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Date: 2011.06.27. 15:47:46
Just had this one again, and it's still wrong

What is a bustard?
A statue of a person from the waist up, usually with no arms
A man of unknown parentage
An Australian bird *
A North American carrion bird

A bustard is a family of birds that lives all over the old world and also in australia. The Australian Bustard is also found outside Australia
Date: 2011.06.27. 14:40:39
About the alcohol/bouquet question:
I decided to do a little research on this on. I believed it was correct for all alcoholic beverages, but it turns out that is not so.

I'll start with a few quotes from the web

"Bouquet ( /buːˈkeɪ/, French: [bu.kɛ]) : The layers of smells and aromas perceived in a wine"

"Bouquet, bottle bouquet
As a technical term, the smells that develop with age in the wine bottle, as opposed to "aroma," the smells associated with the fruit."

A long list of quotes

Reading further leads me to the conclusion that bouquet only applies to the smell of red wine, and according to some sources only to the smell of aged red wine.
Date: 2011.06.25. 12:51:43
What date was the armistice signed?
November 11, 1972
November 11, 1923
November 11, 1945
November 11, 1918 <- marked as correct

What armistice?
An armistice is a situation in a war where the warring parties agree to stop fighting.

A lot of armistices have been signed in history, the one marked as the correct answer is the one that ended the fighting of WWI.
Quote: Kethios - 2011.05.04. 09:43:30
Dear Doomlords and Doomladies.



World 4 will not have Auction House.

The registration will start on the 10th of may, and the server will start on the 17th of may at 2 PM/14:00.

Aditional news, information will be added here.

Hope you'll like it.

For the Clans!

And when I logged in this morning there was this news on the front page:

World 4 – auction hall (2011-06-24)
The auction hall has been opened! If you are at least level 24, an Auction hall button will show up in the left hand menu. In the AH you can get gold ducats and bid for fabulous relics, unique treasures. In the first 2 weeks only ducats can be collected, bidding starts after 2 weeks.

And I can collect ducates on my W4 char
Date: 2011.06.24. 01:17:26
Quote: Wtfakkeltje - 2011.06.23. 19:45:58
Which of these is poisonous?

Obviously, you wouldn't want to be drinking mercury. But I'm sure the other options would do pretty much the same thing to you if you ingest them.
"All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous."
-Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim

That might be so, but your blood consists loads of iron, in fact it's pretty vital to your survival. Hydrogen is also abundant in every cell in your body, so calling it poisonous is the same as calling water poisonous, literally. Titanium is used in most sunscreen and loads of cosmetics, as well as in jewelery, and body implants, precisely because it's non-toxic, that leaves mercury. I sure wouldn't want any of that on my skin or in my food.
Date: 2011.06.20. 22:29:49
I have "lost" a few adventures due to no responce from the server.

What happens is that I press the buton to do the adventure, but nothing happens and eventually the browser times out, when I go back to the adventures page the adventure I failed to enter is inactive so I have to wait till the next day to try it again. But the "your last adventure" button shows the result of the adventure before the one that failed to load.
Date: 2011.06.19. 18:13:18
Quote: FriendlyCheese - 2011.06.19. 16:20:43
Quote: stekkos - 2011.06.19. 15:54:24
Advantages of premium membership:

much quicker hit point regeneration
if you lose in a duel, less soul-energy is taken from you than from mortal fellows
25% more action points is available for premium players
the number of action points is restricted to 400 instead of 250
I think that settles that one

Yes it does. My apologies. I misread!

Well either premium or the acceleration option will do that for you.

And an error:

What is a bustard?
A statue of a person from the waist up, usually with no arms
A man of unknown parentage
An Australian bird <- yes there is an australian bustard that lives in australia and other islands.
A North American carrion bird

But bustard is a family of birds found over most of the "old world"
For a full list of members of this family look at this link
Date: 2011.06.18. 20:22:54
What was the loudest event to have happened on earth?
Volcano – Krakatoa
Tunguska Meteor
1 Ton TNT Bomb
Blue Whale

The earth have been hit by a lot of much larger meteors since it was formed, so the question should be: What is the loudest event to have been recorded on earth?
I find sources saying that it was Krakatoa and sources saying it was Tunguska. Haven't found any scientific sources though.

