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Date: 2012.03.31. 18:54:45
Who was the first female operator? Operator of what ? From the possible answers I assume it requires the word #tekephone' inserted. The answers however contain only subtle spelling differences. So I would suggest deletion of this question.
Date: 2012.03.18. 08:35:59
If your first hunt of the day (to activate wheel of fortune), results in a'capture' (and thus good for helm shards) it does not activate wheel of fortune, which displays the' you have not hunted or dueled today' message.
Date: 2012.03.09. 06:41:25
Having reset my duel options (to allow me to collect helm shards), I am now unable to duel or challenge, getting the following error !!HSZ!! (portya_error_35)
Date: 2011.11.29. 06:56:46
Thanks for reply, but I'm 99.99% sure that the items were the same. Also it returned to its original level about 2 hours later (when I logged on again and at that time everything was 100% identical). I'll watch out for this ooccuring again and let you know, when/if it happens.

Date: 2011.11.27. 08:56:52
Has there been a change in the method of calculating SP ? Two days ago I had a maximum SP of over 48000 today (with the same items) I only have 46079 ?

Looking forward to a prompt reply
Date: 2011.11.01. 17:13:20
My question :
What is the correct specific collective noun for giraffes ?


The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
Your answers are ambiguous or wrong to this question.

Is far from Ambiguous, the questions states 'specific', the only animal with the collective noun of Tower is the giraffe, hence 'specific'.
Date: 2011.01.20. 09:42:19
When my pet fights on my behalf the text said that it 'damages you for '?
The text is copied in below
You try a quick attack at the direction of your opponent. Your weapon bounces harmlessly off the armor of *Arkellenon*. Undead dezintegrating pony attacks with a snarl. damages you for 96 hit points. Your opponent's pet loses 1 hit points.
You regenerate 5 hit points.

The damage was recorded against my opponent so probably just a TEXT message error.
I archived battle (against Arkellenon) so that the programmers can see full battle report if required.
Date: 2010.12.21. 07:29:58
I request the game builders to build in an option for clans to vote to 'suspend' clan benefits to a specific clan member for a set (14 days ??) period of time giving the CLAN a 'punishment' option other than outright dismissal from the clan.
Date: 2010.11.28. 13:28:56
If you walk DUE south pole and take a LEFT once you arrive which direction will you be facing?

Terrible grammatically. Requires rewording.
Date: 2010.08.28. 07:39:14
At times you are unable to attack characters 'because you will gain no SE', when at WAR the victory count is often more important than the SE gain. Can this restriction be lifted when at WAR.
Date: 2010.08.04. 17:50:49
Because there are two CRYSTAL CLANS with the same name it appears to cause issues with destructive strike, declaring war etc. I suggest you rename them has perhaps Crystal Clan1 and Crystal Clan2
Date: 2010.07.26. 11:02:36
Dennis Hoppers first movie ?
Answer given was Rebel Without a Cause, but in fact he appeared in Johnny Guitar in 1954, His first directoral was in Easy Rider
Date: 2010.07.26. 07:44:07
Which animal is tallest standing on its hind legs ?
answer given as correct is :
a bare

This is a blatant spelling error
it should be

Date: 2010.04.25. 09:57:06
How many years between leap years ?
Leap years occur every fourth year (except at turn of some centuries), there are therefore normally 3 years 'between' leap years, the quiz answer accepted as correct is 4. Which is obviously an error.
Date: 2010.02.23. 17:07:59
Why do Chinese police travel in threes ?
One can read, one can write and one to watch the two 'intellectuals'.
Date: 2010.01.29. 10:58:52
When a candidate for the clan is rejected we are told

The appliance of Mr.bluesky321 is refused.

It should read

The application of ............

An appliance is a physical device; for example a washing machine is a kitchen appliance
when someone applies, they make an application, which is sometime rejected.
Date: 2009.12.02. 20:22:06
The calculation for bonus SE is incorrect 990 SE witha bonus of 89 for correct abswer is not possible ? 890-899 gib=ves 89 bonus and a total of 979-988 to get 990 witha bonus of 89 I needed a base score of 901 + 10% would be 991 ???
Date: 2009.12.02. 20:06:14
What do tanners make ? The answer given as correct is saddles, Tanners make leather , normally by the use of Oak, ie added TANNIN to the 'raw' hides of cows. Saddlers make saddles, they use leather and other items but do not manufacture the leather.
Date: 2009.09.16. 17:52:10
who was john lennon, three war graves are recorded for john lennon, we all know he was a beatle, but please don't direspect our war dead by this question
Date: 2009.09.04. 17:17:02
There is no TOPIC suggestions, so sorry had to appear under BUG REPORTS (perhaps the fact that no Topic Suggestions exist ids a BUG )
Any way the real suggestion is that THE SOUL WELL should appear under the statistics for each building (as a character) that will allow clan members to see where their soul well is being spent.

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