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Date: 2012.05.20. 02:46:37
still bugs with the ToD..

Max number of AS quests should be 3, but I have 4 this week.

Malystryx world 2
Date: 2012.05.18. 20:46:54
i did visit the same day. i started hunting about 6 hours ago and have over 140K SE gathered, multiple pets gathered, XP etc etc. but for some reason none if it counted untill after I poseted here ont he forums...

all of a sudden it started counting then.
Date: 2012.05.18. 18:54:15
have also caught quite a few pets, but that didn't update either
Date: 2012.05.18. 18:50:35
My ToD on world 1 is not updating.

I have hunted MANY times already today but not a single hunt has been counted, and neither has the get X amount of exp in a day.

world 1
Date: 2012.04.22. 19:01:53
i guess the maximum isn't 3 at all and needs to be fixed.
Date: 2012.04.22. 17:02:18
I have

- Extend Premium by 1 week
- buy pet equipment
- use 5 healing pots bought with AS

on BOTH world 1 and world 2. so in both worlds i am un able to complete the temple at all. So i might as well stop and not go any further rather then wasting all the SE and resources on both worlds when it will be useless cuz I can't finish either one.
Date: 2012.04.22. 14:41:16
it's an ok idea. but to have more then 2 quests that require someone to have AS is kind of unfair don't you think?

i currently have 3 quests that require me to finish them with AS, but I am not a premium player. with this you FORCE players to become premium, or else they will NEVER be able to finish a single temple completely because you can only skip 2 quests.

I like this game a lot, and I won't be able to get premium because i am only a kid and my folks won't buy me premium as they have other stuff to pay for.

thanks for the idea, but this is very unfair to non premium players all over the game.
Date: 2011.11.25. 21:16:32
i did about 20 times. didn't do anything. but I now do have them after having logged back in a few hours later
Date: 2011.11.25. 13:33:13
When does world 1 get the medal rewards for the event? I didn't get them when I ended in the top 10 for pets, nor did i get the xeno medal for participating in the event yet.
Date: 2011.10.26. 19:34:03
quiz is not working again, keep getting the error "A kvízolimpia jelenleg nem fut" while i still should have time to compete in it.
Date: 2011.09.04. 13:09:26
Anyone else on the Draw quest on world 1 around lvl 39???

if you are message me in game so we can work on getting this annoying quest out of the way fast!!!

Date: 2011.04.09. 12:46:27
just got this question which has a VERY obvious spelling mistake in the name of a country that no one caught i guess.

Which of these countries has no sea coast?

Danemark <<===== should be spelled Denmark



Date: 2011.03.11. 00:27:25
I have a question for the evaluators...

this was my question:
how many hours are there in 4 days?

96.** obviously

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators your question is too easy or an arithmetic problem.

why was this question rejected for being to easy or an arithmatic problem when i just got the question How many hours there are in THREE days that DID get passed and was accepted?????

the question i got about how many hours there are in three days should ALSO be deleted then. Keep it straight guys, if one type of question is accepted, accept all of those types, don't reject some and pass others.
Date: 2011.02.01. 06:12:31
DJ Tiesto (Nr 1 DJ in the world) was born in?

The Netherlands. ***

The question is valued as "Bad, incorrect question"!
According to evaluators the answer is an uninteresting lexical knowledge.

and why might I asjk is this uninteresting lexical knowledge? it's a famous musician worshipped by millions of people just like questions i have seen about U2, Classical composers, polish rock band (?? seriously that one got through but mine got rejected??) etc etc. this is a valid question.
Date: 2011.01.18. 14:10:56
why was this question labeled Bad because only a select few people might know the answer?

DJ Tiesto comes from which country?

The Netherlands. (correct)

Dj Tiesto is a WORLD FAMOUS DJ, nr 1 DJ in the world for about 8 times now, and certainly MUCH more famous then some the the romanian/hungarian/croatian poets/footballers/dances/food items, and what not that HAVE been approved oh so many times in this game already, that no one outside of those countries have ever heard off before!!!

All you need to do is type in DJ Tiesto in google or any other search engine, and the first thing that comes up is "Tiësto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Life and musical career · Philanthropy · Personal life · Discography
Tiësto OON (born Tijs Michiel Verwest [ˈtɛi̯s miˈxil vərˈʋɛst] on January 17, 1969) is a DUTCH musician"

takes less then 2 seconds to look up, while some of the questions i have had about hungarian food dishes or poets took me FAR more digging and reading to be able to figure out.
Date: 2010.12.12. 13:58:17
after having spend wwell over 200 AP and 50 duel points i still have zero map pieces.

I have the map finding skill at lvl 15 and am lvl 41 atm so that should not be abproblem. This is my first time joining the event, so my chances of finding map pieces should be greater then if this would have been my second try at it.

so is my character bugged or something? or am i just this rediculously unlucky to still have not found a single piece?
Date: 2010.08.07. 20:08:52
Which game is the world's most-subscribed massively multiplayer online role-playing game of all time?
Ultima Online
World of Warcraft

this question is already in the data base under different wording.

and about the Mile question...

there is such a thing as a land mile (1.6 KM) and a sea mile (1.8 KM)

Quote: ImLittleJon - 2010.08.07. 17:05:29
Quote: Spin - 2010.08.07. 05:54:28
How long is a mile?
2 km
1.3 km
1.6 km
1.5 km

Is it possible to get the answers to have US standard units as well for those of us who were taught outside of Europe and Asia.

I don't get it. You want the answer to the question "How long is a mile?" to be "1 mile"? What's the point of that? If the question is "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" or something, I'm there with you. I think the options should always be presented in both metric and US, so as not to favor any population. I proposed that already and got shot down, so it is what it is.

/agree little jon

not only is the whole point of the question to test knowledge about the metric and US system, but the question is already in the data base for the US people with the question "how many feet are in a mile."
Date: 2010.06.25. 21:20:48
Just got this question, which is wrong.

"Which of these is a pure substance"

listed were

Air (marked as the correct answer)

this is CLEARLY wrong, as the chemical composition of (regular table sugar) is C12H22O11, as you can see it has 3 different elements, so there is nothing PURE about it, it's a mix of elements.

"Air" on the other hand is a very vague discription to begin with. Does the questioner mean Air as in the stuff we breath? or does he mean Oxygen sometimes also refered to as air depending on where you live. because Oxygen is Pure since it ONLY consists of 2 oxygen molecules.

in the above case, air is thus pure.
Date: 2010.04.22. 16:36:06
"The Mount Madaras how hight is?"

need i say more?
Date: 2010.04.19. 23:03:07
uhh say WHAT?? thought this was an ENGLISH version... why on earth would THIS question be passed as a good question??? I have no clue how to even answer that.... you guys REALLY need to get new evaluators!!!

"pe ce loc a incheiat romania la haltere in 2010?"
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