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Date: 2011.01.24. 02:22:25
Quote: aneksi - 2011.01.24. 01:44:16
Well pete u are wrong. The point is that name is offensive to alot more ppl then it is none offensive towards. By your own admission i should be able to name myself Mother fucker. As long as something is legally offensive to ONE person its offensive bottom line.

English please, I have no idea what you have tried to say here. Nedless to say you did not understand a word from I said above. Oh and by the way, what on earth does it mean "legally offensive"?
Date: 2011.01.23. 21:51:28
Quote: Sbart - 2011.01.23. 21:45:47

As you can see, in both cases you chose to use the meaning that supported your opinion, instead of presenting all possible meanings. As you can see, the word is easily offensive in both Catalan and Maori.

It is not, it could be if you make certain assumptions. That's why I believe we should stick to one language in terms of offenses.
Date: 2011.01.23. 21:12:56
Thank you all for your entertaining points. I would only like to add that it is only an assumption that the nickname is in spanish. I looked through a bit an your favourite word "puta" means mischievious in Catalan language, could be used as an inflection of the Latin word puto, it as well means foam in Lithuanian, hole in Maori, is a definite singular of word pute (which mean pillow) in Norwegian, could be a genitive of put in Scottish Gaelic or an adjective of word puto (rice cake) in Spanish.

Combined with "madre" it could literally mean anything in many many various languages (or combinations of these). I am hoping that whoever has anymore doubts can literally see what I am trying to point out.
Date: 2011.01.23. 16:55:26
I think you guys are just taking discussion too personal. I shown my point of view already. I believe it is legitimate and right. I am open for contrarguments but all I get in response is wondering why would I take this position in the current issue. Please stick to the actual case instead of vague wonderings because all you could get would be a equally vague response.

manukind -> what has any namecalling to do with anything? As you can see I have no inentions, neither I am trying to be adversarial.

Sbart -> I am right at this moment of discussion because nobody presented any valuable opinions regarding this topic. I personally do not care about citizenry opinion as in most cases it is simply incorrect. Just like your silly accusations.
Date: 2011.01.23. 12:54:39
Quote: manunkind - 2011.01.23. 07:09:20
*scratches head* petel87, why on earth would you take that position? just because offensive language is more difficult to decipher for some doesn't make it ok.

Briefly speaking because I am right
Date: 2011.01.23. 02:13:46
Quote: dark22 - 2011.01.23. 01:52:11
If you got called that name would you seriously consider that you were called female dog nun? Its inappropriate

Perhaps in Spanish. But is this game in spanish? No not really. Therefore there is absolutely nothing inappropriate about it.

To prove my point:
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language says that estimates of total living languages in the world vary from 3,000 to 10,000.

for more detailed information please visit:

Why does that matter? Because there are tens of thousands of various words that could be offensive in one language and mean something completely different in another. Yes it is that simple.

Now purely because this game is english speaking only, with english only forum it is ok (not inappropriate) to use any combination of letters that is not offensive in this particular (english) language. It absolutely does not matter what it means in any other language.
Date: 2011.01.23. 01:42:23
Quote: LydonB - 2011.01.23. 00:12:07
puta = whore/bitch
madre = nun/mother

Up to the admins now.

So is it a prostitue who is as well a nun, prostitute who is as well a mother, a female dog that is a nun (unlikely ) or a female dog that is a mother?

I believe all options are available and neither of these is unapropriate. Especially if in a foreingn language.
Date: 2011.01.22. 23:20:58
Quote: aneksi - 2011.01.22. 21:28:39
Wasnt sure were to put this. But was just recentlly attacked by a guy with the name putamadre. Doesnt translate from spanish to english to highlly.

I personally think it is absolutely fine. Nobody has to translate anything and in english language these are just random letters.
Date: 2011.01.19. 07:15:20
Quote: D00ml0rd - 2011.01.18. 17:39:52

i want to apologise to admin for having to deal with it and to everyone on the forum that had to sit thru it with exception of petel.

You are almost there D00ml0rd

All you need to understand now is that you owe me a huge apology, plus you should thank me for making you understand what you have been doing wrong (that could take a while). Cookies, flowers and tickets for a cruise ship would be extras but still appriciated
Date: 2011.01.18. 01:13:49
Quote: Viridel - 2011.01.18. 00:49:47
Quote: petel87 - 2011.01.17. 22:14:16
Quote: Viridel - 2011.01.17. 21:23:32
There is no Clan penalty of players want to participate in the Attacking side

Well there is actually. If a player puts all his AP's into the event then he/she can not take action in clans wars and help them win these wars.

