay.thank god there are plenty other games that you might play.regeding the riots you said.before i go to the catacomves someone has posted the idea of after a range of lvl to need more subplasma fro hitting much lower lvl.so basically if a lvl200 wanted to hit a lvl15 that iw as at the moment would need 9 or more subplasma.so for me this was a good idea since i dont think that someone would spend so much sbplasma to gain lets say 1000 SE.but i also remember you were the only one that objected to that,correct me if i am wrong cause i dont want to scroll back to try to find that.so basically the subplasma would stay in the game,high lvl players hitting all the time much lower players would stop and everyone would be happy.and i also agree with the others that say that the excuse of a task or an event task does not excuse the attack to someone that is 200 lvl below no matter.personally i would never do it and i dont do it on any game i play unless there is a war.but this is how i play i cannot force anyone to respect the other players
Dátum: 2022.06.07. 09:30:50
i think any new championship will be only for the big clan players.new players have no chance to win any championship with all the clan bonuses you have and by the time new clans fully upgrade the ramprats and training gournds to even the odds and actually have an equal fight you already missed so many free abilities that again you wil loose.you see a lvl 30 already to have like 30 championships from both categories tha means 60 free abilities.this together with the clan abilities it is impossible to match so the championships are made only for the big clans and not for the new players.if the price for the championship was SE things might be better.the progressive damage is a good idea for all the championships allthough it will not change much for the new players from smaller clans but at least you will not have the same winners.the free abilities price for the winner of championship is a mistake
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