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Date: 2012.07.07. 20:06:57
According to the hungarian wiki page, every level of DG after 25 gives 4% more SE (to the base DG loot). On lvl. 50 you should get double SE from DG...
Date: 2012.07.01. 08:10:42
It's under Misc/Acceleration.
Date: 2012.06.30. 09:41:21
You need a free slot.
Date: 2012.06.28. 17:39:38
Legend Chapter 70, 4th line.
Date: 2012.06.28. 06:46:44
After you sold 10 of them their value decrease. If you sold 10 of them, then for the next one you will only get 9, for the following one 8 ... etc. till it reaches 1. This rule was introduced so the high level players wont farm duacts from fresh clans. 3-3,5 M raw SE is enough to build a brand new clan up to epic killing, and slaying the first 50-100 monster is also easy for a high level player.
Date: 2012.06.28. 06:44:38
Revisit the Xeno page and you will get it.
Date: 2012.06.24. 10:02:55
23.) The maximum of your soul-energy squeezing skill is increased by 5.
24.) The bonus to increase your luck is now 6% instead of 4%.
25.) From now on, each of your pets max. skill points is increased by 10.
26.) Your magic absorption is increased by 100.
27.) The maximum of your shape reality skill is increased by 5.
28.) The bonus to increase your abilities is now 3% instead of 2%.
29.) The bonus to increase your skills is now 3% instead of 2%.
30.) From now on, each of your pets max. skill points is increased by 10.
31.) You get+8% bonus to your hunts instead of +5% SE. (Does not stack with Tower of Power bonus)
32.) You get an additional 5% bonus to your AA points.
33.) The chance to find a special essence will increase from 33% to 50%.
34.) The bonus to increase your luck is now 8% instead of 6%.
35.) From now on, each of your pets max. skill points is increased by 10.
Date: 2012.06.19. 12:01:36
Punisher items (the ones that make the attacker lose AP) are not available from entities. You can only get those items from epic monsters.
Date: 2012.06.19. 11:58:26
Castle only gives AA point bonus to hunting, so do the math again. Also if you are premium player, then you get 10% more AA points, so put an 1,1 multiplier to the formula.
Date: 2012.05.13. 13:32:08
The first 7 places get medals. If someone already has 12, then the next person gets the medal. The main point is, that 7 medals are awarded at every Quiz Olympics.
Date: 2012.05.11. 16:37:51
I think it's the old text for the quiz olympics, the rules are still the same, so don't worry about it.
Date: 2012.05.04. 09:24:24
Temple wand can be used only once.
Date: 2012.05.04. 09:24:01
The transcendal destruction skill is the reward of the 6x6 Temple, you have to be lvl. 51+ to get this reward.
Date: 2012.05.01. 11:13:44,147.0
Date: 2012.04.26. 19:06:42
Dracons are generated from your own character's stats, so if you are strong the dracons will be strong as well.
Date: 2012.04.18. 16:19:58
The event is using AP and SE. If you want to spend all of your APs on the event, you need DPs to get the SE for the battles. I think saving up both is a good idea.
Date: 2012.04.17. 06:47:16
Date: 2012.04.01. 07:59:08
You can only get the platinum item, if you had the golden item before.
Date: 2012.03.28. 18:22:39
Yes, thats how it works.
Date: 2012.03.28. 17:50:55
There are buildings called Masterful Architecture I. & II. , they increase the maximum level of the ramparts/TG.
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