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Date: 2017.12.08. 20:35:53
Thanks Digitalis. But can you .upgrade these as your level increase?
Unless they become redundant. Awful waste.
Date: 2017.12.03. 02:22:34
How do you upgrade your legendary equipment?
Date: 2017.07.23. 19:36:48
How do you use Ancient Golden Coins? How do you get them and spend them.
Date: 2017.05.14. 02:47:59
Thank you Sbart
Date: 2017.05.11. 07:56:51
What does the Celebration of Reconquering the Surface event do. I seemed to only be able to find it in the event calendar
Date: 2016.07.06. 01:46:34
Cam we please have it that whenever you spend ancient stones you are given the siimilar amount of burned out ancient stones?
Date: 2016.06.25. 00:30:10
Thank you Manun. Always so kind
Date: 2016.06.24. 19:22:29
How do you rename a pet under the updated captured pet page?
Date: 2015.10.29. 23:59:32
Repetable Clan Quests are getting a bit boring. Can we perhaps add harder quests with higher rewards or something?
Date: 2015.09.23. 21:19:03
Would it be possible to put all the stuff we bank in the inventory in alphabetical or some other kind of order?
Date: 2015.09.15. 06:39:34
I figured it out sorry for the trouble
Date: 2015.09.15. 06:35:55
What level does your pet have to be to acsend into a minion? I just received a Sun Fetish but it wont let any of my pets acsned at lev 198. Thank you.
Date: 2015.09.14. 03:25:23
I bought 1600 AS and could not give myself the present. This is screwed. Please fix it immediately.
Where do you buy the harvest at the soul huckster? Cannot seem to find it?
Date: 2015.09.11. 06:12:37
Thank you all kindly
Date: 2015.09.10. 01:32:25
I am able to have 13 pets max at the moment. Hoede makimg skill is 61 ans I cannot raise it.
How can I increase the nuber of pets? Many thanks!

Date: 2015.08.30. 19:04:38
Heal pets doesn't work
Date: 2015.08.30. 17:58:21
Was it a DDOS attack? Anyway I hope everything gets fixed.
Thanks for your info Micklos and to your team!
Date: 2015.08.06. 20:54:39
Sorry Miklos I meant fetish shard! Many thanks.
Date: 2015.08.06. 13:59:20
What does a Relic Shard do? It just says 'Collect them all". Thank you.
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