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Date: 2010.12.14. 11:02:37
I have this happen too when I attack him, it says he is in my torture chamber, but the attack doen't count against my limit before I get a -10% penalty. I have noticed he ha the Exeperience AA ability and not one else I attack for my torutre chamber does, I believe this ability is bugged, Would you please look into it. Until then I plan on leveling up the experience ability to see if battle stop happening to me as well.
Date: 2010.12.11. 10:02:31
Lol did you even bother to read the website you posted as your example Elfie? Click on Pluto, which mind you is also listed under the dwarf planets category on the first page. The first sentence explances that Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet. Haha I love people who click on the first link on the internet that they think says what they want. Next time you defend you position try doing something called RESEARCH they teach that when you get out of elementary school.
Date: 2010.12.11. 09:57:58
After trying 10's of thousands of different elements, what finally managed to burn for over 300 hours, bringing in the age of the electric light?

I have a problem with this question. The part that says 10's of thousands of different elements.... This is wrong, considering there is only 115 known elements as of the time I am writing this, and some of them were not known back when the age of electric light was ushered in. How could any one of tried 10's of thousands of them. I think the writer meant 10's of thousands of combinations of elements, and that would make the question correct. Otherwise it is wrong pure and simple.
Date: 2010.10.23. 12:42:17
Who was the director of the two highest grossing films of all time?
James Cameron <--- marked correct
Steven Spielberg
Tim Burton
George Lucas

This is one of those questions that can change anytime a new movie is released, and since there is at least 1 new movie a week, this question needs either a date or to be removed.
Date: 2010.10.03. 17:51:38
Quote: Snitt - 2010.10.02. 10:19:44
The horde part is counted by % of the horde in the full population of the world. This why emerald had 0.03, when sap if any other horde more prepared or active they won. If u did good in solo, u got ur reward.

As I see ppl here online a lot, +1 medal dont gives -1 min/day...I got 2 and if u talk with gm I give 1-1 for the first 2 players, cos medal is totaly useless.

Where did you get the 0.03 and the 0.05 numbers from? If you are talking about the number your spent SE is multiplied by to get actual charged SE, then you should know that the number is also level related. I never saw above 0.028 as a saphire.

Also not sure about the other worlds but on world 1 there is a ton more emeralds then there is any other horde. I am sure there was a lot of people who after they saw the emerald clan pull more than double the second place horde I am sure they only did enough to get relics or keep there sp regen normal and that was it. As it was the ruby horde made a great run and came from last place to move up with only 1 person in either top ten.

I have to agree with dark22 in this event people really didn't have a choice like in the map event. There was a builder in my clan that couldn't kill the goblins very well either. I think she managed to only take down 50 in the whole event, but I know she complained about losing a lot more than that.
Date: 2010.10.02. 01:20:42
Exactly. I completely agree. But since we are not on the hungarian server we will never hear from a developer.
Date: 2010.10.01. 14:54:25
Which part do you think is a glitch Kethios? And dark22 is sort of right, the 1 second hunting isn't that big of a deal, being a none emerald with 2 medals would show I went the distance. Another part in it is that at no time during the event did it state that if you only got one special reward no matter how many of the top ten lists you were on.
Date: 2010.09.30. 17:32:42
That is a huge rip off to the rest of us. The winning horde members can get 2 medals, but not the people who managed to be in both top ten catagories? It is a lot harder to accomplish the later, especially since only 3 people managed it. I would like to hear from a developer or game master about this. It never stated that being in both still only got you one medals. Why should the emerald horde on server 1 get a double the reward for having more people than any other horde.
Date: 2010.09.29. 12:53:49
Yes, I believe every emerald player who was also a on at least 1 of the top ten has 2 zarknod medals. But those of use who are not emerald who managed to be on both top ten catageries did not get 2 medals.
Date: 2010.09.29. 03:00:06
The way it reas in the rules is if you happen to get into the either 10 you get a Zarknod medal. You also get one for the horde. 3 of us managed to get and stay in both top ten. Getting into either one is a hard feat, staying in both is even harder. Shouldn't we get a medal for each top ten? If not why do people who won for the horde and in the top ten get 2. Shouldn't they only get one then too? Nothing ever said you one get one medal even if you manage to be in both top tens.
Date: 2010.09.28. 14:01:38
so I was in the top ten of both catagories but I got 1 reward of the medal and 10 gold ducats. The others at least one other person did this and they got both medals. Who do I talk to to fix this?
Date: 2010.09.27. 13:30:57
Lvl 62

Used SE: 72.769
Effective charge: 45.400

545 killed monsters, in the top ten both catagories

+37 Strength, +36 Attack, +36 Defense, +36 Constitution, +36 IQ, +36 Magic, +36 Thaumaturgy
273 Burnt-out ancient stone
(As a bonus for your outstanding performance, you will get +5 luck as well.)
Date: 2010.09.17. 13:34:38
Quiz: A doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take one pill every half an hour. How much time will pass before all the pills are taken?
Wrong answer, the correct answer was: 1 Hour.

This is a bad question from an adventure. It assumes you take a pill right away in order to obtain the 1 hour answer. But it doesn't mention this in the question. Everytime I have gone to a doctor and if they have given me anything,. always say take one dose now, and then the instructions for how many and how long inbetween. This needs to be changed in the system. Otherwise it is a miss leading question and that is just per crap.
Date: 2010.08.27. 06:14:51
If you are at the edge of a forest and begin walking in how far must you travel before you are actually leaving the forest?
1/2 way <--- marked as correct
1 mile
at the opposite edge of the forest
2 miles

This is a bad question since it never states you walk into the forest. If you are at the edge and you don't walk into the forest then you never leave it since you never left it. Please be more careful on the stuff that gets through.
Date: 2010.08.07. 05:54:28
How long is a mile?
2 km
1.3 km
1.6 km
1.5 km

Is it possible to get the answers to have US standard units as well for those of us who were taught outside of Europe and Asia.
Date: 2010.07.28. 05:32:27
they do have SE for looting. But there clans have max on a lot of buildings making them interesting to fight.
Date: 2010.07.13. 08:27:32
what is the right awser for 1x1 ?

awser should be answer thanks.
Date: 2010.07.13. 08:00:12
If a plane were to crash with exactly half of the wrekage in France, and the remaining half is in Spain; where would you bury the survivors?
The country of their birth.
You don't bury the survivors.

My only problem with this question is it a repeat. This question is already in the database with two different countries.
Date: 2010.07.12. 13:47:34
What super-villain kidnapped and murdered Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy?

This question needs to be deleted. First there are way too many story arcs for comic books. So if you haven't read them all you won't know this. Also when searching for this it is not easy to find, takes way too long. lastly it breaks the rules. Here is the direct line from the quiz rule page.

"Do not ask ones that demand lexical knowledge (like dates) or that is known only by a special group (e.g. Magic the Gathering, comics etc.). If you have to valuate such a question, please choose the „Bad question” option."

Obviously either the rules need to be changed or the evaluators that letting these questions slip by need to work a little harder. I know some of them or at least one is doing their job since my questions get rejected.
Date: 2010.07.12. 13:39:02
On the indiana jones question this one does not actually need a date. Since George Lucas owns the rights to the movies, the characters, and all properties related to it and since he refuses to release any indiana jones movie that does not have Speilberg as the director than there is no need for a change in the question. Doesn't anyone else every watch the extras on the dvd's anymore? George Lucas explained all this when he was explaining why it took so long for the 4th movie to come out.
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