What is the mascot of the NFL team for Minnesota?
Vikings <- marked as correct

The mascot of Minnesota Vikings is a viking named Ragnar.

Edit: And a double:

The "Rat Pack" was comprised of each of the following except?
Wayne Newton *
Sammy Davis Jr.
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin

Which one in this list was not in the 1950s or 1960's 'Rat Pack' of famous entertainers?
Frank Sinatra
James Dean *
Lauren Bacall
Dean Martin

And a "misspelling"
Which is heavier: 1000 dkg of cotton or 10 kg of iron?
1000 dkg of cotton
They are the same weight
It can not be said
10 kg of iron

There is no internationally recognised unit called dkg. The unit for 10g is dag, but dag is not videly used anywhere, so I guess it would be better to change it to 1000g and 1kg respectively.
Date: 2011.06.18. 18:40:17
Which letter is not found in any of the 50 states of the USA?

Lol, I think this should be: Which letter is not found in the name ...
If not, they might have a bit of trouble teaching kids geography let alone the alphabet
Date: 2011.06.17. 20:33:58
How do we call "fear of cats"?
Ailurophobia *

This should be "What is "fear of cats" called?" or something similar.

Small pieces of rocks called Asteroids revolve between the orbits of which two planets?
Venus and Earth
Mars and Jupiter <- marked as correct
Earth and Mars
Mercury and Venus

Asteroids are small bodies that orbit the sun in the inner solar system, most orbit in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but not all, so flow Jupiter in the trojan points, and some cross orbits of the Inner planets so All of the answers are correct, based on most definitions of asteroid. The main problem is that asteroid does not have a clear scientific definition, some bodies listed as asteroids are also listed under comets.

What is the general cause of autoimmune diseases?
Overactive immune system <- marked as correct
Toxic substances

This is not the cause it's what an autoimmune diseases is.

Approximately how long a person should sleep per day?
5 hours
12 ours
8 hours <- Uhm that's for adults children should sleep from 9 to 18 hours depending on their age.
10 hours

This should be changed to "Approximately how long should an adult human sleep per day?"
Date: 2011.06.16. 18:24:15
I have a question about this statement in on the map event page:
To receive a better reward (in case your team doesn't win anyway) you have to collect 83 more map pieces

What will I win if I manage to collect 83 more map pieces, compared to the prize she gives out, if I only find 10 map pieaces.
Date: 2011.06.14. 18:14:17
Which of these books is the longest?
The Iliad
War and Peace <- marked as correct
Les Miserables
The Odyssey
Isn't this a bit to specialised, made a guess and got it right, but how on earth do you find out if you don't have the 4 books on your bookshelf?

In which continent located Alaska?
This one needs to be rephrased to: "On which continent is Alaska located?"
Date: 2011.06.13. 09:45:43
Quote: Gemini - 2011.06.13. 09:24:47
Can someone explain this to me. The question makes no sense.

If Shakespeare's Hamlet were a breed of dog, which breed would he be?
Great Dane
German Sheppard
English Bulldog
Irish Wolfhound

The hint is in that each breed has a country of origin in their name. So what country was Hamlet from?
Not my question, and I agree that the question in it self does not make much sence, but with the available answers it makes a little.
Date: 2011.06.12. 15:40:00
Which three sectarian groups are involved in the conflict in Bosnia and Herzogovina (1992-1995)?
German, Croats and Muslims
Alban, Serbs and Muslims
Serbs, Croats and Muslims <- marked as correct
Taliban, Serbs and Muslims

Normally "sectarian group" refers to people belonging to a sect!
Two of the groups listed are listed by their ethnicity, while the 3rd is listed by the religion.
The three groups in question were the Serbs (Orthodox Christians), Croats (Catholics) and ethnic Albanians

I think the question should be:
Which three groups were involved in the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995)?
Which three ethnic groups were involved in the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995)?
and Muslims should be changed to Albanians.
Date: 2011.06.12. 12:30:00
My W2 char, Martin01, has 14 quiz categorisations but nothing marked on the reccomendation page.
Date: 2011.06.10. 20:35:48
My W4 char now has 64 correct categorized questions, and the only thing on my recommendation page is:
0 player was registered on the base of your recommendation..

