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.... Now you mention it, I got 1050 AS (3*350) so did not get the free AS from the startup offer.

The message in my events log is:
You paid successfully 20 euros by PayPal, that means 1050 ancient stones. (3 burnt-out ancient stones turned into real ancient stones.) (As a bonus, you received the following items: Shield of Doom, Locket of the tireless) Thank you!

And that's exactly what I got.
Date: 2011.05.21. 21:47:55
Trying on my W2 char I got this: Adatbázis hiba! Google says it means Database Error! so I guess the quiz olympics database is having issues...
Date: 2011.05.21. 11:58:38
I did not say the studdy of space or the studdy of the human body. The metaphysician uses metaphysics to describe those things, as opposed to (or sometimes in addition to) using physics to do the same.

As an excample we have ley lines, and magnetic field lines around the Earth. The 1st are metaphysical the second physical, but both tries to describe properties of the world.

But I will have to accept your descission.
Date: 2011.05.21. 10:33:00
And now this:

Which of the following is a definition of metaphysical?

The supernatural <- marked as correct
That which can be measured
The physics of space
The human body

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Your answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question.

Can someone please tell me what's ambiguous about this one? I know metaphysical can mean other things in addition to the supernatural, but among those 4 answers this one is the only one in any dictionary I have ever seen.
Date: 2011.05.21. 10:05:16
I just entered the quiz olympic on W4, at the first try I got a white page with some two hungarian words, that I did not write down, I just went back and tried again.

After waiting for more than 7 minutes for the system to tell me if my 1st answer was right or wrong, I hit refresh, with the result that the clock just restarted, but apart from that nothing changed. Waiting another 3-4 minutes I decided to try to reenter, it seems at 1st glance that I can reenter, but I just get the same question that I cannot answer while the clock counts down from 15 minutes.

I have now given up! My character name on W4 is Martin, please reset it so I can try again on my World 4 account.


I just tried entering again with my W4 account, with the same result: I get the same #1 question and clicking Submit does nothing except starting an animated hourglass icon in the lower righthand corner, while the timer counts down from 15 minutes
Date: 2011.05.21. 09:16:50
I just had my 3rd question rejected in a row with "This question is already part of the database" though I do believe non of those question are actually in there, so I believe they were actually rejected due to "to many in the category"

After looking through the "Quiz evaluation rules and updates" and "Quiz: the aspects of evaluation" threads I found that one of the three was in a category specified to be rejected for to many of that type, but I have not been able to find the other two.

This leads me to the main point of this post: It would be nice to have a central place to check for types of questions that will be automatically rejected due to to many of that kind of question. This will save both the poster and the evaluaters time, as well as a whole lot of frustration.
Date: 2011.05.20. 09:36:36
Quote: Phaedrus2 - 2011.05.20. 01:59:09
The first humans created by God were named...
Adam and Eve <--- correct answer....WRONG, Adam's first wife's name was Lillith, so Adam and Lilith would be the first two.
Levi and Ruth
Job and Sara
Noa and Miriam

Lilith is not mentioned in the Bible, she first appears between 500 and 700 AD in the Babylonian Talmud, so I guess most scholars, whether they believe God did in fact create humans or not, would still agree that it was Adam and Eve.

But if you asked for the name of Adam's first wife according to modern Jewish folklore, the answer would be Lilith.
Date: 2011.05.20. 09:20:15
I did not evaluate your question, but all searches on Google annd my memory indicates that the correct answer is Athena.

Apollo was the god of knowledge, but not of wisdom.
Date: 2011.05.19. 19:31:00
What has roots as nobody sees; Is taller than trees; Up, up it goes; And yet never grows?
Mountain <- marked as correct

While this is undoubtly a saying, it's not true.

Mountains are created by tectonic movement, and some grow, some diminish.
Not sure it's a bug, but when can we start answering quiz questions in advance?

Just wondering, if I buy a relic for 100 AS (under the relics tab) do future chars also gain that relic or only the ones I already have?
Date: 2011.05.17. 17:09:55
When do we get the huckster medallion?
Ty, that's what I thought
Date: 2011.05.17. 14:02:48
Looks like someone missed translating a string

Your team finished 1.
Number of your victories: 712

Your reward:
A hatalom arany kürtje_eng
One of my clanmates said only the 1st 5 memebers of the winning clan get the reward for the clan victory, is this correct? That is not how I read the descriptions, or am I missing something?
Date: 2011.05.17. 09:03:18
I have a spider char on one world and a builder on another, neither have been attacked all that much, in fact my spider char has only been attacked 1 or 2 times, so I don't think a "camping spider" could win anything.
Date: 2011.05.15. 17:38:14
What does AM mean?
Amplitude modulation <- marked as correct
Anno median
Angelo marconi

Well I guess Angelo Marcioni might abreviate his name AM, it could also mean ante meridian, among other things, these questions need to be more spesific.

Sorry but the number of this type of questions annoy me.
Post deleted.

Date: 2011.05.14. 10:26:31
How does the Intelligence skill for pets work?

"Increases pet XP by a percentage equal to this skill. It increases the intelligent pet multiplier. For example, with an IP 50, the multiplier is 2.5x, the intelligence skill raises this to a multiplier of 3x. Counts separately for each pet."

I have recently given my pet 4 skill points in intelligence, having 50 intelligent pet, I thought that would equal me having an intelligent pet skill of 54, which should give me 37 XP/duel fighting with just one pet. All I see however, is a chance of getting one extra XP per duel.

I believe I have found the answer by testing, the description given by the bgame is somewhat misleading. The correct explanation is that each level of inteligense raises the multiplyer by 0.01 not the Inteligent Pet skill by 1 or the multiplier to 3x (this would require an inteligence level of 50 for the pet)
Date: 2011.05.12. 20:50:02
Quote: Sbart - 2011.05.12. 14:32:13
Quote: FriendlyCheese - 2011.05.12. 14:10:20
In which war did the Bloody Sunday happen?
Irish War of Independence
American Revolutionary War
Italian Independence War
French Revolution

I am getting fed up with this question! There is no such thing as the Irish War of Independance. Please remove this question.

Being curious I had to look this up. There actually is an Irish war of Independence (1919-21) (1), but the bloody Sunday incident takes place in 1972 (2) during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march.

So the answer is wrong.


Actually there were two Bloddy Sundays during the Irsih War of Indepenence:

"Bloody Sunday (Irish: Domhnach na Fola) was a day of violence in Dublin on 21 November 1920, during the Irish War of Independence. In total, 31 people were killed – fourteen British, fourteen Irish civilians and three republican prisoners."
Bloody Sunday (1920)

"Bloody Sunday or Belfast's Bloody Sunday was a day of violence in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 10 July 1921, during the Irish War of Independence. Over a four day period, 22 people were killed, 16 of them on 10 July itself. Another 70 people were badly wounded and 200 houses were destroyed."
Bloody Sunday (1921)

But there has been several other days named Bloody Sunday:
Check the list that's on the Wikipedia:
Date: 2011.05.05. 21:45:17
Edit: forget it, I just need to learn to read