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Date: 2011.07.12. 16:36:46
What danger is present when a cell phone is in direct contact with your ears?
According to warnings on cell phone manuels radiation lvls decrease when held 2-4cm from ear
Radiation can pass through your brain disrupting MDNA (messenger DNA) production
All answers are correct <- marked as correct
there is no data collected by cell phone companies suggesting there is a danger, only a possibility

Although each of the three possible answers are "true" statements regarding cell phones, only one of them is a an answer to the question.
Date: 2011.07.12. 12:54:38
The Ghurkas are the original inhabitants of?
Nepal <- marked as correct

Yes the present day Gurkhas are from Nepal, but this question implies that all other Nepalese are not part of the original inhabitants of Nepal. The Gurkhas are from the tribes Gurung and Magar from the Nepalese region Gorkha they are relative latecommers to the what is now Nepal. According to legend they came from Rajasthan in india.

btw. the it's spelt Gurkha not Ghurka.

To make this into a correct quiestion change it to: Where does the Gurkhas come from?
Main problem with W4 is answering 3x as many quiz questions a day than on a normal world... next time make it quiz free, and I will consider joining again.
Date: 2011.07.11. 18:34:11
I have poseted this one before, but it's still not correct

What is NOT a definition of PHOENIX?
a university
a city in Arizona
a bird on fire
a satellite <- marked as correct

There is a Japanese and a Russian satellite named phoenix, spelt in Japanese and Russian but still, this makes this a prime example of a bad odd one out question.

Besides the mythological bird phoenix is not always on fire, it's how it's rejuvenated.
Date: 2011.07.10. 22:45:41
What was the original C++ implementation?

Change "implementation" to "compiler" and it's correct.
Date: 2011.07.09. 13:44:43
What would you not use if you were to bake a cake?
A hamster <- marked as correct

Wait a sec, what about my world-famous hamster-chocolate cake??
Date: 2011.07.09. 13:01:39
What was the original C++ implementation?
Zortech C++
Cfront <- marked as correct

This is incorrect, Cfront was the original compiler for C++, in fact it was the compiler used to develop C++.

Who invented the magnifying glass?
Donat Banki
Ralph H. Baer
Roger Bacon <- marked as correct
Marvin Camras

Roger Beacon described the properties of magnifying glass, in 13th century England. But the magnifying glass was known as far back as 5th century BC Egypth , where they used a crystal, the Romans of the 1st century used glass that was thicker in the middle, or a waterfilled globe, for viewing small object.
Date: 2011.07.09. 09:01:06
Quiz categorizing is still bugged, it seems my W2 char now either receives SE from torture chamber or from categorizing. Anyone else have this strange behaviour?
Date: 2011.07.08. 11:33:16
How many years is a score?

Score is the number 20, so as the question is phrased, it doesn't really make sence. "How many years is one score years?" would be correct, or just "How much is a score?"

A score days would be less than one year while a score decades would be 200 years.
Date: 2011.07.07. 11:21:27
Which is not the last words of these men(before they died)?
Mehr Licht! (More Light.!) (Goethe)
Et tu mi fili (Brute)? (Julius Ceasar)
And yet it moves. (Galilei) <- marked as correct
Don't disturb my circles! (Archimedes)

Honestly I don't think this is a good "odd one out" question. Besides two of these are more legend or poetic representations than actual known facts.
Date: 2011.07.04. 14:50:52
What is the name of the clockwork device used by musicians to measure time?
Big Ben
Metronome <- marked as correct

Musicians use a watch or clock, just like anyone else, a metronome is used to keep the rythm or beat.

How did a lot of people used to jump from the Niagra Falls?
In a boat
In a wooden box
In a barrel
In a bathtub

Used to? Well most just jump in and get carried over, it's a not so uncomon form of suicied, 14 people have so far taken the trip in a barrel, or other device.

Which of these large volcanoes does NOT reside on an island?
Mount Vesuvius
Mount Loa
Mount Fuji <- Honshu is still an island.
Mount Krakatau
Date: 2011.07.04. 08:58:40
After answering and categorizing a few 1000 questions I have noticed that many questions could possibly be in more than one category, the most common is movie/literature questions, because many movies are based on books, and some movies spawn a whole universe with hundred of books.