Edit 201106-11:
My World 4 char just had his categorisation increased to 78 (+14), nothing on the recommendation page but I believe he received 61 SE
Date: 2011.06.08. 21:51:42
Just got "Adatbázis hiba!" on my W2 char, and the same thing on my W4 char, this is getting a bit repetitious.

Can't you please get this system up and running correctly for a change.

I'll try again in a few minutes, but if itat does not go through I'll probably losse my chance again, as I most likely won't have the time to do it tomorow.
Date: 2011.06.08. 20:35:42
Quote: Miklos - 2011.06.08. 16:34:29

Regarding how the Tower of Power works:
As long as you NEVER possessed the highest level ToP, you get a bonus to building it. If you possess it - even only for one day - the building cost will be normal.
This rule was invented when on the primary servers some clans has reached a ToP level 400, and lesser clans had no chance to catch up with them. This rule does very little on a world where the ToP is level 2 or something like that, because the moment you build it, you will probably own it very soon.
If someone owns the ToP, it will lose 1 level every day. On your world, someone build up the ToP to a level, but did not care about upkeeping it, let it lose its levels day by day. So let's say, they built it to level 30, and it lost 1 level each day. When it went down to level 2, they get to the same level as your ToP. because at that moment they already possessed it for 28 days, in that case of tie of course you became "possessors".
Rest assured, when ToP of level 2 compete with each other, it's completely impossible to keep the building bonus, because you will possess it in an eyeblink. But as good news, building level 2 takes only a minimum amount of SE so it doesn't matter if you have building bonus or not. It would matter if you had to catch up with a level 400 ToP.

This is all clear and according to the description, but what is not is what happens when two clans have the same level of ToP and neither have ever had possesion of it (or had it for the same lenght of time). The old description said neither clan would gain the benefit/penalty, the new description simply doesn't say what will happen.

What happened on W2 was that one clan had the ToP for 28 days before it reached lvl 2, while two other clans each had a ToP level of 2 while neither had had possesion of the highest ToP. In this case it's aparently either random or the clan with the largest Soul-well, the most players, or some other unknown factor, that decides who gets possesion.
Several of the buildings have descriptions that are wrong, here are two of them.

Dimension Gate:
Level 1 DG gives 1 dimension gate [point] once every 8 hours, each additional level decreases this by 20 mins. You can use these points as you like, but you can't have more points than the level of the Dimension Gate, and you can activate it once an hour.

The dimension gate can be activated every 20 minutes not every hour.
At level 1 you get one DG point every 2h 40min, this is reduced by 6min 40sec per additional level.

Edit: You can still only store as many points as the level of the DG, but it should be 3*level, not one per level.

The soul-well is normally charged from 0 to maximum during 1 week (it does not depend on size). The catalyst is speeding up this process: each level decreases the charge time and thus the regeneration speed by 8 hours. Maximum level: 15.

The base time for charging the soul well is 3 days 8 hrs, if each level decreases this by 8 hours, level 10 Catalyst would cause the soul-well to be instantly filled, allowing the clan that get's there 1st to instantly build all buildings to max. So that should be "... speed up by 2h 40min."
Date: 2011.06.06. 23:09:10
Which is the 3rd colour of the rainbow?
yellow <- marked as correct

We have been through this before, the rainbow is a continuous spectrum of colors from red to violet (it actually goes further in both directions, but that's invisible) so there is no 3rd colour.