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Date: 2022.01.16. 19:18:07
i change the weapon on my minion with a stringer one and all my stas went down.i think there is a serious bug when you change weapon on your minions so better check your stats before and after you make any changes on your minions
Date: 2021.10.20. 19:32:18
Igorek_30 read what i wrote and try to understand before you already manukind answered you i said that my stats decreased had nothing to do with what you are saying.And by the way support saw the mistake and fix it although it took sometime to see what was wrong but they fix it
Date: 2021.10.19. 22:46:20
nope same minions same gear only change was that the minions lvl up
Date: 2021.10.19. 16:56:46
nope.i changed nothing only my minions lvl up.
Date: 2021.10.15. 17:06:34
when you lvlup your minions your stats should be increased not degrease,right?then why my stats decreased when i lvl up my minions?
Date: 2021.07.10. 18:15:28
first of all i made a suggestion i have the right to talk and defend my idea whether you like it or not.Second did i sent any insulting or threating message to you or any of your clan?i dont think so,especially to you i dont even remember sending you any message feel free to correct me if i am wrong.Although you
keep insulting me i try to stay civil.Third i am not hold responsible for other players why are you blaming me for those attacks?Talk to them but what to say?according to you it is fairplay so why thats upsets you?And noone is trying to say to miklos to change the game in case you havent notice it this is called suggestion box so suggestion are made some have passed some have not ,should you say that no suggestion have to be made or only the suggestions that you like should be made?
Date: 2021.07.09. 16:00:23
true but in order for an attack to cost 20 duels point it means that he has to hit a player that is 39 lvl lower than him.A lvl 100 hitting a a lvl61 duel
Date: 2021.07.08. 22:45:13
why any suggestion that reduces the attacks on much lower lvs always upsets your clan?
Date: 2021.07.08. 15:59:57
actuall you can be dragged to the torture even with the scarab the player that attack you loose the se that has at the moment but if he has zero SE on him he can drag you without penalty.And even this can be cancelled cause there is an option that the scarab has no efffect,So you can be dragged to the torture chamber no matter what.The only way to avoid this is only if you are premium and someone cannot attack you with subplasma to drag you,players within your range can still drag you but ok this is fair
Date: 2021.07.08. 15:55:06
it doesnt cost resources but duel points and only in attacks with huge differences like 50 or more lvl difference,the range of lvl20 minus/plus without penalty gives 40 lvls range.So if someone decide to attack a player with 100 difference to drag him to the torture without any chance to escape but cost him a lot of duel point will think it least it will reduce that atttcks on the little guys and the new players
Date: 2021.07.08. 15:19:12
My suggestion is that 20 lvl difference the attack cost more like 1 attack point for every additional lvl of differnce,for example a lvl 224 is attacking a lvl 124 then his attack wil cost 81 attack points( 1 point for the attack and 80 points penalty for the 80 lvl difference, attacks within 20 lvl difference will not take any penalty)
Date: 2021.07.06. 13:51:01
...and the 100 plus lvl that attacked you getting free se because you try to play the event and he will continue to attack you everyday ruining the event for you because he is not attacking players that can fight back
Date: 2021.07.06. 10:20:20
Serioysly now it should be a huge penalty for the big lvl difference attacks.Every year during any event the same problem with the same guy hitting lvl that are always 100 plus levels lower than should be some protection from lvls not to be able to attack players with so much difference.I dont something like after 20 lvl difference the attack cost more like 1 attack point for every additional lvl of differnce,for example a lvl 224 is attacking a lvl 124 then his attack wil cost 81 attack points( 1point for the attack and 80 points penalty for the 80 lvl difference,20 lvl difference will not take any penalty).it is not fair someone to try for the event and high lvl players to feed from his efforts
Date: 2016.06.05. 11:14:33
i think that valorian was trying to say that the minion arena should be like the training can build it with no extreme high requirements( as it is now.)you could build it without requirements lets say until lvl5 and if you wanted higher to wreck it and build it from the start (with higher requiremts but until lets say lvl 10 and so on).same as you can do with training grounds.this way all the clans can use the arena for their minion and higher clans can build them in higher it is now it is building for the few.
Date: 2016.06.04. 21:19:20
i think in order to stop winning the championships all the time from the same spider players it should be a limit on how many championship metals you can get on your lvl since the minus(-) in abilities dont seem to help and it is logical.imagine a lets say player lvl20 member of a clan that gives him +200 to attack and def he can keep wining the championship for ever since noone can beat those bonuses unles he lvls up that will lead him to next should be like in the quiz but instead when u reach winning 12 medals from the championships instead of winning metals after that u will get only the se and the medal will go to the second or if he also has 12 medals will go to the 3rs etc.i like to see the results on the championships in all lvls and i see always the same names from the same clans
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