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Date: 2019.02.27. 11:26:30
No worries, we add enemies for higher levels now.
Date: 2019.02.12. 11:56:28
Valentine's day promotion - alive from Thursday
Surprise your beloved with a gift pack! Buy ancient stones between 14th and 25th of February, and send a present to a choosen character!
If you buy ancient stones during this period, you can choose a character in the ancient stones menu to receive the item rewards. The items are given only after you choose a player! You can give them to any character, including yours. You can buy several packages, but one player can receive only ONE package.

20 ancient stones: 2 EUR or 25 ancient stones with mobile payment
3 energy concentrate, 1 carnival mask, 50 ectoplasm

100 ancient stones: 8 EUR
3 orc beer, 10 energy concentrates, 2 carnival masks, 40 mytokronit jokers, 2 loyalty shards, 250 ectoplasm

350 ancient stones: 20 EUR
1 fetish joker, 10 orc beer, 30 energy concentrates, 5 carnival masks, 120 mytokronit jokers, 6 loyalty shards, 1000 ectoplasm

750 ancient stones: 40 EUR
2 fetish joker, 20 orc beer, 70 energy concentrates, 10 carnival masks, 250 mytokronit joker, 14 loyalty shards, 2500 ectoplasm

1600 ancient stones: 80 EUR
3 fetish jokers, 40 orc beer, 150 energy concentrates, 25 carnival masks, 600 mytokronit jokers, 30 loyalty shards, 6000 ectoplasm

mytokronit joker: exchange 2 for a brown mytokronit, or 1 for any other mytokronit.
fetish joker: exchanged for either a temple wand, a pit wand of a fetish shard.

The opportunity is alive from 14th of February (GMT+1 time, check the time on the bottom of the page). If you use an instant payment (bank card, paypal, onebip) you will have the option to give the present immediately. For delayed payment methods (bank transfer) you get the option when the money arrives. The bank transfer have to arrive between 14th and 25th of February to be eligible to give a present. You can give the present when you like.

Please also be ready for a special Valentine days daily offer on 14h of February!
Date: 2019.02.04. 12:26:37
I'm sorry, but event like Tower of Challenge does not run on World 4s... The button displayed is only a bug. For the auction house to open, a given number of players much reach a given level.
Date: 2019.01.31. 15:10:55
Thanks for the notice, we corrected it. And the quiz olympics will re-run tomorrow as well, we fixed the problem.
Date: 2019.01.31. 15:08:17
Dear Players, we are re-running the Quiz Olympics on World4 on the next 2 days (Friday and Saturday).
Dear Players, Tower of Challenge is coming back on Wednesday!

Expected changes:

1.) If you reached at least level 52 previously, this time you will start from "your last level"-50 instead of level 1. For example, if you reached to level 100 previously, you will start from level 50 right away (but you will still need to do at least 1 level to claim any rewards!)

2.) You can claim rewards for levels for which you have claimed it before (even if you "jumped" them like described in 1.)) Some of these rewards will be the same items (just lesser amount), some will be different items, and some will be the exact same item (like temple and pit wands). We also added new rewards for level 115-140.

3.) The medals will get some extra bonus besides that they reduce the waiting time in the tower. So they will be useful outside the tower, by granting some critical hit and toughness. If you have different medals, you will still keep each, but only the strongest will take effect, for example if you have 2 silver and 1 gold, the gold will take effect. However, a 2nd, 3rd etc gold medal will give additional bonus.
Date: 2019.01.28. 11:40:51
We are sorry for this problem, unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this yet. We are still working on it, and after that, we will re-launch the quiz olympics (probably either Wednesday or Thursday). Thank you for your patience.
Date: 2019.01.21. 15:36:00
You do have a level 50 energy harness; it's just not visible until your learning skill reaches the sufficient level (but I think it is working regardless).
Date: 2018.12.28. 13:29:58
Doomlord 2019 Event Calendar
Dear Players, here is the schedule for 2019 Events.

Fast, limited time competition worlds:
Clan W4 15th January - 16th March
level 60 W4 16th April – 16th June
Clan W4 9th July - 9th September
level 60 W4 27th September - 30th November
pre-registration begins 1 week earlier

Jan. 8. Xeno War
jan. 30. Tower of Challenge
Feb. 6. Doomlord Carneval mini-events
Feb. 26. War of Hucksters
March 19. Pit of Doom (no Pit of Damnation in March!)
Apr. 8. Easter events
Apr. 25. Imprisoning Landragor
May 13. Spring Festival mini-events
May. 30. Ruler of the Planet
June 19. Celebration of Reconquering the Surface
July 9. Xeno War
July 31. Summer Vacation events
Aug. 19. War of Hucksters
Sept. 9. Tower of Challenge
Sept. 16. Wine Harvest events
Oct. 3. Pit of Doom (no Pit of Damnation in October!)
Oct. 24. Beer Festival
Nov. 14. Imprisoning Landragor
Dec. 5. Christmas events
Schedule is subject to change.
Date: 2018.12.11. 16:23:06
Christmas promotion
The Christmas promotion will launch together with the Christmas celebration events. Between 13th and 20st of December, if you buy ancient stones, you will get a gift pack on your first purchase, depending on the amount, or you can send it to a friend. One player can receive only one pack.

