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Date: 2010.10.11. 01:02:33
Naive will be having the same nickname in the game as on the forum . Besides I don't even play in world 2 so don't worry I won't check your manaregeneration.
Date: 2010.10.11. 00:17:33
All of these ideas are good, but I believe that from a script writer point of view all of that is way way too complicated to implement into the games engine. It is possible but it would take ages to get done.

For me personally this game is a bit too serious. I would like to suggest a tournament in worlds 1 and 2. In world 1 it would be "Give as much damage as possible to Lord of Fleish" and in world 2 "Give as much damage as possible to MsPiggy". As rewards we will get some spam onto our e-mails plus Lord of Fleish and MsPiggy will not be able to attack (EVER!) the guy who dealt the most damage.
Date: 2010.10.11. 00:12:11
And I would like moderators to update it more often! It is nice to see your character in top 3.
Date: 2010.10.10. 18:26:03
The same happened to me couple of times. Usually against oppontnts that are 6+ higher level than me.
Date: 2010.09.26. 15:53:00
That could happen. I got my first relic after over 30 battles, second after over 90 battles and third after 227 battles.
Date: 2010.09.24. 07:17:27
I bet you already know the answer to your question. You will not be stuck with the 100 000SE. However if you will change the clan only a certain percentage of your total building will be adjusted to the next clan (arround 80%). I personally am the fan of getting in to a weaker clan and building yourself up until you will be ready to join one of the bug ones. However if you are a premium player and you know what you are doing in the game, I believe it is worth to join the biggest clans straight away (if possible).
Date: 2010.09.23. 08:30:34
20 days for me and the reason for not allowing my adventure was riddiculous.
Date: 2010.09.18. 18:36:25
Happens, I am after 206 wins and cant get hte third relic.
Date: 2010.09.09. 03:43:52
Do not worry. I was waiting over 2 weeks for evaluating mine. Than I got a comment that my adventure is funny but does not fit here. And THIS IS Riddiculous. There is no rules regarding writing an adventure so I am really confident that my adventure was above average and was bringing a lot to the game. I required to the evaluator to ive me a proper explanation, but so far noone was bothered to respond.
Date: 2010.09.02. 18:05:57
I would like to know who and how evaluates the adventures?
I have few comments regarding it: first of all it took 3 weeks to evaluate my Adventure. The comment I recieved was:
"Your adventure has been rejected. Explanation: Nem jó a történet
Haha, funny, but no, sorry, this adventure does not fit here"

Could someone translate the hungarian words in it?

Now I would like the evaluator to answer this himself: where does it say that the adventure has to be set in medieval/fictional world with mages and dragons? Where does it say that an advanture can not be set in modern times? I believe that I have written a very amusing adventure, easy and nice to read with a moral aspect. Although it was rejected, I am not happy with the explanation of whoever evaluated it. As I believe that there is nothing wrong with it, I would like to re-evaluate my adventure or at least start a discussion about adventures.
Date: 2010.08.30. 21:44:06
I am one of people who were able to get the reward due to the bug quicker and I am quite happy with Keithos idea. Getting the final reward with a delay in time seems fair. I believe that a situation when players like me will get a decreased final reward is unfair. We will have a advantage for few weeks (although it is not that significant), however if you final reward will be smaller than other members it will work as an disadvantage to us in long term. Let me show it to you in an example:

What people like me is: +15ish to attributes for few weeks.
If we will get our final reward later than others we will suffer from their: +30ish to attributes for the time established by moderators (as a delayed reward)
If we follow Boars idea to give us less atributes at the end, we will end up with: a small advantage (+15ish) for few weeks and than a distadvantage (less AP's than others) for infinity. It may be fair for some time, but after all we will be the loosers in these circumstances.

I hope everyone understand my point of view. I am quite happy to get the final reward delayed by half time of the time of my advantage, however I would not want to gain less than people who were not able to use the bug. After all it is a bug made by the game engine, and none of us was cheating.
Date: 2010.08.28. 22:49:05
To everyone who is applying to join Carpacio in world 1:

before you will apply please acknowledge that you have to be at least level 25. Exceptions are made only for really good duelers under level 25. We are recieving lots of applications and enquiries from player at low level. We are sorry about it but we have to let you down if your level is too low. You won't be able to meet our building requirements and joining us will slow down your progress if you will try to join too early.
Date: 2010.08.28. 15:53:46
Exactly, I have the same questions? I have been saving up AP's to get other relics and it looks like it is all over!?
Date: 2010.08.28. 05:51:30
I dont think that anyone should complain. However I would like to know what is the chance that someone will catch a relic in percents? I would assume that it is arround 3,5% however an exact information would be useful.
Date: 2010.08.26. 21:53:28
I know that, it took me 34 attacks to get the first relic, so I would rather be prepared. If I will get lucky and fgind it early, well... that's even better.
Date: 2010.08.26. 20:25:13
Used SE: 8.289

I am for example accumulatin AP's for the second round to get the relic. Do not worry Boar, maybe I will not keep up your pace but I will be right behind you
Date: 2010.08.05. 17:37:56
I really dont think that building a level 3 crystalizer is such a problem. A clan with over 15 members can manage it really quickly. By the time my clan was able to build it, I had over 70 stones to put in. Most of other members too. Quick and easy.
Date: 2010.08.05. 17:32:21
I believe that with an appropriate development the game can stay playable for at least few years. Personally to me the Legend part is really interesting. The story is just getting better and my character is level over 40. I wonder if there would be new things added for clans that managed to build everything and for players that reached level 100 or higher.
Date: 2010.07.03. 16:57:22
You will take the majority of it. I am not sure how much exactly but arround 80% of your total building.
Date: 2010.06.21. 10:12:47
I would like to report player Warder from world 1 (level 24), member of clan Keltic Arbiters for sending me rude, vulgar messages. Here is the proof:

Re: hello
Today, 09:33:28
"I am hoping that you are enjoying our hits. I would like to inform you that we will not stop until you will come into a conclusion how to pay your debt.

Regards, Teddy."

how does "go f**k yourself* sound?
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