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Date: 2011.08.18. 21:10:18
Quote: manunkind - 2011.08.18. 19:53:14
Stekkos, are you suggesting Mormons are not a "major" religion? what counts as major?
I think that's a matter of definition, so maybe the correct answer should be "The Iliad"

Another one that is not really correct:
How could you recognize a pirate ship should you happen to see one?
By it's flag - it has a skull on it <- marked as correct
By it's cannon - it's made of gold or silver robbed from other ships
By it's mast - it's higher than on other ships
By it's captain - he always has a parrot, eye-patch and a hook

The "pirates flag" is called the "Jolly Roger"
Popular culture at work here, today several naval units have used the Jolly Roger and don't expect the modern day pirate ships to bear it, it would make it far to easy for the intended victims to take preventive action.
Date: 2011.08.17. 22:02:43
Which of the following is NOT text containing writings of a major religion?
The Bible
The Tripitaka
The Kamasutra <- marked as correct
The Koran

The Kama Sutra is an Indian Hindu text, and it does contain religious writings (Hinduism), and is in itself by some regarded as a religious text, and since Hinduism is one of the major religions I'd say this question is at the best ambigious, or simply wrong.
Date: 2011.08.17. 04:42:00
Quote: eukar - 2011.08.11. 08:01:35
Quote: manunkind - 2011.08.11. 07:40:21
What color you get when you mixed red and white?

a fine question for preschoolers. maybe i should blow everyone's mind by writing a follow-up on mixing red and blue.

It's tooooo much! I think, you should start with "blue and white" question (or questions) before turning to such complicated matters...
Besides that the correct answer given as Pink is wrong
Date: 2011.08.09. 22:31:11
In which city is the European Parliament based?
Strasbourg <- marked as correct
Bruxelles <- also correct

This question is ambiguous:
The European Parliament has two seats Strasbourg and Brussels/Bruxelles, and two secretariats Luxembourg & Brussels/Bruxelles, so where is it based? The answer is a typical compromise of European politics: put it in two, or in this case, three cities, in as many countries.
Date: 2011.08.09. 22:20:11
Oops, wrong place
Date: 2011.08.02. 07:04:59
Which one of these men was NOT signer of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
John Hancock
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry <- marked as correct

Which declaration of independence, don't think any of them signed the any of the ones in the 20th or 21st century.
Date: 2011.07.26. 18:39:38
What is the color of something new in this game?
Yellow <- marked as correct

No! yellow is the colour of unread combat reports, red buttons on the other hand, denotes pages where there is something new.
Date: 2011.07.23. 17:23:10
Quote: FriendlyCheese - 2011.07.23. 13:54:46
Quote: MartinBV - 2011.07.22. 12:47:34

Which planet is the brightest object in the sky?
Venus <- Edit: this is marked as correct not Jupiter

That would be after the sun and the moon

One back at you, Martin. The sun and moon do not qualify as answers as the question specifies planets! Stars and satellites do not, therefore, qualify!
Well my complaint was that the question specifies that the brightest object in the sky is a planet, which is not the case. But from the available choises there is no doubth about the answer.
Date: 2011.07.23. 00:40:26
Quote: Duke - 2011.07.23. 00:10:49
i was denied a quiz question for spelling errors here is one i wish you all to look at and decide good or bad

Why does fire dies when we put water on it?
The sudden pressure change blows the fire away
Because of a chemical reaction with it
It cools down the burning material
Water removes all the oxygen
I have answered that question once or twice today/night, and strictly speaking it's not correct.

It is true that in most cases when water is used to extinguish fire it is the cooling effect that puts out the fire, but in some situations fire is smothered by water.

But water might cool down the burning material, but in some cases pouring water on burning material has no effect, and submerging it in water might or might not put out the fire, depending on the burning material. In fact some materials might self-ignite if they come in contact with water.
Date: 2011.07.22. 19:42:40
Who invented the Ford automobile?
Jose Ford
Harry Ford
Hank Ford
Henry Ford <- marked as correct

The Ford automobile is not an invention, it's a whole load of different car models, built by the Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford. And the 1st car manufacturer to use moving assembly belt in the production of cars.

