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Date: 2010.04.03. 12:58:32
Yeah I think that in a week we will see : " Boar may you not find any map piece and your soul-husker lady lose all the maps .."
And then it will all go down hill for boar ...
Date: 2010.04.03. 11:24:51
Which football club has the most fan in Iran?


Its a very subiective answer because every fan says that HIS team has the most fans ....

Please delete !
Date: 2010.04.03. 10:18:02
I think you are right about the joining ( and it is a smart idea because it would have been very unfair if one of them would have had 100 followers and the other just 10 ).

Boar what did you chose : Ericath ?
Date: 2010.04.03. 00:02:54
I see now that 2 soul-huskers have 10 followers and its says : "Currently, she doesn't need more followers."

what does that mean ? ( that only 10 players for each of them - 40 in total !?!? >> i hope not
Date: 2010.04.02. 23:59:11
Quote: Boar - 2010.04.02. 23:20:16
A question: only a handful of clans have the academy. Why are they get bonus from the climbing skill, which is only available for a few players? (The most players are light-years away from the Academy!)

Very good question -- in world II now clan has the academy and its eons away from ALL the clans lol
Date: 2010.04.02. 16:10:25
So we have a new even THE MAP . Personally I like the idea and hope that the new Sunday even will also be a good one .

But I want to hear your opinions about what is the best Soul-huckster we should chose :

Katherin, the gorgeous - I think its the best one for duels !

Agnaesh, the fascinating - the best one for the building tip players and for the vast number of players that use Hunting as the best way to gather SE

But I don"t know if the last II :

Ericath, the enchanting and Marietta, the charming

are better the first one .

What do you think ? also What is the best soul- husker for a duel character ?


Who do you think it will win ?
( I am betting on Agnaesh because I think the vast majority of the players will chose it )
Date: 2010.04.02. 15:57:31
Great idea !

I am really curios to see what event you have for us on Sunday .
Date: 2010.03.27. 19:58:52
You just have to click on the Quiz button and then you will see at the top end of the page : Forward to Quiz olympics - rules , entries , results .
Date: 2010.03.27. 12:47:20
At Learning Level 9.

So how fast you will get it depends on how much SE you want to invest in it ...
Date: 2010.03.27. 08:56:28
Yes the absorption can surpass the base level and it is posible that a pet with a low base level but with a big level of exp be better then a pet with a high base level but with a low exp level !
Date: 2010.03.25. 23:09:37
You just have to click on the Quiz button and then you will see at the top end of the page : Forward to Quiz olympics - rules , entries , results .

But do remember that they are held only once a month !
Date: 2010.03.25. 23:07:15
It means that if i am in your clan and give MY vote to you I can at any moment to take the vote back .


It does not mean that you ( even if you are a leader of the clan ) can change my vote .
Date: 2010.03.25. 17:22:02
The answer to this depends with your playing style and with past experience .

I think the best horde is the Emerald and the best way to play the game is to change sides : first start as a Diamond then change to a Ruby and in the end become a Emerald ....
Date: 2010.03.25. 17:12:59
You will find him in legend at Level 8.
Date: 2010.03.23. 17:47:07
Something is wrong with the hunt it is not 5 minutes hunt now there are 3 minutes hunts !?!

And the duel points don"t show the time any more !?!
Date: 2010.03.22. 22:59:29
Prerequisites to Epic Monument : Treasury 1, Citadel of Destruction 2
Date: 2010.03.19. 20:52:34
In which team the football player Leonel Messi plays?

Real Madrid
San Lorenzo

This will be incorect as soon as he will move to other teams !!!!

Also it is to vague because I can come with players from my own country .
Date: 2010.03.19. 18:08:44
I think this is a mistake :

How high is the highest peak in Europe?
Mount Blanc - 4810
Mount Everest - 8848
Mount Everest - 4810
Mount Blanc -8848

The answer I found :
Mount Elbrus, 5642m. in Caucasus :
Great post Stekkos !!!
Date: 2010.03.13. 11:54:58
Are any clans from world I that will also open a clan in world II ?

I want to join a clan that has exp players from world I ....
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