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Date: 2011.12.02. 17:40:52
Clan quests and some other development will be introduced in the game perhaps in december, but likelier in next year.
Date: 2011.12.02. 17:12:15
Your critical hit/spell skill will increase with warrior/mage spec lvl x 3%.
For example if you have critical hit 50 lvl and warrior spec lvl 5, your critical hit will be 57,5.
Date: 2011.12.02. 16:18:27
As you've already discovered, there are some new AA capabilities. Here are some informations about the new AA-s.

Space time skill:
Longer hunt: You can start +50 hunting. (Maximum level: 1, Cost: 10 AA point)

Animal skill:
Harder skin: You can defend your pets against spells more effectively.
Skill levelx0,5 is added to the 2,5 factor. (Maximum level: 4, Cost: 5 AA point)

Battle skill:
Disease: Spell absorbing of your opponent’s pet decrease with skill levelx0,5% in battle.
X skill level needs 59+x character level. (Maximum level: 75, Cost: 2 AA point)
Backstab: Your execution not gives more SE but skill receive a factor (1+backstab skill)/40. Available above 100. character level. (Maximum level: 1, Cost: 20 AA point)

Other skill:
Locked chest: Skill levelx10 burn-out ancient stones cannot be stolen from you. (Maximum level: 5, Cost: 2 AA point)
Date: 2011.12.02. 13:27:58
Quote: Mosquito665 - 2011.12.01. 23:02:39
i looked around but couldn't find a topic on this subject. so i thought i open one to share some experiences concerning the adventures.

i just had my first adventure approved. i need to tell u how disappointed i was when i got the reward. first of all writing the adventure cost me 51 soul crystals. it took about a week to get it approved. the reward was 51 soul diamonds and 5 boas. seeing the reward i thought i will not write any more adventures as it does not worth it. what i mean is: i have completed 45 adventures so far. adventures have 3-8 tests, so an average of 5. it means (on my level) i get average 50 soul diamonds per adventure. the most soul crystals i have used for an adventure was 19, but usually it is under 10. so if i just do the adventures i use (let's count with the maximum) 19 soul crystals and receive average 50 soul diamonds, but if i write an adventure i use 51 soul crystals and receive 51 soul diamonds. and the extra 5 boas is not so tempting either, coz: the difference between doing and writing adventures is at least 30 soul crystals. 30 soul crystals if u are really good and win all challenges are come from 15 challenges (average of 2 / 1 challenge).
so if i spend the 15 duel points on duels instead of challenges i get se and also i have a chance to steal boas.

maybe on higher level it is different, but around level 40 writing adventures is a waste of time and sources.

correct me pls if my maths went wrong somewhere.

We have this topic about adventures, so the newer was deleted (in cases like this you can search in topic titles too).

Adventure writing is a part of the game where you can be creative. You can create a story with exciting characters, places, tasks and of course insert skill/ability tests, potion using, battles or quiz questions. I think, above the rewards this is an important aspect for the players who often write adventures.
About rewards: if you put lesser test in adventure, it costs lesser crystal point, usually the adventure text is the essential.
Date: 2011.12.02. 12:00:53
It can be browser error, try to refresh the page and check if your javascript is up to date!
Date: 2011.12.01. 16:03:02
I replied to Wormtail (AA-problem). SP bug is told to the programmer, but isn't solved yet.
Date: 2011.12.01. 12:10:12
It was some kind of bug, now it's fixed!
Date: 2011.11.30. 12:00:28
Seems to be a bug, I ask the programmer.
Date: 2011.11.30. 11:59:55
Please, write character name and world number and we check it!
Date: 2011.11.30. 11:51:30
Do you have enough AP to +50 hunting?
Date: 2011.11.28. 17:50:01
Sorry, I didn't remember well. I asked the programmer and you're right: if you've already had one focus crystal from xeno, you can't choose another one.
Date: 2011.11.28. 14:13:33
It's not about Unjust bans, reply is in Quiz: the aspects of evaluation topic.
Date: 2011.11.28. 14:12:26
Quote: Johannes Buckbeak - 2011.11.27. 00:34:43
Quote: Viridel - 2010.05.01. 00:02:33
But it underlines a point that I and MANY others are getting REALLY PISSED OFF at the double standards (and the complete mystery standards) in the Quiz system.

At this stage, I would rather see it out of the game completely than have it remain as it currently is managed.

Well I would not like to see the quiz system removed - this was what brought me into the game in the first place, and it is the unique feature of Doomlord among all the fantasy games out there. But I do agree, the question evaluation system is badly broken. Questions are rejected with effectively no explanation - "Bad - incorrect question" is entirely useless, and "Bad or ambiguous question" is no better - especially when the question is not ambiguous. It would make a huge difference if there was even one line of feedback from the evaluator to give some clue as to why the question has been rejected. I am also unhappy at the inconsistency (double standards as you put it) when you see many of the questions which do make it into the database. I'm sure we could all name several.

One final point which puzzles me. If there are 25,000 questions in the database, how come I keep getting the same 50? They clearly go in waves - you see a new question, get it several times a day for a week or two, and then it vanishes. What happens to all the old questions? Do they ever get used again? If not, what does it mean to say that there are 25,000 questions?

Feedback works with this automatism (it's faster than messaging in PM, it is the reason) but among the plans there is a Comment option where quiz admins can write the concrete problem with the question.
We have topics for bad questions and duplications, where you can post them (I see you've already use it).
Date: 2011.11.25. 14:32:20
Yes, their bonuses are added up.
Date: 2011.11.25. 12:27:45
If you don't attack from his character sheet but from Dueling menu, the reason he's not available is written.
Date: 2011.11.24. 14:12:49
Amount of SE from creative affinity won't be signed, unfortunately it is the standpoint but disclaiming of reaching the daily limit will get into the game.
Skill description will be complemented with the daily limit of CA.
Date: 2011.11.23. 19:49:02
It's corrected, please, check it!
Date: 2011.11.23. 16:10:35
It's a strange problem, our programmer try to decipher it by test battles.
Date: 2011.11.23. 15:55:53
I think, it needs more tactics to distribute focus crystals that you can choose only once as if you could collect them and have the same bonuses on different items.
Date: 2011.11.23. 15:25:02
Yes, it works with it, their bonuses are added. If you don't see it, please write character name and world number to check!
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