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Date: 2012.05.27. 20:24:57
I captured 10 pets in the last few days, but my Temple of Doom "capture 5 pets" meter still counts 0. Repair this please!
Date: 2012.05.21. 12:03:58
I think there is some kind of problem with the trapping skill of mine. I have the maximum of the skill, but its effectiveness is far from 5% as it is written in the description. So far not even 2% of succes is the problem. In the last month I spent ~900 AP-s, but captured only 10 monsters in total. This is not fine in this way! Can you check it for me?

(On the hungarian server, there is no problem with the skill, there I got the percentage perfectly)
Date: 2012.04.24. 16:11:29
Nice timing with the event! I just almost finished the "spend all AP-s" temple quest. Is that worths a "@&&@@ YOU ALL!!!!!!!" medal? HOW THE DAMN @@&&# CAN YOU SIMULTANEUSLY START 2 GODDAMN EVENT?

After this, its 100% to have no chance to gain enough strength to keep at least a slight chance against the calculatorhead-and probably cheater-and simply must-have-banned ##&@&#@@#& on my characters hit-range. But no problem, character delete will solve the problem.

Bye-bye all! It's been a pleasure to spend money,time, sanity on an unworthy little browsergame, where everyone is equal... Oh, no. The pigs are more equal!
Date: 2012.04.20. 17:31:12
The problem is this: the quests, which I can do, are duel based: crit hit,crit spell,stun. Thats all. I have no time to train pets,I have a job to do and fortunately I have real life,too. 30 quest will be funny, cause I'll be out of duel points sooner then 30 days, then I'm stuck,quest are unfinished. No problem, I simply ignore the temple,cause have 0 chance to complete it(wheel of fortune random,above mentioned AS quests). The partial rewards means nothing to me,I gain more from dueling(or even hunting).
The idea is great, but the motivation and the rewards are far worst,then they should be,especially with this kind of subquests(for 400 action points-or more if you're premium, we can gain significally more power,then from the temple!).
Date: 2012.04.19. 23:27:35
Oh, and why don't you make a logo above the temple: ONLY FOR PAYING GUESTS?
I think it will be funny to complete this thing without ancient stones. Isn't this a bit unfair? I mean lots of players bought AS recently, in large amounts, but now the ones, who want to achieve something, is forced to do it again and again...
And the wheel of fortune is also a joke, it gave me the 7th "you won nothing" roll in a row. This will not help the rare item ToD quest...

Edit: just recognized another fail... 30 quests in 28 days? How's this should be made? I try it, but it looks like there is shit in the chance-bar... Few targets for duel. Kill my fighting pets for 0,1 AA point reward? No way!
Date: 2012.04.16. 06:49:41
Wheel of fortune: 7 times nothing in a row. This is more likely a bug to me, then random...
Date: 2011.09.03. 07:43:15
who invented a new word like plobnrg?
olsen sisters
one of teh jonas brothers
michael jackson

Who the hell let this s#@t in? Too special and too idiotic question. Please delete.

The most common name in the world is? (all spelling variations)

Unconfirmed data, not even sure the answer is correct!

What is candle made of?
ice cream

OK, I understand, children plays here as well as adults. But why are their for-two-years-olds questions here? And those options... Damn, what a joke is this quiz sometimes...
Date: 2011.06.22. 16:39:24
You're absolutely right! Especially in this case, when the quiz database is full with too easy and too idiotic questions. If you're lucky, you get 50 easy questions, like "what was Batman's real name", or you gain this kind 50 times: "when and where was the first exhibition of lithuanian art held?" LOL! Didn't know that country even exists... Or other funny questions with language or country specials, which are not even the google can be found, and normally not known by all people on the earth. This is all a mess in the current form. Simply shut it down, forget it, and make a lottery or bingo game instead of this gamble. The outcome is almost the same,and you close the opportunity of using question databases also.
Date: 2011.06.17. 22:51:19
I think the formula doesn't change, anything happens... Effectively the team, which has the most members, gains a huge penalty, which usually makes the winning impossible.
Date: 2011.06.17. 20:09:26
Now that would be nice...
No, what you are saying is not correct. On the hungarian W4, I was 2nd in that competition as a diamond character. There are many strategies to win that cathegory,so its fine in the current state.
Date: 2011.05.21. 20:08:09
And just to be more "easier" to complete the olimpics, here is my first 2 questions, which are... Well... What should I stay? Bah, I say nothing about the senders...

What was the month februar named after?
2 other choises.

Commonly known, that the month was named after Februus, the roman God of purgation AND after Februa, which was a festival of Februus. There is 2 correct answers...

What animal is bufo bufo?
common toad
2 other choises

The common toad is also a frog. Also two correct answers here.
Date: 2011.05.09. 17:21:00
This isn't worth the energy. Absolutely meaningless. In my clan, the Crystals can reach 3 members! They cant beat me, usually I win the war alone. The others are also stand their grounds, but it is tiresome for us to sacrifice our resources to a war, which has nothing beneficial for the clan. 3 days: 150K SE lost from the citadell strikes, and we gain 100K for the win. The bonus of the Hall of War usually not working, no matter how strong Crystal member I attack, but theirs is working every time one of my mates lose a round. So this is not good. Especially now, as the event forbid us to strike back.

Can we regain our 2 huge amount of SE from the Crystals, which were lost during the event?
Date: 2011.05.06. 06:51:15
The Clan Carpacio agree with the Shadowlords point. We'll do the same. And another important info: during the Huckster War, we are unable to fight them back! Their winned duels are counted in as victory, but for examle, my last 5 win against them is not realised as point in war, just as point in event victory! Is this a bug? Whatever. We're going to capitulate. No point in sacrificing resources on this XXX up bot team.
Date: 2011.04.06. 17:48:27
Quote: Random - 2011.02.23. 13:09:13
Here are the results of the 13th "Win 100 EUR bonus" game. We randomly selected winners from the players who registered and reached level 5. The winners received ancient stones worth a total of 100 EUR.

(1-5660) GoldenApple: 20 ancient stone.

Something is wrong here, I think. He is on W1, thats right. But he is lvl53 now, a month after the prize. Is this some kind of a joke, or what? Someone explaine it, please, before anyone shouts cheating...
Date: 2011.03.22. 06:46:30
The Crystal Clan doesn't appear on the duel page, when I want to search opponents by clan! We are at war with them,so maybe this should be repaired ASAP!
Date: 2011.02.27. 19:30:15
Uhum... It is the benefit of Lord of the dead, who's going to win his 5th Alvariel medallion for the loot of the CC... What a benefit for all of the players...
Date: 2011.02.10. 23:23:26
This is a bit too much to my slow mind tonight, help me to count this:

Xeno wars, MacSka has 9360 building points. Is this possible? 20 points gained for ~3500 SE building, ~ 50 points for a manaconstruction. If this is right, he built more than 1.6 million pure SE in 6 days? Is this possible or there is a fail somewhere in my counting?
Date: 2011.02.10. 23:08:29
You mean telepathy...
Date: 2011.02.06. 10:38:12
The White Crystal potion, we can find during the event, is also bugged. Or just typed wrong. Its descrition says: You gain 50 Crystal points, but gives only 5. I suggest to fix it, guys!
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