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Date: 2012.11.04. 16:20:57
Also the units used make no difference and their inclusion is irrelevant thus:-

If you could travel at the speed of light, how many times could you circle the Equator in one second?

(The shape of the Earth could also be described as an 'oblate spheroid'.)
2 points really, but both with the same root and solution

1. I currently am answering 100 quiz questions every 2 and a bit days. If you dont have the resources to evaluate a question in this timeframe it makes a mockery of the 100 question = 1 new question to submit rule. Being swamped is no excuse it just shows a lack of foresight.
My current question under eval for the better part of a week now (w1) I now know it will be evalled as 'bad' because Ive just seen another very similar question but I can't cancel it and resubmit a new one

2. The painfully slow time it takes for forum queries etc. to be answered by administators.

If these problems are not addressed (more bodies needed) the whole system is in danger of becoming unuseable and collapsing

To your customers this is a game, but the administration side is part of the customer support business and should be treated as such. A 'suck it and see' approach just isn't good enough.
Date: 2012.11.01. 12:35:50
Hi, I'm a level 8 DL looking for a clan to call home. I'm very active and a team player. I'm totally fed up with trawling through the large number of inactive Emerald clans so message me if you think I can fit in.

Satansfist W3
Date: 2012.10.31. 03:20:19
Case in point today-

Which N.H.L. team listed here is not an "original 6" member?
Detroit Redwings
Boston Bruins
Pittsburg Penguins
New York Rangers

Being Non American there is absolutely no value to me knowing this

So be it - be prepared for lots of real stinker English premiere league and cricket questions from me which will be within current rules but equally useless to non english doomlords.
More seriously
Please please please
Questions should either Entertain/Amaze/Educate or Intrigue
not bore, ask yourself this question before you submit "Would you ask your friends this question at a dinner party?"
for the question I quoted above the answer would be -"Not if I wanted to keep them"
Date: 2012.10.30. 19:04:50
I checked as well - no letter, no message - not a sausage john....
Date: 2012.10.29. 16:15:48
Yep I have put in a message to customer service via the help system and also on the forum under bug report.
Date: 2012.10.29. 14:48:14
My Temple of Doom has mysteriously reset both my 'Check Toplist' and 'Consecutive logon' I logon every day and always check my position in the toplist
Can you please check this and rectify as I am near completion of this temple
Satansfist w3

It may be due to the recent server maintainance
Date: 2012.10.29. 04:11:04
My Temple of Doom has mysteriously reset both my 'Check Toplist' and 'Consecutive logon' I logon every day and always check my position in the toplist
Can you please check this and rectify as I am near completion of this temple
Satansfist w3
Date: 2012.10.28. 20:09:54
The question asks what SCRAM stands for not what it involves
Also etymolology means its origins or source - again not necessarily what it stands for.

The source for the acronym is the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission amongst others.

Tom Welleck NRC Historian claims that only the published account of its origin is a matter of Urban Legend not the resultant, generally accepted, Acronym
I stand by the question
Date: 2012.10.28. 10:02:54
Who played the character Mr Fiddler in the film 'Carry on Camping'?

Charles Hawtrey
Peter Butterworth *
Kenneth Conner
Jimmy Saville

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
This question is already part of the database.

I hope the reason for rejection of the question will not therefore cost me another 100 correct answers to make additional questions.
Date: 2012.10.27. 16:32:46
Skyrim although very large and graphically very pretty is in my opinion the worst of the Eldar scrolls series as the gameplay has suffered in comparison to both Morrowind and Oblivion.
It is now essentially a Hack & Slash (allbeit a good one), Its far too easy and simplistic, the quests are pretty much all 'go to xxxx and kill everything' with too few exceptions. It more or less doesn't matter what character class you want to play or what race
The story and quests lack the depth of Morrowind and the game doesn't have the variety of quests or wow factor of Oblivion.
On the whole I got the impression it was too dumbed down (compare the Assassins guild quests of oblivion to the dark brotherhood quests in skyrim and you'll see what I mean)

On a brighter note I'm playing Mass Effect 3 and loving it..
Date: 2012.10.27. 15:55:32
Insert coin game?

Sounds like any browser games that GAMEFORGE make
Date: 2012.10.27. 09:58:03
The Quoted rules above for sports questions seem to be applied in a very haphazard manner
It seems to me that a simple rule could clear up the issue of over specialization in Sports questions

Questions about an individual countries sports league players or stats should be banned
Maybe even limiting to a minimum International level

I'm sure our friends who insist on submitting questions on the NHL or NFC West or Baseball stats etc. would soon complain if I started submitting questions like
Who was the substiute goalkeeper for Liverpool FC during the 1974-75 season? (A major English football side)
Who topped the bowling averages for Essex during the 1992 County Championship? (Cricket by the way)

These sort of questions I would consider unfair. It should also be taken into account that memorising sports stats is a bit of a National pastime for americans, not shared by most other nations and should therefore be categorised as specialist Knowledge.
Date: 2012.10.21. 14:06:42
I was trying to think of ways of further linking your character stats to what you are actually doing in the game eg.

1. for every 500 or so correct answers to questions +1 IQ
2. for every 500 or so Duel wins +1 attack
3. for every 250 or so Duel losses +1 defence

You could add to this list with a bit of imagination to cover the other stats eg Total Hours gametime could give a constitution bonus or total overall spell damage caused gives a thau bonus.
These sorts of bonuses make sense because an individual stat would surely get better with practice.

By the way you might want to consider replacing 'IQ' with 'Intellect' - my low level characters have an 'IQ' of 30-40 making them dimmer than a mentally retarded pigeon.
Date: 2012.10.20. 05:04:21
how about a team event in the Quiz Olympics that clans can enter ?

Something along the lines of

1. the clan nominates say 5 members to be their representatives
2. Upon acceptance, each nominated member gets xx questions to answer when they next log in
3. Add scores together voila
4. Top 10 teams get rewards which should be clan related eg build only S.E. etc
Date: 2012.10.18. 08:31:30
Sorry I have submitted a question which contains an error :-
The film title should be 'Return of the killer tomatoes' not as stated 'The attack of the killer tomatoes'

miasma w1, question under evaluation
Date: 2012.10.18. 07:31:20
When your pet is lightly injured, If you dont have the heal skill but your pet is near to leveling up it might be worth the risk to keep fighting with it as the wounds are cured when it reaches the next level. Before spending SP to reach learning level 9
Date: 2012.10.12. 16:22:15
I became invisible to fulfill a temple quest -24 hours passed, I cant cancel, in fact It shows that i must remain invisible for a further 32 hours, -grrrrr!!!

The fault has cleared itself
Date: 2012.10.09. 14:14:32
Just an opinion regarding the quiz sytem:-

I hate the idea that a doomlord can just google answers within game time - surely the point of a quiz is to test the knowledge of a doomlord, not their ability to do research. The quiz sytem as it stands encourages metagaming and time spent away from the game. The quiz stats therefore give a false picture with regard to the question level.
The time given to answer questions is much too long and the correct answer should not be shown in the event of a wrong answer. This would give a much clearer indication as to the difficulty of a question and the knowledge level of the answering doomlord.
A good question will pique the interest of a doomlord to research on their own time.
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