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Date: 2011.05.03. 08:01:31
Which one isn't a zodiac sign?
Tiger <- marked as correct

The Tiger is on the Chinese zodiac!

The largest mountain in North America is?
Mt. McKinley <- marked as correct
Mt. Baker
Mt Bachelor
Mt. Stevens

That might be, but who knows, never ever seen a list of largest mountains, so I have not been able to verify it, and how do you determine largest? What is listed is that it's the highest mountain, but that one is already in the database.
Date: 2011.04.29. 23:46:24
What are meteor showers?
Dust and debris from comets <- correct
Shooting stars <- another name for the visible path of a meteor
Hail Storms
Falling stars

"Shooting star is a common name for the visible path of a meteoroid as it enters the atmosphere to become a meteor."

This makes the question ambiguous, as by that definition a meteor shower is a lot of shooting stars.
Date: 2011.04.29. 20:09:48
Country that had the longest serving dictator?
Libya <- marked as correct

Let's see,
Muammar Gaddafi has been the ruler of Libya from 1 Sep 1969 till today, that's 41 years, 238 days.
Fidel Castro was the ruler of cuba from 16 Feb 1959 to 24 Feb 2008, that's 49 years, 8 days

Muammar Gaddafi is at present the 4th longest serving dictator.

Besides the question should have been "Which country had the longest serving dictator?"
Date: 2011.04.29. 18:26:19
One suggestion to improve the event is to adjust the number of crystal clan oponents so that each player has roughly the same number of oponents, on my W2 char I have not run out of player or crystal oponents while my W1 has a total of 22 valid oponents including crystal NPCs. Since I have the time to hit 20 oponents twice a day almost every day, and some days allso the last two once or twice, I will most likely be able to use up my stored DP, but only because I can win 10 duels in a row, and because I do not have shape reality.
Date: 2011.04.28. 23:24:29
What number did J.R.R. Tolkien NOT use in his Middle Earth stories?
5 * erm I do believe he did, at some point there were five in the party?

It is not difficult to find the numbers 1, 3, and 9, in the LOTR, but finding proof that the number 5 is not used?? well, I think it is. When Frodo set out from the Shire he was accompanied by Merry, Pippin and Sam, at Bree they are accompanied by Aragorn (Strider) so now the party consists of ... uhm ... yes 5!! ok ther's the pony also, but occasionally Aragorn leaves the party, so however you count it, five does figure in the books.
Date: 2011.04.26. 22:42:50
Anyone else have run out of targets? My W1 char ran out after 28 duels, after resting he got 5 more before running out again, and those include crystal clan. My W2 char has plenty.
Looking at the number of victories for those two worlds explains the difference, and as Cruel predicted it's a balance issue.

On W2 there are two teams that is way ahead of the other two, on W1 it's one team that's in the lead. My guess is that on W1 at least 2/3 is on Agnaesh's team, while on W2 at least 3/4 are on the two leading teams: Marietta and Agnaesh.
Date: 2011.04.26. 15:18:19
I have a char on W1 with Disadvanced Development, and one on W2 with Energy Harness.
On my W2 char I don't mind getting XP which is why I chose EH. On my W1 char I don't want XP but accept them as part of the penalty for robbing SE from other players.
Now during this event, I still get the benefit from having EH on my W2 Char, but not the benefit from having DD on my W1 char. Reading this forum thread, I realise this is a design decision. I think this is an error, and should be changed in future events. They have both used the same amount of SE to get the skill to 50, so why does one get a benefit, while the other doesn't?

I just did some quick math,
For this event my W2 char gets on average ~1015 SE and 14.5 XP/hunt, and 853 SE and 13 XP from attacking someone his own level, that is 1868 SE and 27.5 XP or an average of ~68 SE/XP.
Wheras my W1 char gets: ~1006 SE and 32 XP/hunt and 2281 SE and 13 XP from attacking someone his own level, that is 3287 SE and 45 XP or an average of ~73 SE/XP.
That is a 7% bonus as seen from the perspective of my W1 char.
Date: 2011.04.25. 20:50:57
Who is the founder of Microsoft?
Paul Allen <- he was there as well
Sergey Brin
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates <- marked as correct

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, so this question still has two possible correct answers.
Date: 2011.04.21. 21:07:47
Quote: Wtfakkeltje - 2011.04.21. 18:41:30
There is a house that faces South out of EVERY window. A bear walks by...What color is the bear?

I understand that there is a house. But how am I supposed to know what colour your bear is? Now that I ask this, I think you mean the house is build exactly on the north pole, but there is another possibility that matches your description of the house. Imagine a house that only has windows on the side that faces south. The other sides have no windows. This house matches the description, too and could be placed anywhere on earth. I hope I've made myself clear on this one. It's a good question, but it requires a bit more information on the "EVERY window" or how the house has been built.

