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Date: 2020.11.29. 08:26:03
I think there is a bug reporting bugs to the support team as I have had no response to a bug I found and reported three days ago.
Date: 2020.09.21. 09:19:59
As a member of Emerald Legion I must apologise for using a computer called 'Deep Thought' to analyse the clan championship so we have a high success rate. Seriously though it does seem that the developers have missed a trick here by not ensuring that the people with the deepest pockets do not win even this tiny part of the game rather than those with the deepest thought. But all is not lost for you because some malware has managed to infiltrate our splendid system and we have had some undesired glitches of late.
Date: 2018.07.11. 18:34:19
Plus I am still waiting for my 5 tokens for clan championship for attacking 10 times. Plus today's statistics on clan championship have not been reset.

Help! Please help!
Date: 2017.09.26. 05:49:26
When a temporal relic expires a message should be displayed in the character's Event log. Yesterday I lost over 100 points on my ability bonuses (15 x 7, I think) but have no idea if this was due to temporal relic expiring or if it was some bug. I only noticed because the maximum I could get for manaconstrution fell when using all the equipment with highest magic.
Date: 2016.09.25. 16:42:09
Thanks. That's going to be difficult at the rate we get brown mytokronits from astral treasures - unless there is another way. I see you can get them by squeezing pets that produce essences as well (after spending 20 AA points) but that is not all that productive either.
Date: 2016.09.25. 05:52:56
I have 62 diranium but can not upgrade my abilities which are all 20. I thought if I had 20d I could upgrade one of my minion abilities by pressing one of the + signs (on the strong arm icon). I also have enough brown mytokronits. Is it a bug or am I missing something?
Date: 2016.09.24. 12:17:26
No problem with the minion or captured pet screen now thank you. Looks like the update had only been half done when I first posted.
Date: 2016.09.23. 12:18:21
Sorry but visually it looks awful. And even the captured creatures page is bad to use now. Please say this isn't right and it is being looked at.

It's Ok now thanks.
Date: 2016.08.09. 22:45:56
Date: 2016.08.09. 15:37:49
I may be missing something but the pet's base level seems to have disappeared since the change to '3 pets in a row on captured pets page'. It does show on release pet and squeeze pet pages though. Better if it was on captured pets page even if it only appeared after selecting pet skills.
Date: 2016.03.09. 15:56:48
Thanks I didn't know that.
Date: 2016.03.09. 09:49:59
When challenging crystal horde I lose to 'Immunity from spikes' and same for negative aura. What is that all about?
Date: 2016.02.19. 18:18:44
Yes my rank is listed now as I am in the top 50 but what happens if it falls below 50 as it likely will? Are you able to see the 50th to 100 positions similar to 'High Scores'?
Date: 2016.02.19. 14:19:22
How can you tell if you are in the 50th-100th position range please?
Date: 2015.09.22. 08:23:59
Thanks. Double click is possible but I don't think I did that. I had also just answered another question previously. I will wait and see if it happens again.
Date: 2015.09.20. 08:22:23
I was just answering a quiz question what is a beagle, with the options, bird, dog cat or fish. I chose dog and the game came back with 'wrong answer, the correct answer is Mary Poppins'. There was no time delay in answering the question either as it is obvious a beagle is a dog. What is happening?
Date: 2015.08.05. 08:19:06
I got the medal but not the +8 ability bonus.
Is the latest summer vacation task 'Curse' another mistake or cheat? The reward shown is 1 AA point but no sun crystal.
Date: 2015.07.26. 07:06:45
I received a diamond horde medal (+8 abilities) but none of my abilities actually increased. And I know I didn't get a diamond horde medal last time. I am in the Emerald horde and so I have sent in a ticket about this.
I can't be 100% sure whether I had any sun crystals before and I may possibly have changed them for minion crystals but I don't think so. I know for sure I have some of the ones Cruel listed - 50 carnival masks, 76 snow crystals, 40 xeno chitins, 57 grapes,5 colored egg, 3 chalice of life, 45 victory emblem. And I will not be changing them. As long as we stand a decent chance of getting 100 this time though I will be satisfied.
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