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Dátum: 2011.09.03. 01:01:09
Increasingly I've been seeing spam on the forum, posting links to things not relevant to the game, can we have a moderator to delete the posts/users or at least a system where players can mark it as spam. You could stretch it so that if a post has a score of less than 3, it gets hidden unless we purposefully click to view it.
Dátum: 2011.08.26. 15:56:02
On the forums, could you change it so that auto-rating of 5 isn't counted as part of the average if someone rates it? It seems weird that a post worth a rating of 10 will never ever achieve that because the forum has already voted it a five...
Dátum: 2011.08.26. 15:53:05
Idézet: Miklos - 2011.08.26. 15:38:15
we will take into account even squeezing.

This is good, I like this kind of dedication. I also like that fact that bonus XP per hunt from rings/necklaces is taken into account in the duels, I don't remember that being there last time.

Good job so far, I'm enjoying this event, even if I am well behind on the scoreboard!
Dátum: 2011.08.26. 15:48:21
Not happy, couldn't enter but others could and as a result I missed out on the opportunity for a quiz medal.

I checked at 6pm if I could get in and even if it was fixed, the duration of the olympics should've been extended and an update on the main page stating it was fixed would've been significantly better.
Dátum: 2011.08.22. 14:40:16
My Legend hasn't appeared for the past 10 levels (the first one that's missing is #82), it just comes up with a Hungarian error:

Hiányzó 82. fejezet!
Hiányzó 83. fejezet!
Hiányzó 84. fejezet!

Oh I see this has already been reported, this is just a reminder to fix it then
Dátum: 2011.08.22. 14:31:29
There was too much of a story to Zarknod for it to be simply repeated, Zarknod was imprisoned by the enemy, but the enemy is gone so how can he be imprisoned again? I'm sure they could spin it in somehow, but I don't think it was intended to be repeated (although Landragor is pretty much the repeat event)

It was pretty tough to get all 3 relics last time so to get all 6 is even harder. I don't know how it will work, but my guess is:

Stage 1, you can get any relics from Zarknod and the first relic from Stage 1
Stage 2 you get any relics other than the relic from landragor stage 3
Stage 3 you can get all relics
Dátum: 2011.08.21. 15:57:44
A kvízolimpia jelenleg nem fut
Quiz Olympics is running currently and will end tomorrow at midnight.

Google translate says that it means the quiz olympics are not currently running. Please fix!
Dátum: 2011.06.20. 22:48:13
A kvízolimpia jelenleg nem fut
Quiz Olympics is running currently and will end tomorrow at midnight.

Google translate says: ' the quiz olympics are not running '

Which to believe

Please fix
Dátum: 2011.06.09. 23:39:35
Each quiz medal will give +1% soul-energy if you answer a question correctly while you hunt. One player can have a maximum of 12 quiz medals. (He or she can still participate in the Olympics but cannot be at the first 3 places anymore.)

Presumably it means the first 7 places since they are the ones which receive quiz medals? Please update or clarify, since if they were placed fourth, they would still stop someone from receiving the medal.
Dátum: 2011.06.04. 20:32:47
For a question like this:

Master of Puppets is an album/song title for which band?
Guns N' Roses
Meat Loaf

Do I categorize it as a question about musical artists, or a question about musical works and pieces? It's about both, but which way round should I do these sorts of questions... Do I look at the question only and say it's about musical works and pieces?

Also, I'm having trouble categorizing questions about nations in specific eg.
Serbia's national drink is
The colour of the german flag is

Could we add a sub-category 'Nations' under the geography/astronomy/geology category?
Dátum: 2011.06.03. 14:03:14
Idézet: Matdav - 2011.06.01. 15:02:24
The acceleration also doubles your categorized questions, but it doesn't work with the keys. You should get the maximum amount of quiz medals from categorization before buying one of the keys.

