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Date: 2011.01.15. 09:46:35
It is being called an adult and having the ability to have an adult conversation. If you can not possibly obtain the skill to behave among others than you should be removed (or according to Hitlers point of view exterminated). Period. Exclamation mark.
Date: 2011.01.15. 09:37:51
Because of continious ignorance, namecalling, trash talking, creation of very idle arguments and complete lack of manners I would like to propose to admins to temporairly suspend/ban user D00ml0rd from this forum. He is nothing more than a vermin to me and many other users and his attitude puts me off this game. His behaviour should not be tolerated and I want it to be permanently stopped.
Date: 2011.01.15. 09:19:57
D00ml0rd is like Hitler. Hitler hated jews, Doomlord hates everyone who has a different opinion and can not acknowledge any reasonable arguments. Some people think that Hitler should have never been born. Interaction with others is indeed a complicated skill, if you do not have it dear at least try to obtain it. If you can not than please be quiet forever as your attitude is highly unwelcome.

About the main topic: I would like to make a request for Kethios, Miklos and other admins to provide a statement regarding the case of suspension of MsPiggy. As we all know the situation is not clear and we all feel accredited to know the details of your reasoning as well as the long term consequences (if there are any).
Date: 2011.01.12. 18:13:29
A very interesting point of view. I will fully accept a long term (couple months) suspension of a player for cheating (that has been proven and validated) instead of a permanent ban.
Date: 2011.01.05. 03:35:24
I am affraid that will never happen. To avoid further arguments I would like to point out that it would be a breach of games rules.
Date: 2011.01.05. 02:08:59
It is really interesting that the concept of sarcasm or metaphor remain unknown and unnoticed to some
Date: 2011.01.05. 02:02:09
You will find them across other skills once you obtained the particular AA connected with that skill.
Date: 2010.12.28. 16:17:01
How is the extra loot (benefit of having Hall of War) calculated?

My clan recently won a war and got a reward of 37 000SE. The problem is that 2 hours before the war ended we were supposed to recieve over 50 000SE as extra loot. Because we have won I assume that the reward should exceed (significantly) that 50k. I am sensing a bug here and I would like it to be dealt with.
Date: 2010.12.26. 11:27:47
Quote: rok3269 - 2010.12.26. 06:19:05

You have got to be kidding me....

Absolutely, we are nothing more than a bunch of pranksters.
Quote: rok3269 - 2010.12.26. 06:19:05
this question is basic,

Quote: rok3269 - 2010.12.26. 06:19:05
and the movie series is not an American thing, the Harry Potter movies and global.

Are wolfsbane potions global and available in every cornershop as well?
Quote: rok3269 - 2010.12.26. 06:19:05
Not only that but the question is easily Google-able, the answer comes up right away on the search page.

Yes, but do not forget that we are evil green grinch-like creatures and we do not care.
Date: 2010.12.24. 14:16:48
Dude I personally am familiar with Epic of Gilgamesh but I doubt that even 5% of people would have any idea what is it. I have just asked my girlfriend and she has no idea what is it. This is not something that you learn at school and you are asking a detailed question. If you have asked what actually is Epic of Gilgamesh than the question might have been accepted but otherwise I have to agree with the evaluator.
Besides if we talk about epic poems, Beowulf is better
Date: 2010.12.24. 11:37:21
Quote: stekkos - 2010.12.24. 11:21:21

Also, which questions do you need me to clarify?

The infamous "pedophile" question but you did that already and I accept your point of view.
Date: 2010.12.23. 18:39:53
Quote: stekkos - 2010.12.23. 18:28:31
In which town did II World War start?

I could not find a reference to back up your answers,9171,958453-1,00.html

Gleiwitz is a German name of the town which since 1945 is called Gliwice and since than it is the only appropriate name. Please explain other of myquestions rejected by you as well.

Viridel -> your accusations are beyond some limits and I am not willing to let them go just like that. There is a big difference between a sensible response (respect dark22) and an offensive one.
Date: 2010.12.23. 12:20:32
Quote: LydonB - 2010.12.23. 11:48:24
Petel, your calculations are incorrect.

You are not taking the time frame into consideration, nor the possibility of Energy Harness. Let alone the crystal horde.