20 ancient stones: 2 EUR or 25 ancient stones with mobile payment
3 ancient gold jokers, 1 christmas cake, 1 gift pack

100 ancient stones: 8 EUR
1 relic coupon, 6 ancient gold jokers, 10 snow crystal, 2 christmas cakes, 2 gift pack, 40 mytokronit jokers

350 ancient stones: 20 EUR
1 temple wand, 15 ancient gold jokers, 25 snow crystal, 4 christmas cakes, 6 gift pack, 120 mytokronit jokers

750 ancient stones: 40 EUR
2 temple wands, 30 ancient gold jokers, 50 snow crystal, 8 christmas cakes, 12 gift pack, 250 mytokronit jokers, 1 crystal mytoaffinity

1600 ancient stones: 80 EUR
4 temple wands, 70 ancient gold jokers, 100 snow crystal, 16 christmas cakes, 25 gift pack, 600 mytokronit jokers, 1 crystal mytoaffinity

mytokronit joker: exchange 2 for a brown mytokronit, or 1 for any other mytokronit.
ancient gold joker: exchange 3 for an ancient golden coin or a golden soul-focus, or exchange 1 for a luck coupon.

The opportunity is alive from 13th of Dec (GMT+1 time, check the time on the bottom of the page). If you use an instant payment (bank card, paypal, onebip) you will have the option to give the present immediately. For delayed payment methods (bank transfer) you get the option when the money arrives. The bank transfer have to arrive between 13th and 20th of December to be eligible to give a present.

Christmas sale

Between 13th and 20st of Dec, we have a big Christmas sale: the soul-huckster gives 20% discount on the ancient stone price of all his merchandise (only items sold under "soul-huckster")! The same applies to the special daily offers during this time. 

Also the duration of auctions in the auction house will be 24 hours instead of 72 hours! Grab your unique relics now!

We will have some special items for this sale at the huckster just during this period. misc. items: potion of happiness, enchanted pet food, monster cocktail, locked chest, hunter's loot, lesser hunter's loot, berserker potion, minion crystal packs, mytokronit packs, gift packs.

Finally, we will keep track of the ancient stones you spend on this sale. Depending on the amount you spend, we will give you Christmas gift packs, look for them on the daily routine page.

Also look out for the Eye of the Beholder, the special wheel of fortune under soul-huckster!

Between noon of 24th of Dec and noon of 25th Dec (GMT+1), peace will take over the world of Doomlord: players will not duel and drain each other's soul-energy, so you can develop peacefully in this period. Pets morale does not decrease during this time. There will be also a discount to the soul-energy price of potions during this time.

We will continue to give support during the holidays.

We wish a Merry Christmas to all doomladies and doomlords! 

The Doomlord Team
Date: 2018.11.27. 13:41:36
Destructive diffusion is a level 273 spell. It is an alternate option to complete the quest for those who have already passed that level and can't buy a higher level spell.
Date: 2018.11.19. 18:23:44
Dear Players,
For 9 days, starting on Thursday, 22th of November, those who purchase ancient stones will receive a special gift pack!

Ancient stone gift packs
Duration: 22th - 30th of November. (from Thursday to next Friday)

If you buy ancient stones during this promotion, you get a gift pack, depending on the amount of ancient stones you purchased. Each player can receive only ONE gift pack.

20 ancient stones purchase:
1 chest of Universe, 1 Christmas cake, 2 crystal jokers, 10 mytokronit jokers

100 ancient stones purchase:
1 relic joker, 3 chests of Universe, 2 Christmas cakes, 10 golden ducats*, 2 emerald boxes, 10 crystal jokers, 40 mytokronit jokers

350 ancient stones purchase:
3 relic jokers, 10 chests of Universe, 4 Christmas cakes, 25 golden ducats*, 7 emerald boxes, 35 crystal jokers, 120 mytokronit jokers, 1 fetish joker

750 ancient stones purchase:
5 relic jokers, 20 chests of Universe, 8 Christmas cakes, 50 golden ducats*, 15 emerald boxes, 70 crystal jokers, 250 mytokronit jokers, 1 fetish joker

1600 ancient stones purchase:
10 relic jokers, 40 chests of Universe, 16 Christmas cakes, 100 golden ducats*, 30 emerald boxes, 160 crystal jokers, 600 mytokronit jokers, 2 fetish jokers

mytokronit joker: exchange 2 for a brown mytokronit, or 1 for any other mytokronit.
crystal joker: exchange for a temple crystal, a minion crystal or a diranium.
relic joker: exchange 1 for a relic coupon, 2 for a kryxonium focus, or 4 for an unobtanium focus.
fetish joker: exchanged for either a temple wand, a pit wand of a fetish shard.

