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Date: 2014.03.26. 05:12:11
About half an hour ago I suggested this game to a friend I had met on an other online game. He has registered and I can see his profile on highscores but he cannot log into the game apparently. He tried all three worlds he said. His avatar is lollidude.

What are we doing wrong here?
Date: 2014.03.10. 23:41:38
I read that many of the rewards last until 2014 02 31. February 31 does not exist on my calendar. Might this mean the rewards last forever? Of course February 2014 is already come and gone, so is there a chance the rewards have already expired?
Date: 2014.02.26. 04:02:56
Quiz Olympics no longer works for me. I see the clock ticking down but I never see the question. Nor do I see the possible answers. This has been the case for some time now. I just don't bother with it any more.
Date: 2014.02.20. 03:11:16
Oh, Nana, Nene, Nini, and Nono Have a fifth sister. Not Nunu. Mary!?!

How did this question get accepted? Can we look forward to more of the same kind?
Date: 2014.01.06. 03:13:36
Okay, I'm just sayin'. When I came to the question about the order of Iron Man competition events, I stopped answering questions.
Date: 2013.07.23. 01:44:39
My question, which was about the Clint Eastwood movie "The Unforgiven" was rejected because it was in the database already, which I accept. However, today I got a notice again that it was rejected. I did not submit it again. I hope I will not be charged with two bad questions for one submission.
Date: 2013.06.25. 04:44:58
I hope this is the right place in the forum for this. I suggest that the questions for the quiz olympics be carefully vetted both for standard English expression and to eliminate questions that ask for sports statistics. I don't mind the historical dates, like when the great war ended, but who scored most in some past football game seems a little too much to try to remember.
Date: 2013.06.25. 04:22:47
Ahh. I applaud the choice of most of the questions that come up in the quiz olympics, but in the last one I noticed a few that were not expressed in standard English.

My real problem though, is the questions that ask about sports statistics. I'd like to suggest that these be eliminated from the olympics questions. I know it is the same for everyone but it just rankles when you get a question you have to guess at with no clue at all about what the right answer is.
Date: 2013.06.10. 05:13:02
Are you aware that the Groucho Marx and Wimbleton questions have been asked again and again as the first two questions in the quiz for about a week now?
Date: 2013.06.04. 15:12:09
This question was evaluated as a bad question : Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky where? The correct answer is Iceland. The other possible answers were Finland, The United States of America, and Russia.

The Fischer-Spassky tournament in Iceland was a major event in the cold war. Surely this could not be considered a question that is too obscure, could it? I've checked the spelling of every word and name in the question, so that cannot be the reason for the bad evaluation. I'm perplexed.
Date: 2013.04.15. 19:41:35
I'm sorry I can't quote the question completely. it starts with a date, Feb something 2011 I think, then goes on... holds the record 'without government'

The answer is Belgium.

I don't understand this question at all. the record time for being without government perhaps? Or maybe the record for having the least government?
Date: 2013.03.31. 04:08:21
Thanks for the guess. In standard English, titles of books are expressed in caps. Plays or poems would be in quotation marks. I would like further clarification or exoneration.
Date: 2013.03.29. 17:34:58
Harper Lee wrote a novel published as?


This question was evaluated as a bad or incorrect question for this reason: Spelling mistakes in question or answers.

On careful re-examination, I cannot find any spelling mistake. What am I missing?
Date: 2012.12.22. 01:22:23
I just made a quiz question and inadvertently clicked the wrong answer. How can I correct this? The Capital of Saskatchewan is Regina, not Saskatoon.
Date: 2012.12.22. 01:20:09
I just made a quiz question and ticked the wrong answer. How can I correct this?
Date: 2012.12.08. 18:15:19
Lol I wish I knew which loopholes exist. I put the word in quotation marks because a message from a vetran player warning my clan members that they should quit my clan and join his mentioned that he and his friends knew many "loopholes" that would give them a tremendous advantage over us. Please be clear that I am not complaining about him doing that. I was just trying to open a discussion on the pok or spider style of play. I'm not really clear about that style, but it seems to involve minimizing your experience gain and then winning duels that are made against you? I'm not sure what else there is to it. Is there fun in it other than tricking people into attacking you and beating them? Do you do it until you have a huge advantage over players with a more normal style? Just asking.
Date: 2012.12.08. 01:28:50
Do you have any comments on the playing style PoK?

I can't see why being a spider would be very much fun unless it leads to an unfair advantage over those of us who are unaware of the available techniques to harvest active players who have no access to the information about 'loopholes' in the game.

I want to also say that I'm very impressed with the way my concerns have been answered and that I wish your game all the best.
Date: 2012.11.30. 19:10:28
The name of the tenth book of the Bible is Psalms, not Psalm. It is a collection of Psalms and there is no reason the name of the book would be singular.
Date: 2012.11.27. 22:40:56
My clan was just beaten by another clan. I did not capitulate but after a stronger player continually beat me it seems we were automatically defeated. I feel cheated because there is no place in the rules that makes it clear that this will happen. In spite of the continual bullying, I had been able to minimize the soul energy my opponent was taking, and was slowly making progress to new levels. I feel it isn't right that my clan was automatically defeated like that.
Date: 2012.10.28. 17:38:42
Scram means to shut down a nuclear reactor. The answer given as correct is merely an urban legend. One site claims the etymology to be true but it has been debunked. Answers should not be ambiguously right.
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