Ummm, APs aren't used in wars - and your example is beyond ludicrous anyway.

Sorry, meant DP's.
Date: 2011.01.17. 22:14:16
Quote: Viridel - 2011.01.17. 21:23:32
There is no Clan penalty of players want to participate in the Attacking side

Well there is actually. If a player puts all his AP's into the event then he/she can not take action in clans wars and help them win these wars.
Date: 2011.01.17. 11:25:44
Thank you for a satisfying answer Kethios. I would only like to show my motives as I am clearly not driven by anger.
The post when I compare D00ml0rd to hitler was written as a response to his pointless argument full of juvenile responses with Inv_. Being highly disappointed with the fact that his behaviour is wildly accpeted I decided to say something controversial to have the ability to be insulted again and than make an official complaint. Why hitler? I was reading recently one of his biographies and Mein Kampf and I can easly defend a point of view that in a way he was a great person (but that does not matter). I am very happy now that you awarness of misbehaviour has been noticed Kethios. I am hoping that any further discussion with D00ml0rd, Viridiel and others will be deprived of unnecessary words and actions.
Date: 2011.01.17. 10:42:12
Quote: manunkind - 2011.01.17. 04:37:47
petel87, you compared him to Hitler and implied that he should have never been born. are you sure you want to push the issue?

Absolutely yes, you can not have an objective opinion regarding this topic now thanks to Kethios deleting D00ml0rds messages. He could not have done anything more unfair and willingly or not he influenced others opinion.

Viridel -> arguments please, real ones. Or just do not spam in this topic.
Date: 2011.01.16. 23:51:21
I think you are at the moment a bit in denial Kethios. Because of the scoring system of the posts I am not able to start a new topic, therefore I have to take the liberty of asking you the same question again here: What actions are you willing to take?

Despite of that you still ignored my complaint stated in post 391. To be precise I would like you to:
1. Suspend/ban user D00ml0rd.
2. If you are not going to do it explain exactly why you have made this decisions and what are you going to do in the future to avoid offensive behaviour represented by him or any other user.
Date: 2011.01.16. 20:55:12
And what actions would that be exactly?
Date: 2011.01.16. 18:03:47
Quote: Kethios - 2011.01.16. 16:28:11
Be the smart one and let him flame/troll. .

Date: 2011.01.16. 18:00:14
Quote: ImLittleJon - 2011.01.16. 17:00:49
Quote: petel87 - 2011.01.16. 16:17:18
Comparison like that in my opinion is not offensive. I used the comparison to escalate his hatred and tried to make him acknowledge his own mistakes by use of a known figure.

You even admit to consciously escalating hatred, and then you try to claim you are blameless?

You are right here. Underline would be a more appropriate word to artice what I was trying to point out.
Besides as you can see that attempt was succesfull. He stopped trolling and insulting procedure (let's se for how long).

Kethios I am really disappointed with your attitude. You seem to be following the "crowd mentality" when you face a responsibility or decision to make. The purpose of any forum is to argue/discuss with others. I can not believe that you actually told me off for using the right topic (Complaints on players) to complain about other users behaviour and accuse me of misbehaving for doing it. In the next sentence you as a moderator allowed him to troll as much as he can. This is avoiding your own responsibilities by pointing blame on someone else (me).
You missed as well that I am not spamming the thread, I simply did exactly what the thread is about (complained on another player).
Date: 2011.01.16. 16:17:18
Comparison like that in my opinion is not offensive. I used the comparison to escalate his hatred and tried to make him acknowledge his own mistakes by use of a known figure. It is a pattern often used by therapists and I can agree that it can be misunderstood but the bottom point of it is that the message is sent.

I have just notice that some posts were deleted and it could look that I have no reason for complaining. Briefly saying we have a user who is highly argumentative and continously misses/ignores the point of conversation just to insult someone else. By deleting his posts all that can be achieved is other users to misunderstand what is really happening and raise questions like yours Sbart. Kethios if you want to deal with the problem please look for the cause instead of masking it.
Date: 2011.01.16. 15:20:48
Kethios could you please point out when exactly did I misbehave? You can not level me with someone who does misbehave only because I am the one who points that out and takes the fire (insults). I strongly believe that my behaviour on the forum is at least appropriate. I have formed an official complaint in post number 391. in this threat and I am expecting from you as a moderator to look into that issue, make a decision and inform me about it.
Date: 2011.01.15. 09:59:29
You realize that the topic of the conversation is your inapropriate behaviour? If not than please be quiet or announce another topic.
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