Sollution, simply delete it, there is a question regarded who founded the Ford Motor Company.
Date: 2011.07.22. 18:15:39
What is a "sim" card?
A card used with camera's or camcorders
A card used in laptop computers
A card used in the game titled "The Sims"
A card used with mobile/cell phones <- marked as correct

This used to be correct, but many laptop computers now have a built-in 3G modem requiring a sim-card to operate, and some cameras also have slots for a sim-card to alow them to transmit images over the 3G network. So this question has become ambiguous.
Quote: stekkos - 2011.07.13. 06:20:40
Considering that the quiz is part of the individual victory conditions i dont see it going Martin. Personally i answer the questions up to 300 whenever i have time so even if later i just want to do a fast hunt, i dont have to answer them at that moment

I know, but it is still the main thing that will keep me from joining next time.
Even though I have several quiz-medals on each world I'm playing on and rarely miss the correct answer for hunting, the quiz is my least favoured part of the game. On W4 I find it simply so annoying that it's a game-stopper for me.

Of good things in W4 is the fierce competition and fast pace, and it let's me try different game styles.

P.s. If we do not give feedback, the devs won't know what we like and what we dislike.
Date: 2011.07.22. 12:47:34
The sun rises in the ...?
Southeast <- correct in the winter for high northern/southern latitudes
East <- marked as correct.

Lets try this again! The sun rises anywhere from north over east to south depending on your location and the time of the year. So this one has two correct answers. Change southeast to southwest and it's ok.

Which planet is the brightest object in the sky?
Jupiter <- marked as correct

That would be after the sun and the moon
Date: 2011.07.19. 13:38:03
Quote: FriendlyCheese - 2011.07.19. 13:12:47
Which is the highest military rating?
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant First Class

Please change the question from "... rating" to "... rank in the USA Army" Thanks

Which of these is not true about Norah Jones?
Her album Come Away with Me earned 5 Grammy Awards.
She is the daughter of Ravi Shankar.
She plays piano/keyboards and guitar.
She never played in any movie. <------ given as correct

Apart from being specialist and a "not true" style question she has appeared twice in movies.
Which makes the answer correct ("She never played in any movie" is false as she has played in at least two), but still not a good question in my oppinion. 1st: you have to know/research way to much about her for a 1:40/5 minute quiz. 2nd: "odd one out" questions of this type are never good questions, in my oppinion.
Date: 2011.07.18. 21:07:56
What was the doctor's nick-name on the original TV series of Star Trek?
Bones <- marked as correct

Yet another specialised question. And yes I have watched nunmerous episodes of Star Treck, and even some of the original series, (thogh to my knowledge the original series have not been brodcast here), but had to look it up.
Date: 2011.07.17. 21:46:58
lol Three days before the deadline I stood to win golden rewards in both W1 and W2. Two days before I was on the loosing teams and on top of it had so many map pieces that changing team would have done me no good. So in the end, even though I had found more than twice as many map pieces as average for my teams, I still got only a lvl 2 and 3 reward as my teams finished 3rd and 4th.
So for me it was not a good event.

I think this event should be changed so that the personal score weighs more than at the present.
Date: 2011.07.14. 11:31:16
Wow, this is really different from last time. Last night both my W1 and W2 char were on the winning team, now they are behind, my w2 is so far behind I contemplated switching team ... untill I did some math and saw that it would pull the team I switched to down to 3rd or 4th place.
Date: 2011.07.13. 20:23:16
Which country has won the maximum gold medals in Asian Games 2010?
South Korea

So China won gold in all disciplines in which it had competing athletes? no, but they won the most gold medals.

How do we call "a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time"?
How, you could try a phone, but that wont work, "What do you..." would yield the answer stated as correct.
Date: 2011.07.13. 19:12:34
Let's try this one again:

What are the only two organisms on Earth that have sex for pleasure?
dolphins and humans
tigers and humans
dogs and humans
cats and dogs

This is simply an urban legend, or simple misinformation, most organisms on earth have sex for pleasure. In fact we only know for sure that humans have sex solely in order to have offspring. Males of many species will rape an unwillling female, outside of mating season, and engage in homosexual activity, neither of which will result in offspring.
Date: 2011.07.13. 18:32:05
How was Hammurabi's Code published?
on a stone monument <- marked as correct
on papyrus scrolls
on parchment scrolls
on clay tablets <- and also on clay tablets.

The Code of Hammurabi was published on a stone monument and on clay tablets, it is unknown which is the oldest some of the clay tablets or the stone monument.