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Date: 2010.12.22. 21:47:27
I've e-mailed the doomlord ppl for an explanation which I hope to receive soon.
I asure you that there has been no cheating and I really wonder what could have been interpretted as such...
I've a lot to say about this, but I'll await the reply first, hopefully this o.O ban will be lifted quickly.
To all my dear cow friends: Please don't be lonely I'll make sure to come visit again soon enough I just hope that once I'm found clean you'll finally admit that I'm not cheating and stop slandering once and for all.

See you soon,

Date: 2010.12.11. 15:15:17
Good advice imo, you can check most adventures on wikidot to see exactly what tests they have. So you can pick the ones that don't have any tests in the beginning that require large amounts of CP. If it's the last test, you won't need to spend twice for sure, so it won't be that bad. Personally I'm thinking of just skipping any adventures that give SD returns that are lower than CP cost * 2.

Of course that won't change the fact that many would be happier if you only needed to spend CP once...
Date: 2010.12.09. 18:15:15
Quote: ImLittleJon - 2010.12.08. 21:31:17
Now it's changed to 92. Which is closer to 50-80, but still a stretch. And it's unsettling that it changed at all.

You're not looking at the number of pieces you still need from now on? As in you've found 12 pieces since it was 104?
They did promise they wouldn't change things midway this time, so it'd be odd if the total amount needed changed...
Date: 2010.12.08. 13:51:00
I find it a bit inconsistent that you can attack someone once you've already challenged them, but not the other way around.
It'd be better if it you could do it the other way around as well.
And if it were to be made possible, adding a dropdown/checkbox on the duel page would be nice. You could pick if you want to be shown opponents you can duel, opponents you can challenge, or just all of them with at least one available option.
Date: 2010.12.08. 09:50:30
The chance to find pieces is determined by the your group.
Seeing as you need 104 pieces, you probably have more than double the chance to find a piece as the people who signed up for Marietta, the charming, who has the most members and therefore only needs 50 pieces. The reason your number is higher than previously estimated by Milkos is the large difference between the number of members that signed up for each huckster.
Of course, if you already have a map event relic/are high level, your chances are supposed to drop a bit again.
Date: 2010.12.06. 12:23:19
Usually when attacking you'll be in your best outfit, using your pets and have a battle skills mindboosted, while your target often will not be in his best condition.
This could explain why some targets you often attack can be much stronger during the champs.
I by no means intend to disregard the random fatcor though Quite surprising winners turn up sometimes.
Date: 2010.12.06. 12:15:40
In this battle you have dealt a total of 1436 damage and have taken 1182 damage. You are totally exhausted from the battle, you lose 1 action point!

Great, thanks for the quick fix, it shows up correctly now
Date: 2010.12.06. 07:59:50
It's supposed to start at 15:00 today, 7 hours from now.
Date: 2010.12.04. 09:08:46
True, if it were to only affect the chances of finding the desired creature (at the expense of normal monsters) it would help.
Personally I would like it to give equal chances to find the desired creature as to if you had 0 luck. I see no need to increase your chances even further, luck gives more than enough benefits already, but removing the negative effects would be ok.

As for Viridel's suggestion, if it were to be implemented it should give a warning message if you want to use pets that aren't available at the time, they could be in the kennel or healing (while you don't have an item that allows for healing & fighting at the same time in the desired equipment set)
I'm not sure what happens when an item isn't available anymore (if you sold it) when using equipment sets as I don't have the option myself, but it should give a warning message in that case too. And maybe also when you sell an item at the soulhuckster that is included in one or more of your equipment sets, so you'll be reminded to adjust them.
Date: 2010.12.04. 08:50:44
Agreed, there are lots of nice quests suggested.
And agreed, quests shouldn't force one to use AS.
Also with quests that require a high total of something, it'd be good for there to be quests with smaller amounts to lead up to them.
With the already existing quests several return identical with just an increased amount/number. To suddenly have to get 150 luck, 2k challenges, a level 50 pet or 100 points in one skill, as for a few examples among the suggested quests, would be a bit hard if you have to start pretty much at 0.
We also have to keep in mind that they can't just overload us with quests. Currently you can complete about 2 quests/level on average at most and I think that is a very deliberate choice by the developers. To add new quests into the mix, would mean to discard others, so I have my doubts that they will be accepted unless they have a certain uniqueness that is not yet present among the current quests.

Personally I'd like it if clans can do quests to. This will increase the interaction and cooperation in clans which can't be a bad thing. Examples would be:

Win a war
Be at war with at least 2 clans at the same time
Win 3 wars you initiate in a row
Win a war against a clan with a larger soulwell than your own or against one of the 5 clans with the largest soulwell.
Have at least x levels in building y or building z (I'd like to have 2 choices here so not all clans will have to follow the same development route)
Kill an epic monster of at least level x (comes back every 10-20 levels or so)
Kill an epic monster within x hours.
Let at least 75% of the members have a pet in the kennel.
Let the bonus a member gets from support be at least twice as high as his own abilities.
Complete 100 personal quests
Win 2k duels from now on as a clan
Win 2k challenges from now on as a clan
Increase the soulwell by 50k
Basically you could add most normal quests here and just boost the amount to fit a clan rather than a player. In addition there would be war, epic and building quests, also an occasional quest requiring most of the members to do the same things at the same time.

