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Date: 2016.12.02. 11:25:20
Thank you vm.
Date: 2016.11.30. 23:26:05
If you switch from EH to DD, and llater on you switch back, do you get back your AA abilities or it is a cold start each time?
Date: 2016.11.13. 00:43:03
Of course you can. "All" you need is 15 astral treasures/hunt producing minions all you re all set. On side note I bought 100k kheson debris during the sales event (50 AS if I recall correctly), and with skipping few lvls of minion gear it will be gone by the time myminions hit lvl25. Beside those 100k bought, in maybe 3-4 months the debis is active I got like 4-5k of debris from regular things (mostly astral treasures) which is enough for 1 lvl 15 gear:)
Date: 2016.08.15. 22:26:35
NOt sure I agree completely.. In most casesyes, but I gave the example for a reason, golden CoU is just that, upper echalon. For example getting Medal of Doom, Golden Ancient coin , Temple wand out of them. So getting back to lower echalon makes no sense.
Date: 2016.08.12. 14:38:21
Out of chest of universe I got greater chest of universe (or something like that), out of greater chest I get Golden box. Out of golden box I get 3 temple crystals...
I just think that once you reach upper echalon of boxes there should be prizes according to obtainability of it, i.e. rarer thing you are using- rarer loot. this just seems silly, I was spun in circles for lesser duel potion couple weeks ago as well.
Date: 2016.07.10. 14:08:05
Was the same to me, wrote a ticket and they reversed it.
Date: 2016.06.08. 18:41:47
I too have been hit by manunkind multiple times during the event, but I really don t see any problem with it. I don t mind being in torture chamber even when they are not using subplasma , it is basically doomlord version of fliping someone (yeah you ve got 3-5% of my daily income but loook at all the SE I had this day and you cought nothing).
But in this case it is even more unclear what the complaint are about, when the player attacking is far beyond your own level. In my case I just hope Manunkind used all the SE he got from me while I was rushing to finish in the top wisely:)
Date: 2015.10.05. 17:41:14
More wins. Meaning it is better to have more attacks. quote from Cruel about some other issue :
Quote: Cruel01 - 2015.09.29. 03:03:03

Something interesting happened "last week". A tie. Our clan had 58 victories and there was another one with the same amount. So we had to use the tie-breaker (number of individual wins). Are you guys sitting? The numbers really are astonishing... Our clan had 2,295 and our competitor had 138. How can a clan with 2,295 wins compete with another with 138?! I don't know. I can only assume they have no communication at all. In any case, this is clearly not fair and I am not sure why anyone would think otherwise.

Date: 2015.10.05. 17:37:32
Yes, you will get it as well. It took me around a month to fill SW in cruels clan, starting from basically nothing and lvl 55.
Date: 2015.10.04. 17:40:31
Your building counts.
Date: 2015.10.03. 22:56:05
So with some basic calculations, if you played for last 6 months and were unable to save some extra stuff, be prepared to spend at least 3k AS to finish it with decrees.
Not to mention tasks like afore mentioned "brown is not implemented yet but it is there n the table" thingy, and stuff you literally can t do if you re under level 100 (anything related to helms), or stuff you can t afford (3x12k soul diamond detectors for myto tasks) if you re fairly new player it all comes out just with a touch of sour taste in my mouth.
Date: 2015.08.31. 20:01:49
Damn, thats some deep math, I only increase strenght andclick attack button:D
Date: 2015.08.30. 21:28:27
Same here. Also Paypal link isn t working
Date: 2015.08.30. 16:59:04
What I meant is: with current way of getting relics (dependable on number of victories) I m pretty sure I ve already got the 3rd phase reward and it is not epic treasure, it is 30 relic shards. But since price of epic treasure chest is exactly 30 shards the rewards remains the same, but even better, since you can choose to get something else beside the chest.
Date: 2015.08.30. 16:42:02
It has gone down at saturday. Thanks for your effort Miklos
Date: 2015.08.29. 14:42:53
It is changed to 30 relic shards I think. And since the cost of an epic treasure chest is 30 shards... you can see where is this heading:)
(and yes, I ve got the shards)
Date: 2015.08.26. 17:32:45
I reported it already. You can use help button for faster response. Miklos is already looking into it.
Quote: Dolp13 - 2014.07.22. 13:39:53
Since there are so few targets this world 4, can we implement a crystal clan? We have done this on previous world 4, but last time they were not present. It makes completing tasks, quests, pet challenges, and TOD tasks very difficult and in some cases impossible.

I hope you can ask programerr the same thing again:)
Date: 2015.08.18. 23:23:12
Does someone know the list of items we can get by the weeks of the event?
Date: 2015.08.16. 16:50:51
I actually got half year soul well one, but I didn t have it from last landragor so maybe that was it.