That's not fair, if anything the keys then become a burden, not worth the 7k soul diamonds I forked out for it... It should say in the description about not counting for the quiz categorization at least, and that's only if they can't change it so it does.
Dátum: 2011.06.01. 13:05:35
The players that have the acceleration option of 1 answer counts for 2 hunts, will the same apply for quiz categorization?

The reason I ask is because if a player has the golden key, they answer 1 question for 10 hunts, but in those 10 hunts, other players could categorize 10 questions correctly and be on their way to a quiz medal/more SE.
Dátum: 2011.05.22. 13:10:43
Idézet: Sacrosanct - 2011.05.21. 17:52:20
i have problems on W4 as well.. i could not answer even the first question... the hour glass just kept turning and turning no matter how often i refreshed the page, hit the back buton, restarted my computer, tried 2 other computers... all the same

after i pressed submit on the first question it just loaded and nothing more... it timed out, and now i can't get back in...

i want a redo!

Yep, exact same problem, but it was fine on W2...
Idézet: Miklos - 2011.05.19. 11:53:10
Yes, elementary fusion gives 3x AP daily.

It says that in the description of the skill, but it doesn't say shape reality provides 3DP for every 4th level, it says it provides only 1. I presume it's 3, but can you clarify that?
Dátum: 2011.05.21. 10:35:52
The quiz olympics aren't working on my W4 character (worked fine on W2).

It gives me this question:

Which of the following is not a type of muscle?

I click spongy, submit, nothing happens (the egg timer in the bottom right appears, but it has been swivelling for 5 minutes now and I just refresh the page, only to find the same question and my time reset. Help?
Dátum: 2011.05.12. 13:05:06
Does the diamond horde's 10% bonus SE from duels have an affect on EH? It's not bothered me much in the past, but with the new world coming up I'd like a definitive answer
Dátum: 2011.05.10. 15:11:54
Idézet: Cruel01 - 2011.05.04. 01:32:26
Idézet: Sbart - 2011.05.03. 19:19:25
Idézet: stekkos - 2011.05.03. 17:06:45
Cruel, at my page on top i have countdown timers for duel, skill, hunt, etc. Dont you?

He want it in the tab itself, so that you can see in your different tabs when you are a 0 penalty, when next hunt is over, when you can attack the epic etc etc

As a matter of fact, I want to see the timer in the windows toolbar, so that I can check, for example, how long it will take until I can heal the pets again, without having to open the internet browser many times until I actually can do it.


This is a fantastic idea! I've thought about it before and I don't think it would be too difficult to do since I've seen it on other games.

The professions sounds super difficult to balance, but it is surely doable.
I like the idea of it being a bad thing if used improperly, so it actually requires some skill to balance and exploit.
Dátum: 2011.04.19. 15:54:50
I wondered if the chance to critical on a spell was actually:
(critical spell of yours - critical spell of opponent) + critical spell from equipment
and the first part >= 0
as that is what the description of the skill/equipment suggests, but I've never seen 2 players deal critical magic damage on each other in the same battle so it can't be that and therefore must be what you said.

On a side note, why does my magic absorption state 263 on my character page / when being scryed, when it's actually 86? My pet's magic absorption is 38*2, bringing it to a total of 152, but pet magic absorption and normal absorption aren't shown on the character page anyway... the only other thing I could think of is the zarknod relic, adding magic absorption, but I never got that and it still wouldn't be enough (it would probably give around 140).

When checking other players, looking at equipment and relics totals the number I see, so how come I'm getting way more protection than I should be?
Dátum: 2011.04.18. 22:52:08
The way it describes it though is that we will hunt larger monsters (as in lesser, tiny, greater etc.), giving us an average of +5%, not that the monsters we hunt will get +5% increase? Or am i misunderstanding the skill?

So increasing it past level/2 +1 has no effect?
Dátum: 2011.04.18. 22:47:49
It would be nice to have the ability to demolish the ToP if we didn't want to lose the bonus gained from never having it. Is this possible?
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