I especially like the war-quests. If things remain as the are, we will never see a war just because it slows down progress for both parties, a little incentive to get things going might help.
As for the rewards, exchanging +1 to constitution and +1 to magic for each quest to all members like with the ramparts and TG bonuses.So after 5 completed quests everyone would get +3 constitution and +2 magic. If that were to become too large of a bonus, maybe only award +1 after every 2 or 3 completed clan quests and give a small amount of SE flown into the soulwell for the ones in between.
Or add an extra building which you need in order to gain access to quests the same way the academy unlocks skills. I'm sure others could come up with a better name, but think along the lines of 'Rally Spot' or 'Operations Center'. Provided that the building's level is high enough, there would be three quests to pick from and as soon as a majority is reached with a vote, the chosen quest starts.
Maybe give a small reward each month to the clan who completed the most quests at the same time as the Alvariel rewards.
Date: 2010.12.03. 11:30:57
Get 30% discount at the soulhuckster when buying an item. (palace level 15)
Obtain an essence when squeezing a pet.
Combine essences to obtain a larger essence.
Deal the last blow to kill an epic monster.
Win 10 consecutive challenges that you initiate.
Increase your treasure points by 200 from the current amount.
Trap the same creature 3 times (you can use the option available at 20+ trapping)
Have at least 5 votes in your clan when opening the quest panel.
Increase your specialised ability by 25
Obtain at least 100 skillpoints in one skill. (not counting mindboost to reach it)
Win a war with your clan.
Obtain an item at the Auction Hall.
Sell 20 items for ducats.
Have both your ring and your necklace equipped with a focus crystal.
Have at least 2 unconscious pets when opening the quest panel.

Just wrote down what popped up in my head, I hope they aren't too foolish...
Date: 2010.12.02. 12:55:52
I just got this battle result:

In this battle you have dealt a total of 710 damage and have taken 704 damage. You are totally exhausted from the battle, you lose 1 duel points!
You have won the battle. Your reward is 371 soul-energy!

against someone with this item:


Level: 50
Absorption: +15
Prevent paralysation: +10%
If you lose a duel as defender, the attacker will have 50% chance to lose 1 Action Point

Either the item description or the battle result must be naming the wrong one. There are no other reasons why I'd lose a DP either, no hall of peace of other items with such properties.
Date: 2010.12.02. 05:50:24
I think the problem with the unrelated answers is that you actually send an answer twice and the unrelated answer was the answer to the next question.
It also happens with messages sometimes that you get them twice at once at the exact same time.
Date: 2010.12.01. 15:11:42
Even if the option existed, I don't think the loss of SE due to finding smaller monsters than you would with your luck working as normal, will be compensated by the quest bonus.
So even though I agree to the option being sensible I don't see the necessity of implementing it since using it will only be setting you back.
Date: 2010.12.01. 14:58:12
Isn't the reward for a quest determined by how many you've completed already? With the exception of questbonus boosting jewellery completing 50 quests while at level 20 gives you the same bonus as completing the same quests at level 50.
By saving up the easy ones you only switch around which quest gets which bonus. You don't actually get more SE, you only receive it later due to the stalling. I'd consider that a drawback rather than a benefit.

As for the equipment = level +2 quest, it's quite troublesome indeed. You wouldn't want to spend AS on equipment you don't need and a full set of non-AS equipment is only available once every 6 levels.
You can say that there are ways to plan ahead, but that's only possible thanks to information from secondary sites. Doomlord itself doesn't give you a preview of the quests ahead, so I don't think it's right to take that into account.
I'd find an 'AT LEAST' quest much more sensible, especially since there already is a quest that requires the equipment to be same level as you. As to not make it too easy, the +2 could be changed to a higher number so people will have to work on their trade skill and make progress with their character development by doing so. In my opinion that is much preferable to just throwing away more SE like you're forced to do with the current quest.
Date: 2010.12.01. 14:39:47
Maybe they could change the creature names with such prefixes a little with synonymous or similar words that wouldn't confuse us.
Instead of gigantic for example 'enormous' or the suffix 'master'/'leader'/'boss'.
Or change the font of the creature size to a different one than the creature name, that way distinction would also be more easily possible. Especially with the option to trap a specific creature the confusion is undesirable. The selected creature will usually be of a kind you've only just become able to catch, so you might not have caught on to the prefix being part of the name.
Date: 2010.11.28. 12:03:35
It would be useful if you don't hunt at low HP, but instead spend your SE while hunting. If you keep it roughly on par with your stats you can spend before any becomes available to be looted.

It's also nice to keep a little SE on you while away. If someone attacks and loses you might gain some SE with no risk to lose any.
Date: 2010.11.26. 13:20:34
Yes, besides duels intelligent pet also boosts the XP you gain from both challanges and the kennel.
In addition, the bonus is not 5% as stated, but 3%
Date: 2010.11.21. 02:31:54
Quote: petel87 - 2010.11.20. 20:51:13
Quick question: does relics obtained from map event can boost your skill over the maximum or not?

I'm not sure about the 'Energy Harvest' item because they lost last time on w2, but the necklace of bargain (+trade) does go over the maximum, so with a Gold necklace of bargain you could reach 200 trade.
Date: 2010.11.18. 03:56:54
It depends on your duel gains.
disadvanced devellopment halves the XP you get for hunts.
spectral manipulation + squeezing + trapping can roughly tripple the gains.

So if you 6 times the no-skill SE/XP is better than what you get on duels, it would be worth it.

Personally I think you're missing out on a lot of fun by not hunting at all and staying low level. Every few levels extra features get added, so levelling up is well worth it. With max hunting skills and disadvanced development, you can be sure to stay on top of your level while going up.

Energy harvest only works if you'd get little SE on your attack otherwise. I don't think it's worth it for a dueller who often hits people who give SE even without that skill. And if you get lots of 0 SE duels, the SE/XP ratio from hunts with max skills is probably better than from duelling.

Energy harvest is good for hunters at high levels who randomly hit people for XP, they often hit for 0 SE, gaining a few SE each hit can add up to nice numbers, especially since the gains are level based.
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