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Date: 2014.03.29. 12:09:29
In this battle you have dealt a total of 59639 damage and have taken 105258 damage.
Your HPs dropped below 15% (-1 Action Point). You bandage yourself (+46408 hit points).
Date: 2014.03.29. 12:00:14
Quote: Miklos - 2014.03.27. 14:17:02
Yes, War of Hucksters has no minion as reward. We just gave out 3 minions recently, so players are probably still busy leveling them up and training a new pet to be candidate for the next minion.

Unless we didnt get that Minion becasue it was kind of silly to have to abandon everything to get it it's going to be a LONG time before my minions get to level 250 but just getting a new one even at level 50 would add +5 to all stats... that's still worth having... Ohh well, next even then
Date: 2014.03.24. 15:26:01
Say it aint so Miklos.... is that some crappy adware?
OMG! the new Adventure comfort is the best thing to ever happen to this game!!
Date: 2014.03.19. 14:46:26
5 pets? Really? how come the entity gets 5 pets? Minions don't actually attack so that doesn't count as a fighting creature.

Noemi, the gigantic lesser angel
level 345 entity

Fighting creatures

Wer Yi Minh
Wer Yi Minh (168. Level)

Morpyron (169. Level)

Manifest (170. Level)

Phelbs (171. Level)

Kreitel (172. Level)
Date: 2014.03.12. 12:41:21
Sbart, currently right now I have 2 Xeno ring crystals, one in a ring and another as a spare. I Also have 1 Xeno necklace crystal that is on an item. You can have both types you just cannot get another of the same type if you have any. I kinda forgot that I had the one in my necklace becasue I was just looking at the spare ring crystal sitting there.
Date: 2014.03.12. 00:35:37
Quote: Sbart - 2014.03.11. 14:39:04
Actually, no. If you have one, you cannot get the other as a Reward.

Since you have a Xeno ring focus crystal, you cannot get the Xeno necklace focus crystal.

Actually no, I had the necklace focus crystal already but it was on an item and not a spare and that counts as having it. I opened a ticket with support. So my choices were to delete the one I have and then get 2 more and have a spare, or get the enchanting horn. I got the horn.
Date: 2014.03.11. 13:48:50
2 ring focus crystals: +2, +4, +6, +8% soul-draining (only if you don't have the following focus crystal!)
2 necklace focus cryszals: +2, +4, +6, +8% soul-draining (only if you don't have the above focus crystal!)

Neither of these options are available to me. I have 1 Xeno ring focus crystal so I know that one shouldnt be there. But the Necklace focus crystal option should still be available.
Date: 2014.03.09. 12:48:40
I need AS too ready when you are Miklos.
Date: 2014.03.03. 16:35:35
well yeah, but the prisons seem to Magically complete themselves within about 3 days at the end of the 3 weeks, but yeah I guess there is no real end of the event..
ALTHOUGH! it does say "If you cannot defeat and imprison all xeno queens in 3 weeks, a dark age will come to your world." which means there IS an actual end of the event.... thank you.
Date: 2014.03.02. 01:19:14
on all of teh other events there is a countdown timer on one of the pages that says when the event will end. Assuming it goes 3 weeks it shoudl end on March 13th, were you going to add a timer so we have a countdown till the end?
Date: 2014.02.20. 18:35:00
Quote: manunkind - 2014.02.20. 18:21:36
Track, they won't stay dead until the prisons are built to 100%, and Darckk is a real player who probably killed them again after you did.

No he didn't, and I know they wont stay dead.. .. but the list is still off... and yes, Apparently you can only EVER get 20 Chitins from Xeno's and you will need to use both rewards to get the 100 other ones..
I guess I'm not really worried because I had no intention of doing that....
Date: 2014.02.20. 17:20:44
ALSO, the lists arent completely fixed. the top 3 Xeno's are dead and they say they were defeated by Darckk who when you click on him doesn't exists and they were in fact Killed by me

EDIT: ok Thirdly! I have had 20 Chitlins now for over 100 attacks.. does that mean you cant get more than 20 and I woudl have to Waste both rewards by getting the 50 Chitin? there is a 0% change of that happening which makes the adition of these freaking rtarded.... ALSO! it would be nice if you mentioned that so I could use them to buy minion food or something so I can get more instead of sitting on 20 for all these attacks..
Date: 2014.02.20. 17:09:05
the Xeno chitlins are not translated.. when you click on them to look at he rewards it says !!HSZ!! (xeno_kitindarab)
Date: 2014.02.20. 15:04:32
The top 10 lists are all messed up. it looks like it updated after 30 min but I wasn't on any of the lists and I had more atacks and builds than other who were on the lists...
Date: 2014.02.18. 14:46:22
Bump again

flask of Zu'lit
Type: relic
Effect: Every day, during your first log in, you receive the following item: green mana potion

this item still REALLY sux.... it should give you one that's at the very least, Useful.... and if possible you could get one that is your level range.
Date: 2014.02.08. 13:09:54
There needs to be a better way to add AA points to an ability when you want to add a whole bunch at a time... For example I have 103 AA points and I want to build 100 insto master killer which only costs 1 per ablility. The only way to do it is to click on it and then let the page refresh and scroll back down and select it again ect... 100 times!!!!! the other way was to keep seleting it and hitting ok and seleting it again before it refreshes and you can rattle off 10 or so before it refrshes... but as we have found out, it gets confused and you lose AA points so you cant do that anymore....
Date: 2014.01.30. 15:09:02
If I feed a pet to my minion using a "Minion food" pet item, I do not get credit for the ToD quest (use 3 pet equipments). This seems to be a grey area but I think it should still count for the quest.
Is this how it is supposed to work, or should we be getting credit for the ToD quest?
Date: 2014.01.29. 15:29:13
ok so I have a Minion now.. a level 110 pet was ascended into a level 50 minion, so that whole up to level 200 thingy was not for the ascention. if it was level/2 then he should be at least level 55.
Date: 2014.01.29. 14:44:28
Player level x3000 soul energy?
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