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Dátum: 2015.09.04. 05:35:47
At level 35-37, I had 6-8 viable targets, which makes for a very lousy killing without pumping ASs to get the continuum diminution relic (which I did), or training the skill itself to a high level (pretty rare when you're level 35).HDC S5
Dátum: 2015.08.28. 06:37:39
It happens EVERY time we have completed a clan quest and the two people in our clan (emerald legion) with more than 5 votes are not on-line.
meizu mx5 price
Dátum: 2015.08.25. 06:57:24
And all go absolutely nowhere without some form of propulsion.
Dátum: 2015.08.24. 07:43:19
It will list all players by their horde, just find where the saphires start and scroll from there
Dátum: 2015.08.21. 07:12:05
Now, the guy(s) running the game have come right out and told me that they don't monitor the Forums
Dátum: 2015.08.20. 07:45:32
The Eye of Beholder was active only for those who didn't use it previously. Will try to post more info on this next time.
Dátum: 2015.08.19. 08:44:14
This is all good. Keep doing that.
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