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Dátum: 2010.10.12. 05:56:04
Pityriasis Capitis is the technical term for?

Athlete's Foot

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators the answer is an uninteresting lexical knowledge.

I dont understand the explaination for rejecting this question please explain, also I recieved some kind of warning saying I could lose my right to ask question's, I dont understand what I ve done wrong.
Dátum: 2010.09.29. 21:10:22
Ah thanks, I saw people got stuff in world 1 so thought Id missed out cheers.
Dátum: 2010.09.29. 17:41:05
Sorry to complain but when stage 1 of zarknods awakening finished I didnt get anything at all and I was on the leader board, SPG. world 3
Dátum: 2010.09.25. 07:10:12
As weve nearly finished stage 1 on world 3 (at last) would it be possible to have a smaller used SE target for stage 2, as were not as advanced as the other 2 worlds.
Dátum: 2010.09.18. 08:58:58
Ok, Thank you. yes its world 3.
Dátum: 2010.09.18. 07:22:41
Im level 25 and have no option for auction house yet.
Dátum: 2010.09.08. 18:19:29
Your right it is I didnt look back far enough thanks LJ.
Dátum: 2010.09.07. 19:57:21
I cant Click on any of the Emporer words on chapter 35 to complete the appear before the emporer quest.
Ive voted yes as long as its easy to look up I dont see a problem. plus more of our questions will be accepted as long as we word them correctly of course. also some of our more zealous evaluators will have to accept them.
Dátum: 2010.09.04. 12:47:15
Is any administraters reading these forums any more. 2 questions I entered a while ago have been asked again in a different way the first is what do pandas mostly eat answer bamboo I asked that months ago but its come up differently by someone else and the other one is

What is one name for a young oyster?

my version was What is a baby oyster called? I think the answers I put were spit spot spat and something else I dont remember.
Dátum: 2010.09.02. 17:51:51
Thank you, that was one of my questions.
Dátum: 2010.09.02. 17:41:16
Dátum: 2010.09.01. 20:06:55
Doh. thanks sometimes you cant see the woods for the trees.
Dátum: 2010.09.01. 18:59:34
Ive caught a Zombie and am trying to train it but its stuck and wont let me train it any more for some reason Ive waited 24hrs but theres still no option to train it anymore I used mindboost on training stat to do it quicker but now it just seems to be stuck.

abominable zombie 1.600 / 6.600 SE thats all it says with no option to train it anymore, please help thanks.

This is world 3 by the way my charecters SPG.
Dátum: 2010.08.26. 05:25:24
Thanks thats great advice, and sorry to Urgod for accusing him.
Dátum: 2010.08.25. 18:21:03
Im worried about a player Urgod on world 1, He only ever duels me when Ive got a lot of SE but never duels me when I have none this has been going on too long now for it to be just a coincidence, I think he might be cheating somehow he knows when Im worth duelling. is this cheating? if not how do you do it.
Dátum: 2010.08.11. 14:13:08
Which artist painted The Potato Eaters?

Van Gogh

It says theres a spelling mistake I just cant see it.
Dátum: 2010.07.27. 05:39:39
Thanks I missed it.
Dátum: 2010.07.26. 17:52:56
How do you observe a dimension gate in the wilderness
Dátum: 2010.07.15. 19:36:03
Idézet: stekkos - 2010.07.15. 18:05:52
Idézet: Skapunkno1 - 2010.07.15. 17:46:14
Heres a question I just got asked.

How many litters in one galon?

What can I say? good one.

What exactly is the problem with this one?

I never realised litres was spelt Liters elsewhere, but Litters is definatly wrong. also isnt galon wrong surely its gallon, if thats also spelt differently elsewhere I apologise.
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