Furthermore some subcategories should be changed so they are consistent across main categories.

Let's take two examples:

Who fought the Balrog?
Gandalf the Brown
Gandalf the White
Gandalf the Green
Gandalf the Grey

What is the original name of Darth Vader?
Anakin Skywalker
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo

Both of these questions belongs in the two categories, but if asked if Darh Vader was a heroe of a film I'd say no.

Film, theatre=>Heroes of films and plays

So I'd suggest that "Heroes of films and plays" be changed to "Characters of films and plays"

Under literature there is no category for questions about the plot/story in literature.
Date: 2011.07.03. 12:19:31
Quote: Denna - 2011.07.03. 11:09:54
What the meaning of the word "absinthe", which comes from the Greek "apsinthion" ?

1.Wormwood.............NO CORRECT
2.Green monster
Undrinkable .............Correct

That is a matter of debate, absinthe means wormwood (the plant), some claim that the greek word apsinthion means undrinkable. Here is what the Wikipedia says:

Some claim that the word means "undrinkable" in Greek, but it may instead be linked to the Persian root spand or aspand, or the variant esfand, which meant Peganum harmala, also called Syrian Rue—although it is not actually a variety of rue, another famously bitter herb. That Artemisia absinthium was commonly burned as a protective offering may suggest that its origins lie in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European root *spend, meaning "to perform a ritual" or "make an offering". Whether the word was a borrowing from Persian into Greek, or from a common ancestor of both, is unclear. Variant spellings of absinthe are absinth, absynthe, and absenta. In English it is pronounced /ˈæbsɪnθ/ ( listen); in French, [absɛ̃t]. Absinth (without the final e) is a spelling variant used by central European distillers. It is the usual name for absinthe produced in the Czech Republic and in Germany, and has become associated with Bohemian style absinthes.

But as the question is phrased the correct answer must me Wormwood, as it's the meaninig of the word "absinthe" that is asked for, not the meaning of the greek root of the word.
Date: 2011.06.30. 22:38:40
Yahweh is the modern scholarly convention for the name of God in which religion?
Zen Buddhism
Hebrew <- marked as correct

Well Hebrew is an ethnic groupe, Judaism is the traditional religion of the Hebrew. Furthermore Christianity would also be a correct answer, but as it's not among the 3 listed religions it's not a problem.
Date: 2011.06.30. 18:55:52
What is the only river in the world that flows south to north?
Nile <- marked as correct

This is a myth, The Nile is one of many rivers flowing south to north. Here is a list of some of them
Date: 2011.06.29. 17:39:09
What Colour is water?
Clear <- marked as correct

Pure water is blue not clear (assuming clear = colorless clear is not a color) it appears colorless to the human eye in small quantities, but if you look through a long water filled pipe, you will see that it is actually blue.

Read this wikipedia article which fits with what I learned in school, highschool, and university.
Date: 2011.06.29. 07:22:20
Which is the largest of these deer?
white tail
moose <- marked as correct
red stag

I'm European, so a moose and an elk is the same thing, in American English an elk is a different deer species from a moose, but this deer is called wapiti as well. Untill I started researching this, I was not aware there was a deer called elk in American English I simply thought it was British English vs. American English.

So to remove any ambiguity elk should be changed to some other large deer species.
Date: 2011.06.28. 20:37:46
Which of these large volcanoes does NOT reside on an island?
Mount Vesuvius
Mount Loa
Mount Fuji <- marked as correct
Mount Krakatau

Last I checked Mt Fuji was located in Japan, on the island of Honshu...
Date: 2011.06.28. 00:03:56
What is airspeed measured in?
Knots <- marked as correct.
Kilometers per Hour
Miles per Hour

Only one here that is not used to measure airspeed is amps. In aviation it is measured in Knots, but for the convenience of their passengers, most commercial airliners will also display it in mph and/or kmh.
Date: 2011.06.27. 17:39:14
I dissagree that the quiz medals are to unbalanced, if the olympics was the only way of obtaining them I might aggree, but only might, as you can only have 12 of them. But with the 8 you can get from quiz categorisation I'd say it's no big deal.