As for me, I have energy harness maxxed; meaning that currently my minimum SE win is set at 1k.

Also, let's lower the flame. If the admins hadn't found anything suspicious then there wouldn't be a suspended account. So logic states that there's obviously something.

My post is there to show that there is no correct calculations and to point out that the decision is in hands of people who has all the informations (unreachable for other players). It is a small appeal to other players to stop digging, it does not make sense any longer.
And all of that just because of one little piggy
Date: 2010.12.23. 11:12:52
Quote: Ciphas - 2010.12.23. 10:44:24
I hope that people will take sides and start flaming also more conspiracy ideas would be nice

After reading Inv_'s post I can not agree more It is a masterpiece.

How about a theory where everything depends on the characters nickname. MsPiggy is good because she has a title in front of it, so is LordDestiny. A lord and a miss has to be treaten better and get more SE when dueling
Date: 2010.12.23. 10:26:05
I have no idea where this rule of 10/20/30 comes from but your explanation is very good Viridel.
The best looter in world 1, Lord Destiny gets 1218SE per duel. LydonB 876 and Kalamona 978. That gives us total of 3072.
Top 3 from your list gains total of 2843.
I picked my 3 people randomly, I do not want to go through all the calculations you did.
What I am trying to prove here is that MsPiggy reached an insane advantage but it could be only because there is many many poor players in W2 who does not protect their SE. It could be some weird legal advantage that she found (like the advantage Lord Destiny uses in W1). Or it could be as well cheating.
I trust that administrators and programist will make the right decision. I would like to apply to all interested players to not take sides and try to convince others about her guilt or lack of it. It does not make sense. People responsible for making decision about her dismissal will do it soon enough and hopefully provide satisfying informations for all of us.
Date: 2010.12.23. 10:02:35
It is valuable knowledge because the answer is not what you would ever expect
A big mistake from your side is comparing a psychiatric disorder with sexual positions (they have noothing to do with each other).
Date: 2010.12.23. 09:58:53
Viridel and Galana, just because you were super lucky in terms of found map pieces does not mean that you deserve better reward. The whole magic with this event is picking the best team. The chance is affected by the number of the followers the soul-huckster have, and any possible prizes you won in previous map events. The number of followers is not that important. A high level participant with maxed elementary fusion and shape reality (like me) will get 10 extra DP's and 10 extra AP. It means that every day I have 20 more chances of finding a map piece than any participant at level 1. My conclusion is that it does not matter how good is a single participant but who are the actual contestants in his/her group.
Every day the cost of joining was significantly increased and here is where the answer lies. Whoever joined later had an opportunity to ask others about their choice and be able to figure out which is the best choice. The only person that has a right to feel cheated is someone who at the end of event has less than 10 map pieces.
Date: 2010.12.23. 05:21:52
Quote: Bash Chelik - 2010.12.22. 19:09:00

she was in carpacio before homless

I think I have a good conspiracy theory regarding MsPiggy. I suspect that Carpacio is teaching its members how to cheat. When MsPiggy joined she got the necessary knowledge and left the clan. Other members were not happy and started roumors about her cheating to make her banned. In the meanwhile they stopped cheating for some time to avoid the source of cheating being revealed.
Date: 2010.12.22. 15:41:56
Quote: Manannan Mac Lir - 2010.12.22. 15:26:07
Sorry if it has been said before.

I currently have a choice of three Quests - all of which require me to be at least 2 levels higher than I currently am. (they are all vist the X quests).

Is it possible that there could be more alternative quests to avoid this happeneing? and /or that the quests on offer re -randomize once a day?

I dont think that would happen. Some quests are designated to take a long time or require for you to wait few levels. You will gain access to repetable quests after completing 100 of them.
Date: 2010.12.22. 15:36:44
Quote: stekkos - 2010.12.22. 13:24:33
In which of the following countries it is legal to be a pedophile?

The player means (i hope) the condition of being sexually attracted to children which is not a crime. Acting upon it, is. But this question has such a controversial meaning that cannot be allowed

Hi, I do not want to be a pain but I somehow can not agree with your explanation for rejecting my question. I believe it is an interesting knowledge and it has no controversial meaning. Pedophilia is recognized as psychiatric disorder just like schizophrenia, insomnia or depression. Please provide further explanation stekkos.
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