Just remove that one, it's a double anywhey, the better version of it which is also in the database is:
A man built a rectangular house with all four sides facing south. A bear walked past the house. What color is the bear?
White *
Date: 2011.04.21. 17:47:20
What is the color of royalty?
Purple <- marked as correct

This question is highly cultural: In many European countries it's Purple, in Denmark it's Blue, and unless my memory fails me in some Asian countries it's Yellow.

Edit: just checked, yes in imperial China only the imperial family was allowed to yellow in buildings and garments.
Date: 2011.04.18. 09:32:25
So the resistance is a percentage? Argh! I so love those full and covering explanations.

Thought "your resistance increases by this skill multiplied by 0,3." meant that a skill of 4 would reduce whatever it affected by 1.2, so it would be 10-1.2=8.8 rounded to 9.

I guess if it's a percentage it makes the resistance skill pretty useless, those effects are low anyway, so 1-2% is not going to make any difference.
Date: 2011.04.18. 00:04:43
Quote: quint - 2010.12.24. 10:22:14

Quote: Phalanxii - 2010.12.24. 03:58:56
Also, what is resistance? Just general damage resistance, resistance to spell effects/stun/critical hits etc?

LydonB is right, this is the resistance to the secondary effects of spells, and not to the damage itself.

If the AA skill is anything like the pet skill resistance it does not seem to affect the spell effects: I just increased my pet's resistance skill to 4, and got a -10 Strength hit by a "will-o'-the-wisp" spell, so no reduction there.
Date: 2011.04.17. 14:55:52
How do you name the actor in the movie "Mad Max"?
Mel Gibson <- marked as correct.
Sylvester Stallone
Antonio Banderas
Tommy Lee Jones

Er, uhm, I don't. I guess his parents did.
Date: 2011.04.15. 19:30:56
What name is the term "Oxidation" more commonly known as?
Rusting <- marked as correct

Yes rusting is oxidation, but so is coffee turning bitter, butter turning rancid, coal or most other fuels burning, and a host of chemical reaction, so rusting is oxidation, but oxidation is not necessarily rusting.
Date: 2011.04.15. 17:25:42
Which of the following elements is heaviest?

Now this is really a good question, and it depends on how you define heaviest.

I it one atom/molecule we are measuring, or is it one unit of a given volume? normally the latter would be the case.

cadmium - Density (near r.t.) 8.65 g/cm^3 Standard atomic weight 112.411g/mol
lead - Density (near r.t.) 11.34 g/cm^3 Standard atomic weight 207.2g/mol
mercury - Density (near r.t.) (liquid) 13.534 g/cm^3 Standard atomic weight 200.59g/mol
tungsten - Density (near r.t.) 19.25 g/cm^3 Standard atomic weight 183.84g/mol

So lead has the highest atomic weight, while tungsten is the heaviest for a given vlume.
Date: 2011.04.14. 00:27:20
21.2% (7) of the world's 33 tallest buildings are in United Arab Emirates. How many percent are there in China (including Taiwan and Hongkong)?
63.6% (21 buildings)
18.2% (6 buildings)
33.3% (11 buildings)
54.5% (18 buildings) <- marked as correct, but I can only find 16


What is the download speed of 4-G internet?
3-6 mb per second <- marked as correct
5-20 gb per second
1-2.5 tb per second
2-9 kb per second

In 2008, the ITU-R organization specified the IMT-Advanced (International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced) requirements for 4G standards, setting peak speed requirements for 4G service at 100 Mbit/s for high mobility communication (such as from trains and cars) and 1 Gbit/s for low mobility communication (such as pedestrians and stationary users).

The fact that not many, if any, providers offer speeds that lives up to the 4G specifications is irelevant, the standard is still more than 3-6 mb/s.

Besides as network speeds are normally listed in Kbit/s, Mbit/s, or Gbit/s I think the notation used in the answers is ambiguous.
Date: 2011.04.13. 09:11:42
What country was the great inventor Nikola Tesla from?
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Croatia <- at the time it was Austria

What nationality is great inventor Nikola Tesla?
Serb <- marked as correct, but he was born in what's now Croatia, and a citizen of Austria.

From the wiki-page about him: Born an ethnic Serb in the village of Smiljan (now part of Gospić), in the Croatian Military Frontier[1] of the Austrian Empire (modern-day Croatia), Tesla was a subject of the Austrian Empire by birth and later became an American citizen.

So his nationality was Austrian or American, not Croat or Serb. Ethnicity Serb, but that's not the same.

Edit: Corrected a few typos.
Date: 2011.04.13. 07:37:11
Quote: manunkind - 2011.04.12. 22:49:13
"When you start a game, you...?"

um, any game in particular?

What do you mean? is there more than one gama?????

I reported this one twice already, but some questions seems to be untouchable, no matter how many times they are reported as errors.
Date: 2011.04.09. 17:16:45
What is the traditional gift to give after 1 year of marriage?
paper *

Are you sure? Around here it's flowers. Guess you need to specify the country/culture.
Date: 2011.04.08. 19:33:08
How many Houses are there in parliament excluding the monarch?
2 *

That does depend on which country we are talking about, for Britain it is 2, for Denmark it's 1.