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Date: 2010.12.20. 23:51:21
It is not a fibonacci sequence
Date: 2010.12.19. 17:45:39
Quote: stekkos - 2010.12.19. 16:52:50
Yes i figured that out but what is that question doing here? Or am i missing something?

It actually is a funny story, Months ago I wanted to write a question about "Mein Kampf" but I could not put it through because word "hitler" was consideres a vulgarism by the games engine. I asked admins to change it and than completely forgotten about the whole case. Today I reminded myself about it and wanted to check werther or not someone changed it. And indeed, the question was submitted, the only remining problem is that isted of "hitler" I have written "hither". You see the irony, don't you
Date: 2010.12.19. 12:53:42
D00ml0rd is really do not see any point in continuing this conversation with you. Consider this post an act of politeness and good will. I have no personal interest in helping you get over your frustration, ghosts from the past or whatever it is that makes you so miserable and desperate to attack me personally. The core of the topic is that a skinhead has absolutely nothing to do with a nazi and I hope that you understand that. Due to my behavioral superiority I do not think that you can possibly ever "piss me off" as I pay no attention to your invectives. If you are willing to post any comments in any topics is would like to advice to be precise and have arguments. If you are willing to insult me or anybody on this forum please send a private message, it keep the forum nice and tidy.
Date: 2010.12.19. 11:29:00
Date: 2010.12.19. 10:18:29
Well you are indeed entitled to your own opinion. In my humble one post 195. is hillarious but I can understand that it may be hard to understand for someone at your age/social status due to its complexity. I can assure you that there is no ignorance in that post. Please do not use words of which meaning is not understood by yourself. Please respect other people by using their nicknames appropriately.
Oh and regarding the idiom I meant - you can always google it
Date: 2010.12.19. 09:34:08
Viridel, D00ml0rd -> if the cap fits, wear it.

My post (number 195.) is a joke, if you don't get it just ignore it.
Date: 2010.12.19. 08:25:10
Quote: Tentacle - 2010.12.19. 05:47:28
(player id 6107)

so someone is really allowed to play under such a name?! friggin nazis should be kicked out imo

When I first read your post I laughed and thought that it is one good british type joke.
Than it occoured to me that you are actually probably serious. If you are serious than I would like to congratulate the insane level of thickness. I am not willing to bother to explain why your post is ridiculous. Please think twice before posting anything or any forum
Date: 2010.12.17. 17:54:10
Quote: etinixa - 2010.12.17. 16:47:14
Who are the main predators of the meerkat?

the answer is martial eagles and jackals

it should be snakes, birds of prey, and jackals.

Yes but the question asks about one specific meerkat mentioned by whoever has written the question. This particular meerkat is living in a specific environment where martial eagles and jackals are the main predators
Date: 2010.12.17. 12:52:40
Your question is correct, there is no spelling errors here. Purely an evaluators mistake.
Or you need to wisely choose a good team
Date: 2010.12.15. 14:38:29
Quote: stekkos - 2010.12.15. 06:43:28

And Petel87, knowing which was the first country to give women a right to vote is hardly specific knowleadge!

I know but please notice that I was refering to this question formed this way: ‘Which constituent part of the British Isles first gave the vote to women in ‘national’ elections?’
Date: 2010.12.14. 19:41:50
Quote: Manannan Mac Lir - 2010.12.14. 19:30:23
Manannan mac Lir = the Celtic God of the Sea who according to legend created the Isle of Man :-)

I know that
Quote: Manannan Mac Lir - 2010.12.14. 19:30:23

So it is possible that another evaluator might have accepted my question having the same understanding that I do?

Possible? Yes, but very unlikely. It is not about understanding but a fact. It is a fact that Isle of Man is not a country and it has nothing to do with your "understanding". If an evaluator would make the same assumptions as you he/she could evaluate is as a correct question.

Quote: Manannan Mac Lir - 2010.12.14. 19:30:23

Maybe I should have said

‘Which constituent part of the British Isles first gave the vote to women in ‘national’ elections?’

Isle of Man

Would that have been acceptable do you think?

It could be accepted but if I were the evaluator (I am not) I would reject it due to too specific knowledge.
Date: 2010.12.14. 19:10:07
There is many evaluators Manannan Mac Lir (I really like this nickname ). They need only one reason to reject a question. Even if you resubmit it again someone may find another reason to reject it. The evaluators are not responsible for giving you a direct reasoning for rejection. All you can do is keep on trying.
Date: 2010.12.14. 18:25:03
Despite of all that facts (including the fact that on your passport is written "Isle of Man" and that you operate as a country) your place of birth is not a country. The reason for it is that: As a Crown Dependency, it is subordinate to the government of the United Kingdom, which rarely intervenes in the domestic affairs of the isle.
Here is the complete list of currently existing countries:
Date: 2010.12.14. 18:05:37
I think the problem with this question is that Isle of Man is not a country (nor has been in 1881). You can change the question to: "Which european self-governing dependent territory first gave women the vote in national elections?". However I am almost certain it would be a bit too specific.
The answer to your question defined as you written it is Finland.
Date: 2010.12.14. 17:39:08
medic pack

Type: relic
Level: 50
You can heal wounds at the end of combat regardless of your items level.
Price: 4000 Soul diamond

I assume that you mean this item. Unless there is another medic pack of which existance I have no idea, this medic pack does not benefit your pets at all (see item description). You can heal all pets at the same time when you reach level 30 of heal wounds skill.
Date: 2010.12.14. 02:17:11
It may be a stupid question but how exactly is it possible to heal all pets at the same time, Boar?
Date: 2010.12.13. 19:18:45
5000 SE per level of CoD per hit.
Date: 2010.12.11. 09:12:17
Quote: adonies - 2010.12.10. 11:12:07
Quote: Elfie - 2010.12.09. 19:56:16
I came across with a question asking "Which of the following is a planet". I don't remember the other options but two of them were "Pluto" and "Mercury". Last time I checked, both Pluto and Mercury were planets. So...

Quote: petel87 - 2010.12.09. 20:14:01
... so check again

I checked as well and they're both planets! What's your source in that?

According to International Astronomical Union:

Pluto is a dwarf planet and can not be classified as a planet for one simple reason: it has not cleared its neighbouring region of planetesimals.
Date: 2010.12.09. 20:14:01
... so check again
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