* golden ducats will appear only once the auction house is available for your level

Also watch out for the daily offer on Black Friday, 23th of November!
Date: 2018.11.15. 12:29:16
We have added to the game the Temple of Gigantic Doom. If you are at least level 90, have 20 or more temple medals, and have at least 10 temple wands, you will be offered a choice when using a temple wand: you can spend 10 temple wands at once to open the Gigantic Temple instead of the normal.
This temple consists of 7 x 7 tasks, and its duration is 50 days instead of 28. It will have some new tasks, and some of the old ones will be more difficult (for example, you need to increase your skill by 6 instead of 3). But the small bags will contain 10x reward, and the final treasure chests contents will be truly epic proportions!
We have also added 3 AA abilities connected to the Temple of Doom, and increased the max level of the Temple Crystal ability by 14 if you have completed at least one Gigantic Temple.
We would like to call your attention to a change we implemented about 2 months ago. The exchange ratio of temple crystals to ancient stones has changed to those who used this exchange many times already. The first 100 exchange is still 30 crystal apiece, the next 50 will cost 60-60, the next 50 90-90 etc. This change was necessary due to the ever-increasing rate of temple crystals found.
Date: 2018.10.08. 15:16:45
The second unique item - Auction Fetish - is up for bidding in the auction house!
Still waiting for translations, when it is done (in 1-2 weeks) we will add that too. Until then, save up temple wands
Date: 2018.10.03. 12:44:51
You are right, the programmer did not add these for some reason. We add these too, one at a time, with normal, 72 hours auction now (I will post news about it as well).
Date: 2018.10.03. 12:41:48
The highscore reward is just one of the rewards you can get in this event. You also get tokens for each level you reach, and there are stage bonuses (you can see it under rewards) so it is worth going as far as you can, regardless of highscore standing.

Khine: your level can't drop. If you reach level 111, you are there, you get the reward at the end for reaching so far, regardless if others reach it.
Date: 2018.10.02. 12:59:29
Ok, I see, the programmer told me the scores from world 2 and world 3 werent upated early on, sorry for that. When you go to the tower, you see "tower level X", so you know at what level you are. If it differs drastically from what you read on the highscore, feel free to report on support. I got one report that "something is wrong with the highscore" but didnt got any more details, so I just reply the above and asked for more info. If you experience any problem, please try to report in as much details as possible, so we can fix it asap.
Date: 2018.10.02. 11:15:37
What do you mean by "messed up"? Highscore refreshes only once every 30 minutes, and only the top 20 is shown while the event is running...
Date: 2018.09.29. 08:17:33
The Tower of Challenge already have a topic, but I summarize the information here, separately.

The tower has unlimited levels, each level is guarded by a stonger monster which you have to defeat. Each monster is suspectible to one or two elemental attack, and resistant to another. So equip weapon wisely. Also pay attention to what armor you wear: the proper armor may reduce the incoming damage greatly, while the improper one can increase it. Unfortunately, you do not see the element of your next opponent before you attack is, so you might need to retry a fight at later levels after changing the equipment.

Go to the soul huckster. You can see the element of equipment under its picture. When you hover the cursor over the icon, you will see "fire" "dark" etc. Which element is the opposite of other is pretty self-explanatory.

You can add an element to your legendary equipment too. Go to the legendary equipment page, and below the statistics of the item, there will be we a button where you can add an element for 3 challenge tokens.

Depending on your level, the first 10, or maybe even the first 100 level will be absolutely trivial, and you dont even have to worry about elemental armor and weapons. But eventually, you will meet your nemesis. In this case, you will have the opportunity to ask help from another player, he will defeat the monster for you - but the number of helps is limited, and the event lasts only for 7 days! You can ask help from the same player only once.

Before advancing to the new level, you also have to complete a small task as well.

The event will have 3 type of rewards: first of all, you get tokens for each fight, which you can exchange for a reward of your choice. Second, you will get various rewards at the end, depending on how many levels you cleared. And finally, we will award medals to the best, who have reached the highest levels. The event will repeat once every 6 months.